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Our good friend and fellow Blogcritic Emmanuelle sends on the frabjous news that the French dug Tuesday’s Blogcritics.com launch, and especially the interview with RIAA pres Cary Sherman:

    Les internautes n’ont pas toujours la politesse et la prudence des journalistes. Ainsi, lorsque l’on met plusieurs utilisateurs aguerris de Napster, Kaaza et autres réseaux de P2P face à Cary Sherman, présidente du syndicat des majors américaines (la RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America), leurs questions ne s’encombrent pas de la moindre once de délicatesse. Et l’interview n’en devient que plus intéressante.

    L’idée vient d’un “blogue” communautaire américain, Blogcritic, qui a laissé plusieurs de ses membres poser leurs questions à Mme Sherman. L’interview commence sur les chapeaux de roue : le premier internaute ne se contente pas de demander pourquoi la RIAA soutient la fabrication de CDs protégés contre la copie, mais argumente longuement, en soulignant que ces disques empêchent de transférer la musique sur des lecteurs MP3, font planter certains ordinateurs et restent malgré tout facilement copiables. Plus tard, un autre demande à la présidente si elle est prête à croire en une éventuelle bonne foi des internautes. Un troisième rappelle que de nombreuses études ont montré que le piratage n’était pas responsable de la chute des ventes de CDs…

Okay, okay, I’ll learn French over the weekend.

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  • This is what it says according to the Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/):

    “The Net surfers always do not have the courtesy and the prudence of the journalists. Thus, when one puts several users aguerris of Napster, Kaaza and other networks of P2P vis-a-vis Cary Sherman, president of the trade union of the majors American (the RIAA. Recording Industry Association of America), their questions are not encumbered a less ounce of delicacy. And the interview only becomes more interesting about it. The idea comes from a “blogist” Community American, Blogcritic, which let several of its members raise their questions with Mrs. Sherman. The interview starts on the hats of wheel: the first Net surfer is not satisfied to ask why the RIAA supports the manufacture of CDs protected from the copy, but argues lengthily, by stressing that these discs prevent from transferring the music on readers MP3, make plant certain computers and remain despite everything easily copiables. Later, another request with the president if it is ready to believe in possible a good faith of the Net surfers. A third recalls that many studies showed that the hacking was not responsible for the fall of the sales of CDs…”

  • I wrote the article. I didn’t have much time to write it, so it may be a little bit clumsy (for example, I referred to Cary Shermann as a ‘she’ :D). quick english sum-up of the rest of the article :

    “Having to answer these spontaneous and legitimate questions, C.S worries, above all, about saving face (…). Iin spite of the aggressiveness of a part, in spite of the clichés said by the other, this interview have the merit to start a true dialogue, franker and more sincer than the ones we usually read about this subject. In conclusion, when Net surfers meet, it is not necessarily to harm. Quite the contrary.”