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Biden’s F-Bomb Is No Laughing Matter

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Vice President Joe Biden apparently thinks it is funny that an open microphone caught him using an inappropriate expletive when speaking with President Obama. This obviously unscripted moment came during the signing of the healthcare bill on Tuesday at the White House. Mr. Biden introduced the President and, leaning away from the cameras and microphone, was heard in a not too careful whisper to say, “This is a big f&^%ing deal.”

Of course, Mr. Obama kept on smiling, approached the microphone, and acted as if Biden had said nothing untoward. I can understand the President acting as if it were no big deal, considering the importance of that moment, but on Wednesday Mr. Biden proceeded to joke about the matter when speaking at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Baltimore. He even went so far as to say that the President told him that his comment was “the best thing” about the ceremony on Tuesday. Oh really?

We cannot be sure if Mr. Obama said those words to Mr. Biden, but we can be certain that Mr. Biden used a curse word because the microphone picked it up. It is disconcerting to think that the second most powerful man in American doesn’t only believe that it is okay for him to curse on national television but that it is also funny.

I know what kind of language is used on the street. Growing up in New York City, I heard everything and learned what those colorful words meant at an early age. Despite having that knowledge, I did not think it was proper to use those words when I came in off those streets. I did not use them at home and certainly not in school or later on in life in a place of business. It became quite clear to me that curse words had their place, but it was also painfully apparent that some of the people using them liberally were not very aware of that fact.

We can be certain that Mr. Biden understands the nature of cursing, and he must also know that doing it on national television at the White House is not appropriate. What message is being sent to the general public, to people in other nations around the world, and more importantly to the children who may have heard him? Is it that cursing is okay? Will kids start thinking, “If he can speak that way to the President of the United States, can’t we speak that way to our parents and teachers?”

Some of you probably think I am making a big deal out of the Vice President’s faux pas, but I think it is rather important because this impropriety may not just be a slip of the lip. It could just be that Mr. Biden believes he is better than those he serves, that he has some kind of inalienable right to use street talk wherever he pleases, and that he can get away with whatever he wants.

Many of us can remember a similar arrogance coming from Dick Cheney, the former Vice President who was also older than President he served. Like Biden, Cheney provided embarrassing moments, including the famous hunting accident that almost cost someone his life. Mr. Bush seemed unable to deal with Mr. Cheney’s behavior, and it’s starting to seem like the same thing is happening with Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden.

What should Mr. Obama do? I do not think a public chiding is in anyone’s best interests, but Mr. Obama has to call Mr. Biden on this. As a father of two young daughters, he must tell Biden that this kind of language is not appropriate for public discourse, then Mr. Obama should close the Oval Office door and read Mr. Biden the riot act. Should he tell him to shape up or ship out? Yes, I think it is that serious and Mr. Obama better handle it now rather than later.

Cursing has an undeniable place in American culture, and we can hear these words being used around us more frequently. Formerly inappropriate words are snaking into network television shows. Maybe no one cares that words like “pissed,” “suck,” and “asshole” are being used and kids are hearing them, but it certainly bothers me. The parental controls on our television sets do nothing to stop this torrent of inappropriate language heading our way. We know what we can expect on cable TV, but it is becoming clear that broadcast television networks, in order to compete, are becoming more and more permissive in hopes of getting better ratings.

This means that we have to draw a line somewhere. We need to be more cognizant of how we talk around others. We need to show our children how to respect people, and the language we use is part of that. Most of us want to teach our children well, and I don’t think we have yet descended to a place where cursing is acceptable in all situations, and I hope that it never comes to that.

At this point in time it is still inappropriate for children to curse like drunken sailors on shore leave. Also, it is not okay for the Vice President of the United States to curse in public and to do so with impunity. He should hold himself up to a higher standard, realizing that what he says is not just a flippant use of the F-word but something that is going to be recorded and that makes it forever.

Maybe Mr. Biden isn’t thinking about his legacy and the history books, but I am certain that if he does that he wouldn’t want to be remembered as “the salty talking” Vice President under Mr. Obama. I believe he wants to be known as a man who made a difference in the lives of others, and he can start by being a good role model to all, especially to children who are impressionable. We should expect more from him, and now the question is can Mr. Biden expect more from himself?

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  • I’m with you Victor! I’ve had articles on BC about both respect and my avoidance of news and politics. When I later hear stories like this it affirms my position and adds to the evidence that those who govern do in fact believe that they are somehow better than those they govern.

  • Arch Conservative

    Biden always struck me as the type of guy who’d come over your house, use the toilet, and then leave without flushing.

  • Baronius

    I don’t care who uses that kind of language, it coarsens our society. Cheney was wrong. So was Biden.

  • zingzing

    gimme a fuckin break. are we adults or are we puritans?

    “It could just be that Mr. Biden believes he is better than those he serves, that he has some kind of inalienable right to use street talk wherever he pleases, and that he can get away with whatever he wants.”

    yeah, that’s what he was saying. you’re kidding, right?

    seriously, isn’t there something better (or worse) that you can complain about? pathetic.

  • That comment was accidently picked up on the mic. Once again I think we’re holding celebrity/ politicians to hypocritical standards. I’m amazed that you wrote that you really believe he intended for his personal comment to the President to be heard over the mic.

    At least he was saying it and not doing it – Gingrich, Richardson (maybe something in the water in GA?), Foley (that made the sphincters of every member of the GOP clench tight), Vitter, Sanford, Craig, and Spitzer, did he think he could save the souls of NY prostitutes by personally injecting them with his holy spirit? Apparently so.

    That’s just a notable few– and not because they’re Republican, because they were the worst of the hypocrits.

    “What message is being sent to the general public, to people in other nations around the world, and more importantly to the children who may have heard him?”
    “Will kids start thinking, “If he can speak that way to the President of the United States, can’t we speak that way to our parents and teachers?” I think the shout outs on the floor were far more offensive, because they were intentional. And yes. I do think kids got the message that it’s an acceptable way to handle anger, particularly if their parents applauded it. It opens the door to gay bashing, bullying and racism in the classroom; it’s okay to disrespect as long as you’re standing up for what you believe is morally right. If they can shout liar and baby killer on TV, and scream nigger and faggot at rallies, it must be okay to do the same in school.

    Victor, I can’t believe you’re more concerned about the word fuck than you are about faggot, nigger… Do you think those words are not effecting kids? Do you think they aren’t paying attention to what’s happening?

    I don’t see why the President would even address this. What can he possibly say other than ‘Joe and I are friends, yeah, that’s how we talk to each other off the record.’ Maybe all that can be said is ‘sorry if your kids heard that, we didn’t know the mic was on.’ Nobody expected Bush to address Cheney’s outburst, and that wasn’t a slip-up during a moment of victory, it was then vice-president Cheney cussing out a fellow politician because he was pissed off. That’s a great lesson for kids on how to handle disagreements.

    But I don’t think Biden or Obama is laughing this off right now. Not like Cheney did in this FOX interview. Or defending his behavior in front of our children like Neugebauer just did (negating his previous apology).

  • zingzing

    yeah, republicans– if you question whether joe biden thinks he’s better than everyone else for using “street language,” why aren’t you questioning if those who call others “niggers” and “faggots” think they’re better than those they call “niggers” and “faggots?” by proxy–and i’m only going to stretch my imagination as far as you do in this article–you are saying one is wrong while the other is ok. and i know you wouldn’t do that.

  • This article is about one comment. I do not address the healthcare bill (which I support), and I do not implicity or explicity condone usage of any other inappropriate words.

    What I am calling for is a general review of the language we use and how it affects people, especially kids. I am unhappy with all derogatory language as well.

    I want my kids to respect people (all people) and use language that is appropriate. If you’re on the playground or roaming the streets, no one can censor your language (nor should they attempt to do so); however, if you’re the vice president of the United States, and you damn well know there is a live microphone twenty feet away, you use some common sense and decency and refrain from using foul language.

  • Baronius

    Zing, what part of this article said that it’s ok to call people “niggers” and “faggots”? Wrong is wrong. I respect people less when they use foul language.

  • A Geek Girl

    You said damn… heh heh heh Cool.

  • Geek, frankly my dear, I don’t give a…well, you get the idea.

  • Jordan Richardson

    What I am calling for is a general review of the language we use and how it affects people, especially kids. I am unhappy with all derogatory language as well.

    A “general review of the language” you use? Jesus Christ, you people are fucking uptight.

  • Jordan Richardson

    And, by the way, my kid is going to learn that it’s not what words you use when you talk to people but it’s what you mean when you use them.

    I hate this notion that some people practice where they think it’s acceptable to say “gosh darn it you frickin’ fracker” but cringe if you curse. It’s the message that counts and the lack of respect isn’t in the word choice, it’s in what you’re conveying overall. You can be derogatory and “shameful” without uttering a single profane word. I think that’s what really needs to be “reviewed,” not whether someone said “fuck” or even whether someone said “nigger.”

    They’re just words. We give them power.

  • God damned coarse bastards.

  • Baronius

    I’m not going to run away screaming “oh, my delicate ears”. But are we really prepared to give up on societal standards?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Societal standards? You have people talking about “death panels” and Obama killing grandparents, for crying out loud. You have people who don’t think your president is actually an American.

    I think someone swearing is the least of your problems in terms of “societal standards,” Baronius.

    And I find it incredibly ironic that Mr. Lana doesn’t, at ANY point in this article, address John Boehner’s much-celebrated and divinely purposeful use of “HELL NO YOU CAN’T” on the floor of the House in front of the entire country and, yes, even those little kiddies. Amazing.

  • It’s Baronius who had started on this prudishness kick, no thanks from the author.

    I suppose we ought to congratulate the SS finest for their high culture and sense of decorum, playing Johann Strauss’s and Franz Lehar’s music while escorting the Jews to their gas chambers.

    What a freaking hypocrisy from a Southern gentleman.

  • What a ridiculous article. What’s next? “The Size of Molehills is No Laughing Matter”?

    “It could just be that Mr. Biden believes he is better than those he serves”

    What a ridiculous presumption. When athletes swear near mics they know are open, are they also doing it with an air of superiority?

    How about a general review of your priorities? Apparently the use of “fucking” as an adjective is worse than calling someone a baby killer. That’s a nice lesson for your children.

    Honestly, I am very tired of people running around trying to baby-proof the world to protect the children, the defenseless children. If you want to use this as a lesson for your children, have at it, but the rest of us can make our choices.

    “I respect people less when they use foul language.”

    I am sure George Carlin would have had a clever fuckin’ retort in response.

  • George Carlin on the subject of the word “fuck”…

    The big one, the word fuck; that’s the one that hangs them up the most. ‘Cause in a lot of cases that’s the very act that hangs them up the most. So, it’s natural that the word would, uh, have the same effect. It’s a great word, fuck, nice word, easy word, cute word, kind of. Easy word to say. One syllable, short u. fuuuuuck. Boom. Starts with a nice soft sound fffffffuh”. Ends with a kuh. Right? A little something for everyone. Fuck. Good word.

    Kind of a proud word, too.
    “Who are you?”
    Tune in again next week to FUCK OF THE MOUNTAIN!

    It’s an interesting word too, ’cause it’s got a double kind of a life- personality- dual, you know, whatever the right phrase is. It leads a double life, the word fuck. First of all, it means, sometimes, most of the time-fuck! What does it mean? It means to make love. Right? We’re going to make love, yeh, we’re going to fuck, yeh, we’re going to fuck yeh. Right? And it also means the beginning of life, it’s the act that begins life, so there’s the word hanging around with words like love …and life

    …and yet on the other hand, it’s also a word that we really use to hurt each other with, man. It’s a heavy. It’s the one that you save toward the end of the argument. Right? You finally can’t… “Aw, fuck you, man! I said, fuck you! Stupid fuck-fuck you and everybody that looks like you!”

    It would be nice to change the movies that we already have and substitute the word fuck for the word kill, wherever we could, and some of those movie cliches would change a little bit. “Mad fucker still on the loose!” “Stop me before I fuck again.” “Fuck the ump, fuck the ump, fuck the ump, fuck the ump.” “Easy on the clutch, Bill, you’ll fuck that engine again.”

  • You have GOT to be kidding. We’re actually going to skewer Joe Biden for being a genuine guy? “Salty” language? The Veep was right, the HCR signing was a big fucking deal.

    Let’s leave the sanitization to the people who do it well — the Texans who are about to dumb down America even further with the changes in school textbooks. Like it or not, the GOP is close to becoming the Grand Old Politburo.

  • I hope I didn’t make too many of you clutch your chests and gasp in dismay at #18

  • Biden was communicating with his boss. It was a congratulatory moment. And, it was a big fuckin’ deal. The only indescretion was forgetting about the microphone. Perhaps Joe should have his knuckles smacked with a ruler by a Benedictine Nun.

    As most of you know, I am an inveterate user of “colorful metaphors” and the like. It may be distasteful at times, but it can be effective. My father swore like a longshoreman, so I’m inured to it.

    I don’t believe Joe Biden was standing there thinking how much better he was than the rest of us. He was simply enjoying the moment. As the word, when spoken was only nominally audible, it probably went right by most viewers. Hell, I know people who watched the Super Bowl half time, when Janet Jackson’s boob was revealed before god and everybody, and didn’t even see it. The only reason it became such a “big deal” was what happened after; the response. The same is true of Biden’s little faux pas.

    I’ve looked around from time to time, and so far I know of no one who died from witnessing either incident. No one I know has been institutionalized due to them. I know of no children whose life has been irrevocably ruined by them. On the other hand, women are fairly routinely raped while serving in the military, but they’re just supposed to suck it up. (Pardon the expression. No pun intended.)

    I wholly agree with Zing & Jordan, Geek & Cindy. Somehow Biden saying fuck on TV just doesn’t measure up to a lot worse things being said and done, supposedly on our behalf by our government. You know, like war!

    BTW – One can visit Youtube and view a whole host of “F-bomb” utterances on camera. Somehow the world is still revolving and most of our children go to bed and sleep peacefully in spite of it all.

    Go figure.


  • Oh fuck-BARITONE! I… I…agree with you? It’s the big one ‘lizabeth! I’m commin for ya honey!!!

    I hope you enjoyed my little Carlin exerpt above?

  • To Quote George Carlin, “Fuck you and everybody that looks like you Victor!” This ain’t the victorian age you know.

  • Forgive my my original comment was to read “he said f&^%ing??? Why not just say “Fucking?” by the way, how is f&^%ing pronounced?

  • Watch the tape. The president does not, as Victor writes, “keep on smiling.”

    He has the same deadpan near-scowl as when the veep made his not-so-cool joke a year ago about Justice Roberts flubbing the swearing in. I suspect he may have been less than amused, considering the circumstances [big occasion, live TV]. But I doubt either of them realized it was [just barely] being picked up on a mic.

    I am somewhat in agreement with Baronius, in that someone who overuses coarse language is usually revealing a deficiency in vocabulary and communication skills.

    This article is, however, a laughing matter. Cursing is so commonplace a manner of expression, especially among “guy’s guys,” that laughing, and rolling one’s eyes, is the sanest, and healthiest response

  • Well, as my buddy from Down Under proclaimed last weekend over dinner .. Bugger me dead. Saying that in public south of the Mason-Dixon line might get me executed.

  • I’m not sure how many folks down south [where I hail from] are familiar with the term “bugger.” They might think you were offering or threatening to fatally pick your nose.

  • Jet,

    I remember that Carlin bit. He was always quick to point out our hang ups and hypocracy regarding language among other things. Wish he was still with us. I miss the son of a bitch. 🙁


  • Baritone et al: I’ve transcribed George’s entire monologue entitled “7 words you can never say on Television” at my entertainment website. You can read it by clicking here

  • I wish there were 7 words banned from the political debate: Pelosi, Boehner, McConnell, Palin, Bacchus, Cantor and God.

  • You’d let fox news and the teabaggers stay?

  • Teabaggers are an integral part of our existence, Jet. And we need FOX News. You see, when the ratings tide turns, Rupert Murdoch will turn it in to the Progressive Channel. FOX doesn’t care about news — it’s the economy, stupid.

  • Arch Conservative
  • Arch Conservative

    You’d let fox news and the teabaggers stay?

    Typical left wing moonbat. “Anyone that disagrees with me has no right to their speech.”

    Say what you want about the tea partiers but at least they don’t claim the other side does not have the right to their own differing views.”

    Perhaps the ghost of Voltaire will pay you a visit someday and help you lay aside your ugly, fascist tendencies Jet.

  • Okay, first of all thanks for the comments from all. Luckily, this is a place where all can give their opinions freely.

    Now, what I am getting from some people is that Biden proved he’s a guy’s guy, a manly man. That macho is kind of freaky, sort of like Arnold holding that big knife while sitting at the governor’s desk. All of that kind of thing doesn’t add up to much more than showmanship.

    If Biden really wanted to congratulate his boss man-to-man, why not wait until he was away from the cameras, slap him on the shoulder, and say whatever he wanted?

    Let’s remember this was not a locker room or the playground or the street corner, this was the White House and they were on national television.

    Oh, and Carlin was brilliant, but his act had its time and place. I actually own several of his shows, but I wait until the kids are in bed to watch them.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Victor, I think you’re dodging the issue. You’ve called out Joe Biden for swearing near an open microphone (by the way, I didn’t even hear him say anything when I watched it live, so I’m not sure how many kids did until the news networks picked it up), but you’ve chose to completely ignore the shouts of “baby killer” or “hell no you can’t” or other things of the sort.

    You’re right, that kind of thing doesn’t add up to much more than showmanship. But your article doesn’t add up to much more than fickle hypocrisy. Boehner’s “hell no you can’t” was on national television too, but you don’t address it and it was used purposely through a microphone on the floor of the House. Why are you ignoring this? And why are you ignoring the coarse, violent rhetoric employed by many politicians? Why the focus on profanity and the free pass to everything else?

    One more thing: Carlin was timeless. We need him more now than ever.

  • Eric TF Bat

    If you want a real swear word, one that has already come to mean something far more obscene than any bodily action or excretion, then I have one for you: Victor, you republicaning mother-republicaner, you should republicaning get over your republicaned pomposity and just go republican yourself.

    Pardon my French.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Ooooh, I finally heard it. I had to go to YouTube and really crank the volume up, but I finally heard it. You’re right, that was a big fucking deal. He never should have said that.

  • Frankly, I’m not all that worried about what kids see and hear on TV, movies and so forth. They are pretty hardy folk. Our children’s ears are not nearly so tender as some apparently assume. My friends and I were slinging obscenities back and forth to each other by the time we were 8 or 9. And we all turned out pretty good – well, except me of course. I became an atheistic liberal.

    I watched Jack Ruby murder Lee Harvey Oswalt on live TV some years back. I’m still here. Do you suppose that’s what sent me reeling toward the dark (left) side? Personally, I think it was the 2 years I spent in the military. But, what do I know?


  • Eric, if you read the article again, this has nothing to do with partisan thinking or politics. It has to do with what I believe is inappropriate and, just like you, I have a right to my opinion.

    If you read some of the other things I’ve written on BC, you’d realize that I never take sides in politics, and maybe that is because I am an Independent thinker (and voter).

    So, in your world, you’re free to let your kids watch anything on HBO and whatever else you like. For me, there’s enough garbage out there, and my kids don’t need to see it when they’re at home.

  • For anyone to assume that our kids could be sheltered today from cuss words – assuming it was a cuss word – is asanine.

    As far as I’m concerned, Biden have shown himself to be a real person rather than a stuffy shirt for having expressed himself so. It was a Kodak momenet, and we should cherish the spontaneity.

  • Baronius

    This article probably belongs in the Culture section.

  • Arch Conservative

    What Biden did was boneheaded but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think it makes him a horrible person. He was excited about something he felt passionate about and he let an f bomb slip. It is the human thing to do. No big f-ing deal.

    However what I do find disturbing is the mainstream media’s tendency to let these little faux paus slide only when certain people say them.


    If George Bush had went on Jay Leno and claimed he bowled likehe was int he special olympics the mainstream media would have skewered him. Barack Obama says it and it’s no big deal.

    If George Bush had claimed ot have campaigned in all 57 states he’d be labelled an idiot but Obama does it and it meant nothing.

    If George Bush had called a female reporter “Sweetie,” every liberal and every feminsit group would be screaming sexism bloody murder, but barry O does it and no blinks an eye.

    So no most of this crap isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. It’s just hypocrisy and double standards that liberals and the msm apply that are wrong.

  • Apparently, Joe Biden saying “This is a big fucking deal” is a big fucking deal.

    It’s not the first time Biden has let his mouth run away with him and it won’t be the last. Doing stupid stuff to take some of the heat off the boss seems to be what vice-presidents are for nowadays. How else does one explain McCain’s selection of Palin as a running mate?

  • You know, Arch, I don’t think Biden is a “bad” person either. In fact, he mentioned afterwards that he was glad that his mother (who passed away in January) wasn’t around to hear him say what he said to Mr. Obama.

    I think that proves two things: one, he is inherently a good person; two, he knows it was inappropriate.

    Caught up in the moment? I understand that. Still, all he had to do was apologize for the comment. Instead, he joked about it and that inspired me to write this article.

  • And B-tone’s right. Kids know all these words by the time they’re ten. They also, unless they’re poorly raised, know when not to use them.

    My father had a fairly colourful lexicon, garnered no doubt from his time in the army, and he loved to use it – usually by stringing together a list of choice words when he dropped or broke something or hurt himself. But he would self-censor when my brother and I were around and only employ the more innocuous ones.

    And he was serious about us not using the bad words. Once, when I was about eight or nine, for some reason I decided that I was going to style myself ‘President’. My initials are RIK, so I just added the P on the front and signed my new initials on my bedroom wallpaper. My dad saw it and hit the roof – not because I’d written on the wall but because of what I’d written. ‘I don’t know where you picked up that word… but whoever you got it from can’t spell it!’

    I had absolutely no clue at the time why he was so upset and why I was in such deep shit.

    Then, as we got older, and he realised we now knew all the bad words, he started using them in front of us – still mixed with the mild ones.

  • Arch: Typical left wing moonbat. “Anyone that disagrees with me has no right to their speech.”

    You’re upset at Jet’s little joke about banning Fox News and the Tea Party but you’re fine with Silas’s joke about the seven political words that need banning?

  • Got dandruff and some of it itches!

  • Clavos


    Now there’s a cuss word.

  • Bing: Typical left wing moonbat. “Anyone that disagrees with me has no right to their speech.”

    A more hypocritical statement has never been posted on this website

  • Arch Conservative

    Well Dr. Silas’s comment was just that, a joke.

    Whereas Jet meant what he said. He’s got a Chip on his sholuder the size of Alaska and you can take him at his word when he says Fox News and the tea parties have no right to express themselves. You betcha!

    And at least Silas had the objectivity and decency to bash both sides of the coin. Objectivity has never been Jet’s strong suit.

  • Arch Conservative

    Why don’t you enlighten us and provide some quotes where I’ve suggested or come right out and said anyone who disagrees with me don’t have a right to their point of view Jet.

    If I’m as bad as you obviously believe I am this site should be rife with examples.

    If you can’t find any may I suggest you have a nice cup of STFU

  • zingzing

    baronius: “Zing, what part of this article said that it’s ok to call people “niggers” and “faggots”?”

    none. but that was very much my point. victor takes a word and extends its meaning to ridiculous ends, such as “Mr. Biden believes he is better than those he serves, that he has some kind of inalienable right to use street talk wherever he pleases, and that he can get away with whatever he wants.” so i took some words and stretched their meaning to ridiculous ends, hence the bit i wrote about “imagination.” get it?

    but my favorite part is “street talk.”

  • Look at it all this way guys.

    Joe Biden was the prick who screamed at us for daring to build homes in Jerusalem when his fucking air force bombs weddings in Afghanistan, killing the celebrants. His air force makes his country look no better than a bunch of damned terrorists and he bitches like a whore whose been stuck with a hot poker because we dare to build in OUR OWN CAPITAL. His comments, and those of the little Clinton bitch (oops! I mean Secretary of State!) show your regime in Washington for the scummy bullies they are – not worthy the respect a whore on 12th Avenue in Manhattan would get.

    His comments on an open mike (not mic – learn to spell!) just summarize what most of us in Israel think of Obama and the Jew hating bastards in his administration, including the “big Zero” himself and the dummy, Biden with the mouth looser than a whore’s underwear. They are a bunch of shit who think they are a big fuckin’ deal.

    Vic, you are right to condemn the terrible decline in standards in your own country. Not because you are some prissy little puritan, but because you have a young daughter to whom you wish to teach certain standards to. The trash who govern you have shown they have no standards worth respecting. And that is a shame. Obama has young daughters also. And his behavior in public shows us all what standards they will have – when they think they are not on an open mike.

    It’s also a shame that so many on this list laugh at you like you are a fool. You are the wise man with standards – they are the fools.

    By the way, don’t show this article to your daughter, Victor….

  • Exactly what kind of niave idiot actually thinks kids have never heard-much less used the word “fuck”.

    Give me a fucking break.

    How do you watch watching cable without fainting Victor?

    This is only an issue if a democrat cusses? Bush used to do it all the time with an open mic-WHERE WAS YOUR INDIGNATION THEN?

    This ember isn’t going to start your campfire. I’d suggest a cigarette lighter and some lighter fluid over your computer until you come up with some intelligent concept to write about.

    Gasp gasp gasp how dare I speak in such a tone… how how impolite, how improper how… how… secular.

    I must get on my knees and pray for forgiveness lest god strike me down.

  • zingzing

    archie: “Well Dr. Silas’s comment was just that, a joke. Whereas Jet meant what he said.”

    you’re kidding, right?

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “It’s also a shame that so many on this list laugh at you like you are a fool. You are the wise man with standards – they are the fools.”

    not that you adhere to those standards, mr. potty mouth.

    “His comments on an open mike (not mic – learn to spell!)”

    you’ve been away too long. “mic” is perfectly acceptable. english lives!

  • #52 Um Archie, just how many times have you been banned from commenting on this site until you learned how to be polite or objective???

    I rest my case

  • And my comment about fox was a joke, chiding Silas about what he might have left off of his joke list.

    I wonder what Arch thinks about fredom of speech when it came to ACORN?

  • Jet,

    Let me see if I have this all straight.

    You hold Joe Biden to the level of the lowest shit on your cable TV networks, and you get all hot and bothered if someone points out that a public official is supposed to have more gravitas that a used scumbag salesman on TV?

    Then, you expect behavior from these officials that is better than that of a used scumbag salesman? How dare you hold shit to a higher level that its stink rises to!

    If this is the low level you hold your “leaders” to, what are you? Logic dictates that you are lower than they are! You own words indict you, Jet, and so does zing’s and all of you who cannot see that a leader should project leadership.

    At least Obama makes the effort. It isn’t much of an effort. We can all see the lazy slouch behind his belles lettres and fancy speeches. We can all see the bullying tactics you do not wish to see. But at least Obama makes a slight effort.

    Biden doesn’t even do that.

    Your administration is less than a big fuckin’ deal. It’s a fuckin’ joke! Soon your dollar will be a fuckin’ joke.

    You think you have problems now, Jet? Wait’ll your dollar collapses. And then America will be a big fuckin’ joke, too.

    Have a good week!

  • zingzing

    funny how the us dollar has been steadily rising recently. doesn’t jive with ruvy’s prophecy.

  • Ruvy,

    Mic = microphone. Mike = some guy named Mike or Michael. Capiche!

    Tell me Ruv, do you eat with that mouth?

    There is no proof anywhere in this world that Obama is a jew hater. Many of his mentors in Chicago were jews. He has done nothing as president against the interests of Israel. However, it seems that your government takes special pains to stick their finger in the eye of the US and pretty much everybody else.

    It’s too bad that Obama doesn’t suck up to Israel as you would like. I have nothing against Israel or jews, but neither are Israel or jews any better than anyone else. It might help Israel and the world at large if you would get over yourselves. You just ain’t any god’s special hot shit.

    You revel in making all your crude and nasty accusations against the US and our government, and pretty much all of us here. Basically, I think you oughta just shove it. You expect all of us to wallow in some sense of shared guilt. Well, fuck that!


  • It is evident by now that Ruvy is no longer capable of discussing any subject under the sun without correlating it to America’s relationship with Israel.

  • You revel in making all your crude and nasty accusations against the US and our government, and pretty much all of us here. Basically, I think you oughta just shove it. You expect all of us to wallow in some sense of shared guilt. Well, fuck that!


    I do not expect any of you to wallow in some sense of shared guilt. What I expect is rather irrelevant in the world. I’m telling you unequivocally that the day will come when you all will wallow in a sense of shared guilt – and on that day, many of you will die.

    That prediction – and yes, it is a prediction – is far bigger than you or me or any of the shits you call “leaders” in your country – or any of the shits who think they are leaders in mine.

    As for us in Israel, we will just have to save ourselves, or suffer – Redemption will not be a happy event for us at all. But it will be a far unhappier event for you.

    Have a good week.

  • zingzing

    roger, that’s because israelis are incapable of processing enough information to discuss more than one topic.*

    *not that i believe that, but for context, see ruvy’s theory on americans discussing health care. i wonder if he can see how stupid that sentence is when applied to his own.

  • Roger,

    America will fall because of its relationship to Israel. America was doing just fine – until its leaders decided to fuck over Jews (starting with refusing them refugee status in 1935), and later trying to fuck over Israel. Obama has just stripped off the mask of “friendship” between the American “democracy” and the Israeli “democracy”. Now your leaders humiliate ours openly, and the Jew-hatred flows like wine at a virgin’s “coming-out” ball.

    The proof of what I say is to see how much you Americans have managed to lose in the last 60 years – starting with the Korean War, and progressing to the financial crackup in 2008 and the terrible consequences of being set up for hyper-inflation in the middle of 2011….

    But, I really do not want to hijack Victor’s article. My point – that the behavior of the American government will bring down the Wrath of G-d upon you – as the treasonous behavior of the Israeli government will bring the Wrath of G-d upon us – can be better addressed at my own article if you wish….

  • But not just America, Ruvy. That’s your view/belief as regards any entity, political or human. All will be judged according to that standard.

  • Mark

    Ruvy, I was thinking: you could intercede for others in your Seder rather than calling down damnation. Now that would be civil.

    (Sorry, Ruvy; it’s difficult to avoid being a dick.)

  • zingzing

    ruvy, you really point to 1935 as the last time america was doing “just fine?”

    “Now your leaders humiliate ours openly, and the Jew-hatred flows like wine at a virgin’s “coming-out” ball.”

    you really are ridiculous. it’s not “jew-hatred.” it’s politics. and you guys fucked up. if every time someone disagrees with you you claim “jew-hatred,” you’re not going to get anything done. it’s childish and it’s putting blame where it doesn’t belong. and it’s completely counter-productive. every time you do this (and that’s often), the world just holds their head and mutters “what the fuck.”

  • Baronius

    Ruvy, do you realize how disturbing it is that you can turn this thread into a rant about America and the Jews, and use crude language to do it?

  • I imagine Ruvy will grin happily to know that his posts are “disturbing” — since that’s almost always his transparent intention.

  • God doesn’t have time to turn his wrath on us or Israel for our transgression with each other. He’s currently busy killing all of our young because of our toleration of gays. Hey, even god can only do so much, right?


  • Ruvy, do you realize how disturbing it is that you can turn this thread into a rant about America and the Jews, and use crude language to do it?

    Pay attention, Baronius. One more time for those of you who cannot comprehend clear English….

    I really do not want to hijack Victor’s article. My point – that the behavior of the American government will bring down the Wrath of G-d upon you – as the treasonous behavior of the Israeli government will bring the Wrath of G-d upon us – can be better addressed at my own article if you wish….

    And if you are disturbed, good! You should be. When the Wrath of G-d is brought upon your nation, you will richly deserve it. You richly deserve it now.

    I’m done here. Have a good week.

  • “I’m done here.”

    {sigh} If only that were true

  • Baritone, didn’t Pat Robertson say God was busy with Haiti for making a pact with the devil several hundred years ago???

    God must be way behind on his work… either that or Ruvy hasn’t been a good secretary and updated the almighty’s appointment calendar lately

    Ruvy should change his handle to “Israel” since he’s deluded himself into thinking that he speaks for and represents that nation’s thoughts.

    Is everyone in Israel so anti-american? Could Israel even exist without the U.S.’s backing both financial or military backing.

    Thou shall not biteth the handeth that feedeth you!

  • zingzing

    i think we are witnessing the comment thread equivalent of “play him off keyboard cat.”

  • Damn, I keep forgetting Roger says I don’t comment on other people’s threads… sorry!

  • zing to quote the Wopper computer from “War Games” … “An interesting game Professor, the only winning move is not to play!”

  • Jet,

    God has quite a “to-do” list, wouldn’t you say?


    just as a reminder – there is NO god. There will be no “wrath.” The US may fail. Israel may fail. Actually, they both probably will fail. Nothing lasts forever, especially not countries. All that ‘is’ today will go with the wind at some point. But, no god will have any damn thing to do with it.

    If your supposed god is fucking angry – what’s his problem? If hesheit is so fucking powerful – all powerful, or so I’m told – hesheit could end all of this with a wink. Put us and himself out of our collective misery, for christ’s sake.

    Hey, it’s HIS fucking creation. If it’s so evil, if it’s so fucking bad, it’s HIS fucking fault! HE should damn himheritself. HE should be pissed off at HIS own fuck ups. Maybe he should quit all this bullshit and start over – you know like the Reps kept saying about health care reform. Start with a veritable clean sheet of paper – or papyrus if you prefer. Maybe, just maybe, with another stab at it, he could fucking get it right.

    Oh, geez, I hope none of the kids are reading this.


  • Well, since our resident spelling and grammar Nazi apparently hasn’t spotted this yet…

    Thou shall not biteth the handeth that feedeth you!

    Jet, if thou art going to use archaic English, thou needest to learn the proper conjugation of verbs.

    Second person singular form of the verb shall = “Thou shalt”.

    Imperative form of the verb to bite = “bite”.

    Third person form of the verb to feed = “feedeth”. You got that one right, but probably by accident.

    Second person singular pronoun, objective form = “thee”.

    And what exactly is a “handeth”? It is what they call a penny share in Alabama?

    (This has been today’s Clavos Moment, brought to you by Acme Used Boats of Miami. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled kvetching.)

  • After Joe Wilson’s outburst during the SotU speech, those on the Right found a new way to capitalize on their respective base by using buzz words at the most opportune time. The “baby killer” comment, for instance, has made that TX member of Congress some serious money. And I predicted the same within minutes of the outburst, didn’t I? Let’s see. Is there a way a member of the GOP can turn Biden’s F-bomb into cash? You betcha!

  • Re #80 Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuseth Me-eth (:^p~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Clavos

    (This has been today’s Clavos Moment, brought to you by Acme Used Boats of Miami. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled kvetching.)

    Thank you, Doc. Much as I try, I can’t be everywhere at once.

    Your able and trenchant participation is most welcome.

    Wanna buy a boat?

  • Clavos


    How appropriate that you should throw in a bit of Yiddish as we approach Passover.

    Mazel Tov!

  • Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye… If you are as sick as I am of the so-called news stations skewing the views of the mindless lemmings we call our fellow citizens, here’s an idea! I think we should force the RNC to claim all 24 hours of FOXNews programming as an in-kind political contribution. Same thing for MSNBC. They should be forced to claim Schultz, Maddow, Olbermman and Matthews programming as the same thing. Enough is enough. If you want to be a legitimate news outlet, you better start acting like one. This situation is way out of hand. So, here’s a big BIDEN YOU to MSNBC and FOX!

  • This is very disturbing Silas; you’re saying that Fox isn’t as “fair and Balanced” as they say they are?

    (I think Victor just fainted)

    At least MSNBC doesn’t make the same claim.

  • Jordan Richardson

    and on that day, many of you will die.

    Hopefully that day is a Thursday.

  • zingzing

    armageddon should come on a thursday. a day of rest, but a day of hope. good day to die. if ruvy’s god wants to shit on us, thursday’s a day to do it. stupid ruvy’s god.

  • Armageddon out of the way of this debate!

    Thursday is April Fool’s Day – a national holiday for every member of the sitting Congress. Because they’re all a bunch of fools. Nancy Pelosi is 70. Mitch McConnell probably knew Adam and Eve. We’re being governed by a band of inept, self-serving thugs who put on a great show for John Q. Public. There is NO difference between the Democrats or Republicans. Ideologies may be opposing but methodology is more identical than conjoined twins.

    And yes, Jet, I hold MSNBC in the same valley of feces as I hold FOXNews with one caveat – Joe Scarborough. His show is the only three hours on MSNBC that is fair and balanced.

  • “I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”
    – Arthur Dent

  • Since you have not let my comments go, and continue to attack what I have to say, I’ll return (for this last time) to crap on the celebration of the passage of Obama-care and the cursing it has engendered in the so-called “leadership” of your country.

    I found this article analyzing the financial position of the United States, and lo and behold, it confirmed what I alleged all along. Monty Pelerin demonstrated why the United States is bankrupt as I write this comment now, as it cannot possibly pay off its unfunded libilities ($106 trillion) on its assets of $55 trillion. From the article: The federal government collects about $2.5 trillion in total revenues a year. That is from all sources of taxes and fees. Think of that as an individual’s annual gross salary. The debt owed by the government can be looked at as a great big mortgage. Thus, we have a family that has a mortgage 44.8 times greater than gross salary. That would be the equivalent of a man earning $50,000 gross salary having a mortgage of $2,240,000! An interest-only mortgage at 6% would require the family to pay annual interest of $134,000 per year. A conventional mortgage would be much higher. The example becomes even more ludicrous when one recognizes that taxes, food, clothing, savings, etc. all have to be subtracted from gross pay to determine what is left for debt service.

    When we shift back to the federal government, the family analogy becomes even more absurd. The federal government has nothing left from their “gross pay.” Their “living expenses” actually exceeded their gross pay by $1.2 trillion last fiscal year. That is, they spent almost 50% more than they made. Comparable behavior is budgeted for the next ten years.

    I left a comment to the article, parts of which are worth repeating here:

    “As it stands, the United States cannot meet its unfunded debt obligations. That is another word for “bankrupt”.

    It is for this reason that hyper-inflation will strike the United States, and its money will be as valuable as reichsmarks were in 1923. I still have a 100,000 reichsmark note in my collection of coins and banknotes. I look at it every now and then to remind myself of just how easily money – and the corrupted culture it supports – can be and is debased.

    A friend of mine writing from Virginia wrote me (in a letter intended for a newspaper in his area) that the passage of Obama-care is the end of your republic – that it will cause a revolt against the government. I suspect that he may be right. Then we will see the true nature of the dictatorship that Obama and his flunkies have prepared for you who live in what was once the “land of the free”.

    I’m sorry if I seem more pessimistic than you, Mr. Pelerin. The fate of your civilization has been decided. You have been weighed and counted and found wanting. You will be separated from your prosperity and your civilization will be torn to bits.”

    And now, gentlemen and ladies, I have other matters to attend to. So, once again, I wish you a good week from the mountains of liberated Samaria, in ISRAEL.

  • Jordan Richardson

    So, once again, I wish you a good week from the mountains of liberated Samaria, in ISRAEL.

    So that’s where you’re from. Happy Thursday, Ruvy! Happy Thursday.

  • I resent the drunken sailor reference…

    …and I love how you LIBERALS make excuses for Joe “who talks like the plumber” Biden…he more than likely stole the line from someone else anyway, plagerizing bastard that he is!!!

    …and how about some proof that women are “routinely” raped in the military??? Talk about wild baseless accusations! As if it had ANYTHING at all to do with the conversation…

    You LIBERALS rip people a new one on here when they curse at someone else, especially if it’s someone that agrees with your opinions. But somehow, it’s okay for the second most powerful man in the world to talk like a pig? You expect this kind of thing from a “drunken sailor”, but not from the VP of the United States, no matter how much you want to make it okay.
    And don’t pretend you don’t either. I’m sure someone around here could do a search for people complaining about the comment policy and how it’s never enforced on so and so…you get my drift.

    I guess foul language isn’t a secular issue and that’s the real problem here…

  • zingzing

    what are you blabbering about, andy? that was a good ramble. does it really surprise you when people use curse words? even politicians?

    and ruvy, one must marvel at your ability to creatively say the same thing over and over again.

  • ruvy, one must marvel at your ability to creatively say the same thing over and over again.

    Don’t worry, zing. I’m going to ram it down your throats again – just not in this comment….

  • 39 – B says,

    Frankly, I’m not all that worried about what kids see and hear on TV, movies and so forth. They are pretty hardy folk. Our children’s ears are not nearly so tender as some apparently assume.

    Television is the greatest most potent instrument of cultural brainwashing there is. You are allowing corporations, who want to turn off your your children’s brains and turn them into unquestioning* consumer-bots who take for granted that ‘the way things are’ is the way things should be**, to decide your children’s values, how they see themselves and how they see the world and those in it. You are submitting them to be passive robots who have their desires artificially created for them and their ideas set before they even have the faintest chance of thinking for themselves.

    Yes, there are a range of ‘permissible’ viewpoints. But they are limited in very important ways. Picking among these limited views is not ‘thinking for oneself’.

    *outside the ‘allowed’ debate–you’re allowed to argue about democrats and republicans, and you are also allowed to think you are better than both and call yourself an independent–then your reach the end of your chain.

    **if not for those pesky ____________ (insert one: Democrats, Republicans, welfare cheats, crackmoms, Christians, lazy people, etc) which I have been programmed to limit my criticism to.

  • Cindy,

    Aren’t you taking B’s remark out of context. I don’t think he was necessarily endorsing the limited gamut of choices available on TV, only suggesting that false modesty is a thing of the past.

  • Roger,

    It was an opportunity to take a typical assertion (one I, myself, might also make in certain circumstances) and turn it into food for thought. I wasn’t criticizing B, just providing a different pov.

    (Now, I have to go marinate some beef strips in garlic and lime for a new and strange beef tostada with black bean sauce I am making to go with a ripe avocado I got at a good price. Wish me luck, Roger. Dinner is awful when one of these experiments doesn’t work out.)

  • Cool. But I have all the faith in you. Experimentation is good.

  • Roger,

    I would like to add that, even though I agree with B’s point about children and language exposure, sometimes I am utterly horrified just by looking at TV. If one looks at for assessing indoctrination value, Sesame Street is problematic. Nevermind commercials or literally…well, pretty much all of it.

    (Dinner was so awful, I tossed most of it in the trash. It got a rating of ‘gagable’ from ‘Mr. Never Critical’.)

  • Must be hubby.

    As to TV, it’s a Roman circus. The idea is to dumb and to numb.

  • BTW, Cindy.

    Make certain to re-watch Ghandi, as per link.

    I can think of no better object lesson in “creative resistance” so as to change the face of power.

    Please do. We must discuss it right after.

  • jenny


  • Plucktone

    Ha Ha

  • Soup

    “Geek, frankly my dear, I don’t give a…well, you get the idea.”

    Really? Sounds like you think you’re better than Biden.

    Do you remember this phrase from your childhood? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The F-Bomb is a word, nothing more, nothing less. We make it a “curse word” by treating it like one. Just another example of man-made delusions.

  • Denise

    I.think.you guys are making a big fucking deal over.something that just isnt that important. You fucking Repubs.need.a.vacation on the fucking slopes!