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BCRadio – May 1, 2006

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BCRadio: May 1, 2006

This week’s show is a long one, but BCRadio has production value this week, kids. Some of you are going to love that. Others of you, not so much.

This week’s guests:

  1. Dawn Olsen
  2. Eric Olsen
  3. Phillip Winn
  4. Eric Berlin
  5. Mark Saleski
  6. Sal Marinello
  7. Matt Sussman
  8. Joan Hunt

[ADBLOCKHERE]Due to the length of this week’s show and the number of produced segments, I inadvertently left Joan Hunt’s “BC On the Blues” segment out of the full podcast. My apologies to Joan and our blues fans. Please do download the segment from our a la carte menu and enjoy.

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  • Well, damn! First you forget me altogether and then you drop me off the full cast? Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame. I’m gonna tell your wife!

  • I guess when I got to 90m on the podcast I thought I had everyone. The good news is I think most of our listeners take us one step at a time.

    Don’t tell The Wife to Whom I am Married: She’s finishing her Shakespeare final today and has instructed me not to annoy her. =)

  • As much as I’d love to complain how I, a guest on your podcast, is treated, compared to Phillip I got off light.

  • …how I is treated?

    With grammatical lapses like that you did get off lightly.

    I agree though… you would love to complain.

  • We all can’t go to college in Alabama and grow up smrrrt.

  • Then I will lower my expectations for you, Suss.

  • If I may put an end to this catfight, who among us thinks Berlin is stealing my patented maniacal laugh?

  • White Flag accepted… I did run some audio identification software and noticed certain similarities in the pattern but the two laughs are distinct. Monsignor Berlin is in the clear here.

  • DJ, you really and truly suck! No forgiveness is possible. Ever.

    This after I gave you a Shrek impression, even? Then I suppose I’m pleased that the audio quality turned out so incredibly poorly. Man, it sounds awful.

    Okay, I forgive you. πŸ˜‰

  • The audio quality was completely terrible. My E. German surplus equipment has its limitations.

    Just be glad the remix didn’t go on for another 6 minutes with Shrek added.

    I’m glad you’re a good sport. Suss has been a little bitchy since he heard his special remix.

    I had thought about posting the remixes as separate files for download. I still might if the demand by the people is there. I’m not holding my breath.

  • I’m not bitchy. Just bloated.

    After some soul searching, I’ve decided to attempt to curb the belly laughing during my segment. It’s all too real but it sounds forced and I need to quit it. Fortunately since the segment is with Josh this will not be a difficult endeavor.

  • I hope Dawn likes my selection for her theme song. I was cracking up when I put that together.

  • The next time you try to get me on the show, I’m going to whisper. In greek.

  • That’s OK… I saved the remix and there are 16 other OBH podcasts to select from.

  • “This week: DJRadiohead discovers his inner Sahm.”

    DJR: That’s a reference I’m sure no one other than you, me and Saleski will understand! I’m flattered though… unless of course you rip me in the podcast. Then I will have to go to work in GB3 with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

    I will try to take a listen later tonight when I get home from the concrete jungle.

  • No ripping of you, Sahm. None at all. Just my first attempts at remixing. I got carried away. Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

  • Dawn

    Is that a Rolling Stone’s song? I liked it, kind of like the out of control train wreck that I am πŸ™‚

  • It is the Stones. It’s called, “Oh No, Not You Again.” I got the idea when you suggested the Eminem song (I am religiously opposed to any rap-type music… ever.) So I thought I’d find something with a similar bent.

  • Dawn

    Hey, you’re in charge dude – you get to pick the music.

    I have to admit, that I am extremely jealous of the little mix action that Phillip received. Sure suck up to the tech guy, I see how it is!

  • I almost did a remix of the “spurt” but feared what our benevolent dictator might do to me. πŸ˜‰

  • Dawn

    Ahhh, I just realized that you cut my Costner money shot out.

    Oh, woe is me.

  • We might have to relive that conversation for this week because that was just too much fun but I ran out of time. I loved it and hated for it to go.

  • DJR: “I got carried away.”

    Dude! Turn off the P-Winn sample, I wanna get off! :o) Oh my.

    But being constructive, I’d say the remix needs more fills and changes, vary the sample more with different filters or other samples. An amusing start nonetheless. I think you can see why it takes so long to tweak those things now, right? Keep working on it.

    I still implore you guys to argue more. Stop being so nice and agreeable with each other. Surely, Dawn and Eric have an issue they could settle over the BC Radio format, right?

  • add a few heavy beats to the pwinn sample, hang a big clock around your neck and you will become: mc dj radiohead.

    oh yes.

  • Sorry Saleski, the Flava Flav clock will have to wait for the BC Video Newscast in 2007.

  • Dawn

    Yes, Eric and I have some “issues” we need to work on – but I am pretty sure that no one else wants to hear about them.

    If you want to hear some petty arguing, DJR should just tape me trying to get the kids to bed, or just clandestinely plant a taperecorder in our house.

    Lots of arguing around here πŸ™‚

  • Actually, Sahm, what Phillip’s remix needed was to be about 2 minutes shorter. Then you get the feel of their being two different musical beds working underneath. It was my first attempt.

    The Suss remix is where it’s at, though. It’s shorter and I used Suss’ own laugh as percussion as well as being part of the show. I will keep working on it, though. Saleski needs to be remixed.

    There may need to be a little more argument from time to time but I won’t let this turn into an O’Reilly Factor. Fuck that.