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Bill O’Reilly: Phat

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Richard’s Johnson reports in the NY Post that rap chronicler Davy D has factored O’Reilly and declared him “hip-hop’s dopest MC for 2002.” Though I personally doubt O’Reilly has an ounce of rhythm in him, his scorched earth broadsides have earned respect from at least one corner of the hip-hop community.

Here he excoriates Jay-Z:

    In the Children at Risk segment tonight, once again, an amazing display of inappropriate behavior by some public schools in the USA. The rapper Jay-Z selling millions of records with corrosive lyrics that demean just about everybody, same old story.

    A couple of examples, if you aren’t a big fan of his: “It’s big pimpin’ baby, you know, I thug ’em, f-’em, love ’em, leave ’em, ’cause I don’t f’n need ’em.”

    All right. Another example: “Keep it moving face off with the .38 scraped off. Keep shorty maced can’t throw a 4-4 eight ball know your place.”

    Those are gun slang. Sex, violence, the usual from Jay-Z.

    In addition, the man was convicted of stabbing a record producer in 1999 and is a self-admitted crack dealer.

    Now here’s the outrage. On a recent promotional tour, the rapper was made an honorary principal at 12 high schools across the country.

Johnson quotes Davy:

    “He’s been stepping up to the mic all year long and blasting cats left and right,” Davey D writes. “My question is ‘Who’s next?’ You can’t deny his skills . . . He hasn’t lost a battle yet.”

But preaching and pontificating aren’t the same thing as rapping. Seen?

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  • Cal Ulmann

    Anybody who reads Davey D’s sight would now he only would have made those remarks in jest or sarcasm. I think Davey D is critiquing O’Reilly’s attack on rappers without actually having any emceeing skills himself.

  • Steve Rhodes

    Here’s his site.

    He goes after O’Reilly quite often including in Bill O’Reilly is a Pompous, Hypocritical Idiot and has a transcript up of O’Reilly going after Jay-Z. Just search for O’Reilly for more.

  • chacko

    O’Reilly is right his attacks aren’t really against Jay-Z’s right to publish music he feels represents him as an artist. Rather O’Reilly’s beef is with public schools honoring his behavour. Thats not to say Jay-Z has no place in school, but he has to be brought up in the proper context. A course about pop culture for example might consider examining his impact on society, that is in stark contrast to honoring the man which is what the schools choice to do.

  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent point Chacko, thanks!