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Anna Nicole Smith: Her Life-As-Farce Turns Tragic

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The bubbly bedroom farce that had been Professional Blonde Bombshell Anna Nicole Smith’s life thus far, took a series of surreal, ultimately tragic turns over the last week.

Thursday, September 7, she joyfully announced the arrival of a “healthy 6 pound, 9 ounce baby girl,” born at Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas, only to have her son, Daniel Wayne Smith, 20, die suddenly and mysteriously in his sleep while visiting her in her hosptial room three days later.

Today, the coroner termed Smith’s death “suspicious,” and Reginald Ferguson, assistant commissioner of the Royal Bahamian Police Force, heightened the mystery surrounding the tragedy by stating that a third person, who was not a member of the hospital staff, was in the room when the young man died.

AnnaDaniel2 Her Majesty’s Coroner Linda P. Virgill added, “I can confirm that there was definitely a third person in the room at the time of death and I do know who that person is, but I am unwilling to reveal that information at this time for various reasons,” she said cryptically.

Virgill said authorities believe they know what killed Smith, but she left that hanging also. She did indicate there was no sign of physical injury to Smith, and police spokesman Ferguson said no drug paraphernalia or traces of illegal drugs were found on Daniel Smith, nor in or near the hospital room.

The coroner scheduled a public formal inquest for the week of Oct. 23, and indicated autopsy and toxicology reports will not released until then. “It would not be fair to the Bahamian public simply because we need to take our jurors from that pool and you do not wish to contaminate them,” she said.

An announcement on Anna Nicole’s site said she is “absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. He was her pride and joy and an amazing human being.” Diet supplement company TRIMSPA’s CEO Alex Goen, for whom Smith has been a spokesperson since 2003 — losing a reported 80 pounds in the process — said in a statement that Daniel “was a great kid, quiet and unassuming, and very bright. When Daniel walked into a room, Anna would literally light up – he was the apple of her eye. It’s just an incredibly sad time.”

AnnaNicoleandDanielSmith2 Daniel Smith was born to Anna Nicole and Bill Smith in 1986, the couple were each 17 at the time of their marriage in 1985 and divorced two years later. Daniel had small roles in his mother’s movies Skyscraper and To the Limit, and appeared regularly in her ’02-’04 reality series, The Anna Nicole Show, as well.

DanielSmith His now painfully poignant profile from the show’s website:

Just the Facts: Anna Nicole’s 16-year-old son is a quiet, straight-A student.
Identifying Characteristics: Sweet, handsome, smart
Funniest TV Moment: Winning the eating contest
Choice Comment: “I’m going to my room.”

Former exotic dancer, model, 1993 Playboy Playmate of the Year, actress, reality TV star, diet pill pitchwoman, Anna Nicole, 38, has been a figure of outsized sexuality for over a decade, though now she is best known for prodigious weight gain and loss, outlandish behavior, and marrying 89-year-old billionaire J. Howard Marshall II in ’94 when she was 26.

She has been battling her former “stepson” Pierce Marshall to win a portion of her late husband’s $1.6 billion estate since he died in ’95 – she won a $474 million judgment, which was cut to $89 million, then reduced to zero, but in May the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had been wrong in ruling that federal courts could not handle Smith’s case, allowing her to carry on the fight.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s opinion includes a hint of the nastiness of the case, referring to accusations that Pierce Marshall “engaged in forgery, fraud, and overreaching to gain control of his father’s assets”; and, on the other side, that Smith had “defamed” her former stepson.

And then Pierce Marshall, 67, died of an infection in June.

You couldn’t make this stuff up, but until this weekend, Smith’s rather viscous trail through the culture had stayed firmly on the side of comedy. Now it’s something else entirely. “This is her son who was in her room in the hospital,” said Reginald Ferguson. “I would imagine that would be pretty traumatic.”

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  • hey ALL THE CHILD FATHER IS NOT ANNA SON Daniel THEY DID NOT HAD SEX PLEASE STOP THAT CRAP . there is no way that child would be healthy OR “normal” if Daniel was the father. THE DOCTER WOULD HAVE NOTICE THAT FROM DAY ONE FROM BIRTH .

  • am disgusted by the way she has been slammed by the media, friends and family. Anna has been monopolized, drugged and controled by the men (Howard) in her life, it saddens me that the people who claim to be her friends were so caught up in their own lives and stardom that not one of them stopped what Howard and others had been doing to her. The fact that the baby will be raised by such scum is even worse, she should be given to a family who truly would love her and not do the same that has been done to Anna and her son. Someone needs to intervene!!

    May God be with you all that continue to ruin a beautiful, great spirited Anna.

  • Dani

    I wish everyone would just leave Anna Nicole alone. she lived her life the way she wanted and became sucessful. if people thought she was a bad mother, something would have been done about it. her son was happy and so was she….and they can be again, this time away from the public eye!

    RIP anna nicole

  • weird gur ull never know!!!

    this is crazy… i love anna n then she had to go n die… well ne ways im just useing this page to right a report for shool… well… bub~byes

  • Riley

    It’s impossible… there is no way that child would be healthy and “normal” if Daniel was the father. Too close of a blood line, the child would be demented and have serious health issues. And it really is disturbing that people would assume that she would have sex with her son. Only after her death do people make these assumptions.

  • john

    i hope the son and anna never had fuckie fuckie together.but viewing her past history it can be a possibility.. But guys we will miss those tits and ass..Good bye anna

  • audrey rose

    anna nicole is in a picture as a playboy buddy with her legs wide open as far as she can get them just covering a little of her, her son is looking on and he looks to be around 6 or 7, she had no morals at all

  • blondie

    how can people say she was not a good mum did you know her did you have afternoon tea with her i think its ready sad i have 5 children and i wouldnt like anything to happen to them she had problems and maybe she was sick i like her because she didnt give a shit what people thought of her losing a son i coudnt handle that

  • blondie

    leave her a lone let her be in peace with her son nobody knows what happen

  • Ronnie

    Wow, Just months ago she was the devil’s spawn, now you all feel bad about what happened to her.. How wonderful you must think you are to have the right to pass judgements.

  • sarah

    i really feel bab about what happend toAnna but to tell you the truth i think her lawyer did ithe just wants the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,and she didn’t take any drugs

  • Leigher O’Hara

    I feel bad for Anna Nicole Smith, her son Daniel and your daughter, Dannilyn….she had a good heart but made bad choices….I know was a Hollywood starlet and was know for her image. I can’t say she was a religious person…..she did not give that impression…based on her “goodness” as a person….I hope that she was forgiven before she did pass away.

  • There is a lot of money at stake. I would not put anything past anyone involved. Money makes people do bad things. That having been said, there is a child who needs a family and is currently being faught over. It is said in any situation for a child to suffer the death of a parent, no matter the age. Despite her way of living or her huge personality, she is not the first to raise a child having big boobs and a bad history. She certainly had the financial means to provide. She just seemed not to step back a bit for her child sake and now they are both gone. It is such a tradegy. For all involved, I feel great sorrow. I am sure that the families who loved them are suffering once again. Death comes to everyone, however, this family has experienced death way to often in the last year regardless the circumstances.


  • maranda

    well shes dead now and hard telling how it happened but it still did now what is the baby supposed to do shes an innocent child and no one can argue with that no she is motherless instead of wasting your time arguing about who ans slept with maybe u should pray for yourself and the innocent child and put your self in there shoes

  • bigshotjeev

    I agree with Jeffro. Anything is possible in glamour world.

  • whatwhat

    and i just wanted to clarify that i think daniel was forced into the whole weird relationship by anna. he is just an innocent victim. and also its just sick how they had a “ceremony of their love” this soon after having a son die. i can see if it was completely non-public and just for them to help cope, but it was made public, they even pose for the media, i mean what the hell? more exploitation, another effect of no remorse.

  • whatwhat

    thats so crazy, i was just thinking the exact same thing Jeffro. The way she acted with her son was just odd basically flirtatious. i noticed it on the e-channel special about the whole situation. you just dont act like that with your mom, as a son i would know. i think he is the father as sick as it sounds and they killed him to cover it up and howard is the one who thought it all up, cuz anna seems like shes got a screw loose upstairs so he probably knows how to control her by now.

  • Marina

    Jeffro you have a point too. That woman loves money. She went after the son of the 89 year old she was married to didnt she. What if she had sex with her son? I mean she never covered her body in front of her son, she had no shame. The mother from hell is Anna Nicole Smith. If you are right Jeffro maybe the truth will still come out.

  • Marina

    Cletus is right.
    That woman displayed her son in public and her breasts were hanging out and she was not a mother she was the mother from hell not a real mother. Good for you Cletus for speaking the truth.

  • jeffro

    Her son was the father of the kid…hello!! Anna would have sex with anyone, even an 89 year old man. AND her son was an attractive guy. Once the baby was born, they were able to do verify that the baby was the result of an incestual relationship and if it got out, it would ruin her chances of getting the money. Why aren’t they treating this as possible homicide? They slipped him the methadone in the hospital, probably in his food.

  • Eric Olsen

    she probably wasn’t the best example

  • Cease.to.live.

    Yes it is true, Howard is the baby’s father. If ANS is such a lovely mother, then why was Daniel taking 3 lots of drugs after being hospitalised for depression? Of course she would love him, it’s her son, her only son. She just didn’t know how to be a good mother. She didn’t kill him! Gosh…

  • Cletus

    Class act indeed. You’d think that with all the money she has that those pictures would be a little closer to her heart. The Supreme Court also ruled that she has another shot at the fabulous wealth of her dead Texas Oil Baron husband. So this is *exactly* the kind of thing I was talking about. She clearly is interested only in herself. So her memory loss couldnt’ have been too bad. She came around long enough to mooch 300K+ pounds out of the deal. A normal person would be grieving for months if not years over the death of a child but it sure didnt’ keep her from sticking her hand out with gusto when a large parcel of cash floated by.

  • Nancy

    Truly a class act.

  • cletus

    Well what do you know. All you “mother lovers” out there that chided me for my “attack”.. ANS just pocketed over 300K pounds for the last pictures of her son while he was alive.

    So I guess we know what a mother’s love is worth… 300,000 pounds.

  • DonnaH

    My theory is that this isn’t the first time. It also seems much more logical than most. Anna Nicole and her attorney Howard both Loved Daniel beyond words.
    My Niece was married in Nassau Bahamas less than a year ago. While there, her younger brother stirred some trouble. He liked to do drugs from time to time. He went out looking for drugs and apparently found them. The next day his parents recieved a call from a “Local” who claimed to have found their son the previous night passed out with some undesirable people. This person claimed to have “rescued the young man by taking care of him and paying for a cab to return him to his hotel and get him to his room. The “local” requested that he be paid for all of his trouble. When the request was not granted the man called my parents (who share the same last name as my nephew) and made the same demand. The man became very irrate and made threats against the family and my 22yr old nephew. I truly believe that this may have been what happened to Daniel. Or that he was killed for not paying for drugs. Of course my theory is completely empty till the toxicology reports are released.

  • me

    Maybe Howard K. Stern had something to do with his untimely death. He does have a weird obsession with the buxom blonde. The baby girl is probably his, he feels some sort of resentment/jealousy to the son, and kills him. This all seems just a little too weird. I always thought that guy was odd anyway. She did love her son, she’s just a lot different compared to…….well a lot of society. People do weird things. I would look into old Howie a little further. Does he ever represent anybody other than Anna Nicole?

  • Eric Olsen

    that’s where I am JJ

  • JJ

    Maybe it would be best to wait and see what the coroner has to say before passing judgement on anyone.

  • STM

    I can’t believe the heartlessness of some of the posters here. It’s sickening.

    There’s a big difference here between being a bleeding heart and actually having a heart. She’s a mother who’s lost a son. Does anyone have any idea of what that might be like? How about a bit of empathy compassion for both of them, whatever you think of Ms Smith??

  • Laughing out loud in parentheses is a paradox.

  • Cletus

    Matt! My man! I’m making the obvious allusion that her behavior towards her son was anything but normal. Unless of course you think it’s normal and appropriate to give nude photographs of yourself to your CHILDREN and his friends. Unfortunate you needed it spelled out for you. Do you have any other keen and worthwhile observations or did you just feel like showing everyone that you couldn’t put 2 + 2 together? You’re not related to ANS by any chance are you? (LOL)

  • Unless you’re saying that the nude pictures killed her son, I don’t think any of us give a dippity shit about whether it’s true.

  • Cletus

    Stop it! You guys are killing me. (LOL) So it appears painfully obvious that none of you ever watched the “ANS Show” on A&E. I think it’s tragic her son died. That sucks. But it’s clear she acts pretty much exclusively in her own interest. And I noticed not a single 1 of you even attempted to rebuke my statement about her nude photographs being distributed to her son’s friends. Why is that? Was the death of her son tragic… of course. Is she a total dyed in the wool bimbo… of course. I dont see how 1 has anything to do with the other. If you dont’ like what I have to say that’s fine. But not 1 of you can say it’s inaccurate(excepting my guess about the 3rd person which was most reasonable). Anyone care to argue that when she’s in front of a camera she isnt’ her own worst enemy? Take a look at Cindy Crawford… now there’s beauty AND brains. And it’s proof that the 2 attributes dont’ have to be mutally exclusive. Lastly, if she loved her son so much why was he (basically) absent from he life? Anyone want to argue she was a good mother… now’s the time to step up.

  • Eric Olsen

    And a song by the Supremes

  • Nancy

    “Love child” is just a polite euphamism, a politically correct term for the hard, honest truth, i.e. bastard. Kind of like they now call a janitor a mainentance engineer so’s not to hurt anybody’s feelings. It’s still actually a correct legal term for any child born outside of legal wedlock.

  • Eric Olsen

    do they still use the term “bastard”? How about “love child”?

  • Let us all deconstruct the brilliant pennings of a man named Cletus.

  • Nancy, generally you’re interesting and entertaining in your comments. In comment 9, you are not.

  • Nancy

    Cletus’ remarks are justified, IMO. Possibly he died of shame: if my mother had just given birth to a bastard, I would. Of course since she appears to have the morals of an alley cat, I’m not surprised that it wouldn’t occur to her to die of shame.

  • Eric Olsen

    it’s grim, now they’re saying she tried to revive him, had to be sedated and was so traumatized she had to be reminded what had happened later. They are also “clarifying” that “suspicious” simply means when a seemingly healthy 20-year-old dies suddenly it’s always suspicious.

    And it appears that her pal/lawyer Howard Stern (not of the radio) was the third person in the room

  • STM

    It’s a pretty tragic turn of events, really. Whatever you think of her, it’s not something we should giggling about, Cletus.

    Hope you’re never in the same situation.

  • Mohjho

    Cletus, thats as low as it gets.

  • cletus

    You guys slay me. “Attacks against a mother’s love”?? If she loved her son so much why did she give him(as a minor) nude photographs of herself and tell him to distribute them among his friends? Look it up. It’s all true by her own admission. And calling ANS a success is open to debate. Yeah…. she’s eye candy but fairly brainless. And it’s clear she has a substance abuse problem. A blind man could have seen from the word go that there was something suspicious about the whole affair. So it’s not an attack. It’s empirical observation.

  • As a mother, I can only imagine this is a nightmare beyond any other. At a time like this somehow Anna Nicole isn’t anyone other than a mother in pain. How tragic. She’ll never be able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday without incredible heartache. Rest in peace, Daniel.

  • Carol

    Dispite the lifestyle this woman selected, she is successful at it. Anna Nicole loved her son dearly. There is no way to hide such a love as that of a mother for her child. Please be considerate of your attacks against the mother’s love. My guess, she choose this lifestyle to provide for her son, who would be an heir to her fortune.

  • Eric Olsen

    whoa Cletus, I hope it’s nothing THAT insane

  • Cletus

    I wonder if she murdered her son so she could have the fairytale life/family? It’s not like she hasn’t displayed her selfishness in the past. Of course I never got the impression that she and her son were really close. What better way to send a message to dear old mom than to kill yourself during such a joyous event. I had a cousin that did that.
    It isn’t hard to guess that the baby’s father was the 3rd person in the room. It certainly isn’t likely to have been the post man. Oh wait… we’re talking about ANS. Maybe it was the postman?