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BCRadio Podcast – August 28, 2006

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A new feature is unveiled on this week's show and we have the return of a guest who had been MIA for a while.

1 – Eric Olsen:  News Promotion and site news.

2 – A.L. Harper:  Band of the Week (The Ruse).
3 – Matt Sussman:  MLB, LLWS, and more.
4 – Dawn Olsen:  Paris Hilton makes good on her threat to make an album.

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  • I hope you realize we’re talking about Jeff George next week.

  • Enjoyed the show this week. I was very excited to hear that Dawn was back. I also liked the musical interludes featuring The Ruse.

    **Please don’t play Paris Hilton’s song again…Thanks. 😉

  • S.Rod, I promise you there will never be another Paris clip on the show.

    Sussman, I don’t know if my heart can take the Jeff George conversation.

  • Mark Saleski

    who’s jeff george?

  • If you have to ask who Jeff George is, you have never been a Raiders, Colts, Falcons, Redskin, or Vikings fan.

  • Mark Saleski

    all true!

    p.s. (shhhh….Christina can sing….)

  • OK… it is time to have that discussion right here and now. The relative absence of pitch correction and the ability to do unnecessary and elaborately annoying vocal calisthenics is not the same thing as being able to sing! That’s not singing. They are the equivalent of vulgar vocal gyrations. It’s like saying pole dancers are ballerinas, too.

  • Mark Saleski

    what’s a pole dancer?

  • OK, so I had a slight typo there. I guess it is fair that you finally caught one of mine. I have had to edit a couple of your stories before (ahem!).

  • If you need further clarification, another term would be stripper.

  • Don’t tell me what is and isn’t fucking ballet.

  • Mark Saleski


  • Well when one juxtaposes Nutcracker and strippers you might actually get fucking ballet.

    She still cannot sing.

  • It turns out pole was the correct usage, so Saleski corrected me and was wrong. Boy, I’m not listening to you anymore!

  • Mark Saleski

    (i can’t belive i’m doing this, but what the hey, i mean, the dj thinks Elliott Smith has an acceptable voice so…)

    there’s a song on Stripped called “Impossible” that i think is really gorgeous. i’ve also seen a few tv appearances that couldn’t have been supported by a pitch correcter. she’s got the chops.

    i’m not saying you have to like her, that’s a separate issue.

  • Mark Saleski

    i wuzn’t correcting…just making a funny (or attempting to…)

  • I am going to ignore the Elliott Smith reference because it misses the point and it annoys me.

    First, I said relative absence of a pitch correcter (as in, she probably doesn’t use one often).

    The bar has been lowered so much in pop music as to what constitutes actual singing that Christina Aguilera has fooled some people. Can she hit notes without a computer? Probably. Congratulations! That shouldn’t put someone in the hall of fame, it should be a relatively low-level requirement. That does not amount to having chops. Neither does that quviering trill thing she does. We just agreed she can hit a note. Why can’t she pick one and stay there for awhile? Her cheap pre-Bobby Brown Whitney Houston impression is not “chops” either.

    You’re not going to sell me on this one. She’s not a singer.

  • Oh, and you are welcome in advance when this becomes your Friday Morning Listen for this week. =)

  • Mark Saleski

    don’t you tempt me like that! i’ll do it!!

  • I am absolutely counting on it. And in so doing you will rip me the way you did for mocking Bruce’s attempt to “fi-di-diddle-eee-ay” or you’ll take a jab at Elliott Smith. You’re getting predictable in your old age. =)

  • Mark Saleski

    hey, just because the wife to whom you are (inexplicably) married has given up on correcting you….doesn’t mean that rest of us have to.

    suss included!!

  • All right now, Slick, leave her out of it. I have never once inferred that you and a certain cocker spaniel spend too much time together.

  • Dawn

    Thanks S. Rod. I am so thrilled that I have managed to garner one fan, besides the two individuals that I birthed.

    Matt, I wouldn’t dare suggest what is and what is not fucking ballet – but it sounds kind of messy.

  • Wha-wha-what? Hey, you’re not old enough to be my mama and I have been a fan of your writing and appearances for awhile now! You have more than one non-birthed fan.

  • Mark Saleski

    c’mon, enough with this! ….or i’ll have to take down my DawnShrine™ at home.

    nobody wants that.

  • Dawn

    Well, I wasn’t including those on the payroll – so to speak. If not for Mark and DJR, I am not sure I would have any self-esteem left.

    BTW – Mark, how’d you like that shout-out to you in my disseration about what is and what is not good music?

    Yeah, you da’ man.

  • Mark Saleski

    yea, thanks dawn. something like: “saleski types”? at first i thought i was being dissed!

  • DJ seems to have given up trying to get me back on the show, so I risk little by saying this: Christina can too sing. Unfortunately, she spends a little too much time doing the vocal calisthenics thing, ’tis true, but beyond that, she can really sing.

  • What you risk, Phillip, is a re-airing of your remix.