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The beautiful city of Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Located in the northeastern country of Germany, the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan area is populated by 5 million diverse people. Divided after World War II, East Berlin became the capital of East Germany and the Berlin Wall surrounded West Berlin. After Germany reunited in 1990, Berlin once again became the capital city of Germany. Berlin is now host to world-famous universities, research institutes and museums. The city has been known for decades as a political and science center in Europe. Woodlands and lakes as well as marshy terrain surround the city of Berlin. The summer months average a temperature of 22–25°C (mid 70s F) and the winter months host an average temperature of 4°C (30s F). Visitors stay at Berlin hotels for a variety of reasons including political, medical, business relations and vacations. Always consult a strong Berlin travel guide before traveling to this destination location.

Due to the popularity of Berlin and Germany in the travel scene, there isn't a shortage of blogs about Berlin vacations and travel. The Berlin blog provides a variety of articles about festivals, historical architecture, visual art galleries and museums.

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