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An Interview with House, MD’s Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Cuddy)

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Lisa Edelstein stars as Dr. Lisa Cuddy opposite Hugh Laurie in the hit television show House, MD. Tonight’s episode, “Joy” focuses on Cuddy’s desire for motherhood, as she hopes to adopt a baby girl, after trying to get pregnant since the end of season two. House’s hurt and shocked reaction at the end of last week’s episode “Lucky 13,” suggests that he is not too thrilled with this turn of events. And needless to say, “Joy” focuses much attention on House’s feelings about the matter and — possibly — his feelings for his boss.

With Cuddy’s juicy and intense storyline hitting its stride tonight, Ms. Edelstein generously agreed to an email interview. She offered her take on Cuddy and Cuddy’s complex relationship with House. "Joy," airs tonight on FOX at 8:00 p.m. ET.

As an actress, what have you added to Cuddy's back story?

I think the fans know more about Cuddy's back story than I do. The things I added myself were really specific to how she met House, how well she knew him over the years and why she took him on at the hospital.

How much influence do you have over the direction of your character? Do you feel that Cuddy has been written consistently over time? What are her strengths and weaknesses?

In the broad strokes, no, I don't have any influence over the decisions made about Cuddy's story line. However, I think when an actor has been playing a character for long enough, the way you end up inhabiting the character has an effect on the way the stories unfold in the writers' minds. It would be a different Cuddy with a different path if someone else were playing her. In the beginning I was worried that she wouldn't be fleshed out, that she (and I) would be trapped in this mechanical role of saying "Oh no you don't!" every episode. But little by little, as time went by, the character of Cuddy began to emerge. I don't think it's been inconsistent in terms of who she is, it's just that she doesn't get to win very often. She is, much of the time, the one that has to say "Doh!"

It’s been established that House and Cuddy have known each other a long time; in your view of Cuddy and House, how do they know each other? How long and under what circumstances?

House was a legend at the college Cuddy went to. A legendary genius and personality. She met him while she was still a student. They knew each other for awhile before having one hot night of good lovin’. It didn't end up working out. Still, she greatly admired him and years later he came to her when he had his infarction. After that, his anger and pain melted his career away and it was Cuddy who believed in him enough to hire him, despite himself.

Cuddy has an ability to get into House’s personal space like no one else can… and he allows it. How does Cuddy affect House?

I think House is well aware of what Cuddy made possible in his life. I think he has a deep trust in her, something a person like that has a hard time finding elsewhere. He constantly pokes and prods at the boundaries but he appreciates the tenacity of his true friends. She's smart, she fights him and she trusts him, too. And he likes her body. Which is weird to say because it's my body. But there you go.

The final scene of last season had House lying in his hospital bed with Cuddy sleeping in the chair next to him, holding his hand. She had clearly been there some time. Why was she there, when Wilson clearly placed a great deal of blame on House for Amber’s death?

Though Wilson blamed House, Cuddy never did. She understood the complexities of the situation. All that mattered to her was that House should survive. She drops all pretense in that moment. Here was a man she admired and loved whose survival was in question. She stays by his side until she's sure he's on his way to recovery — something she's done more than a few times for him.

The Cuddy-wants-a-baby story arc stretches back to season two of the series. It's something, if I recall correctly, that you brought to the producers. Were you surprised to see it re-emerge after being shelved for more than a season? Was it something that you had continued to advocate?

There are a lot of stories to tell on our show, and sometimes it just takes awhile. I wasn't advocating one way or another, it was just always there, on the back burner, waiting for it's moment in the sun.

Cuddy’s efforts to have a child resonate deeply with many women hearing the biological clock tick-tocking. Not having seen the episode “Joy,” I don’t know if her adoption results in a Cuddy-baby. Will Cuddy’s desire to have a child continue to be an ongoing theme for her if things go bad with the adoption?

It definitely carries through the season…

How do you explain House’s reaction to Cuddy’s news at the end of “Lucky 13?” He seemed shocked and deeply hurt.

I don't think House wants the competition of another baby in Cuddy's life. He's hers, already.

What does House feel for Cuddy, do you think? How do you and Hugh Laurie view that relationship differently?

Hugh and I are pretty much on the same page about the relationship. We've talked about it before, though I don't dig too deeply. There is something nicer about letting House be nearly as mysterious to me as he would be to Cuddy. That way, it's kind of exciting.

Cuddy is very protective of House. Is House equally (in his own way) protective of Cuddy?

Absolutely. But much less tolerant, though he wouldn't think so.

Putting yourself Cuddy's shoes, why did she hire House in the first place?

Because no one else can do what he does and she's the gal to handle him.

In season one’s episode “3 Stories,” it is suggested within House’s narration that Cuddy was his attending physician when he was originally in the hospital. Was Cuddy there? Or was House simply using Cuddy as a stand-in his physician of record?

It was Cuddy.

The character of Cuddy is Jewish (but not obviously so) as are you (as am I). I have noticed a lot of Cuddy’s artifacts in her office and in her home are bits of Judaica…?

I'm not sure Cuddy was originally Jewish, but when one hires Lisa EDELSTEIN, it kind of seeps out. I mean, I've played non-Jews, to be sure, but apparently I don't pass for all that long. And why fight it?

In season two’s episode “Who’s Your Daddy,” when Cuddy asks House to help with the injections, she confides in him and involves him with her motherhood desires. This time she didn’t; she confided in Wilson. How does House react to that?

I think any reaction to that is superceded by the idea of Baby coming and overshadowing him.

How does House feel about Cuddy adopting or continuing to pursue her motherhood ambitions?

He doesn't make it easy.

Have to ask about a teaser scene (for tonight’s episode “Joy”) which showed Cuddy in tears with a very serious looking House, very near to her. Can you tell me anything about that without divulging too much about the episode?

I love that scene. It's the closest we've yet to see these two people. Cuddy is in so much pain that in a way, they can see each other eye to eye for a moment. Absolute clarity…

Where is Cuddy’s relationship with House going? Will there be intensification? A pulling back?

Why ruin the fun and blab about that? I will say this: David Shore does not make anything easy. These two characters are the same people they were before, life has not changed, no magic spell has been cast…

Can you characterize Cuddy’s relationship with Wilson and how that dynamic works in both controlling and supporting House?

Sometimes I feel like Wilson is House's conscience and Cuddy is his heart. But I think Cuddy and Wilson had a great camaraderie. There is an unspoken understanding between them in regards to House and all things House-related. They know the other's piece of the puzzle and they both use and support each other through it.

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  • Eve

    All I can say is :
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart !


  • Just one word:


  • Leah

    This is one of the best interviews ever.

    I loved the questions and I really loved Lisa’s answers!

    Especially about how Wilson is House’s conscience and Cuddy is House’s heart. That makes so much sense.

  • Anna

    I love Lisa Edelstein and I love the character Cuddy, but I always feel like LE overplays Cuddy’s part in House’s life. I’m not trying to be negative, rain on anyone’s parade, inspire a backlash of defensive comments, etc. I just don’t think Cuddy is House’s “heart.” We’ve never seen her functioning that way in his life the way we see Wilson as House’s conscience nearly every episode. Cuddy is a lot of things to House, but no one plays that role in his life. That idea oversimplifies a character that can’t even be simplified.

  • fhmd

    The interview is everything and more than I have ever hoped for. It certainly was very kind of Lisa to answer all the questions in such great details. Thank you Barbara for making this interview possible! The interview clears up one thing that has been bugging me for quite some time. I had always concluded that Cuddy hired House after the infarction (since in the pilot, Cuddy said House owes her 6 years of clinic duties). But I never knew for certain how House ends up in PPTH as a patient. As the background of House and Cuddy unfolded I had previously assumed House went to Cuddy but there was always that question mark, but no more after today. It is interesting how House seeks out Cuddy for his infarction (of course he didn’t know it was an infarction at the time) but yet he regularly tells Cuddy “she is not a real doctor”.

    Just 90 min before the long awaited episode. I can hardly contain my excitement!

  • controlandtony

    Wonderful interview – as always.

    Super questions!
    The one about Judaism brought a smile to my face, as I’ve just gotten back from watching the Christmas episode of S4 with Wilson wearing the moose hat (remember the dreidel-epiphany…).

  • Great interview, Barbara–Lisa Edelstein has great chemistry with Hugh Laurie, and this new-ish story line seems to further exploit this. At the very least, the upcoming plot development will give Edelstein more screen time with Laurie–always a good thing!

  • sassydew

    Wonderful interview, Barbara! Thank you! 🙂

  • Victoria

    With Cameron being in more than a couple of scenes in the episode that airs on November ll will you try to interview her via email too? And please don’t forget to ask her about Cameron’s relationship with House, which I think it’s pretty intense. Thank you.

  • Barbara Barnett

    thank you for your kind comments, all. This was my (maybe) surprise from earlier this week. I had asked for the interview, but one never knows whether they work out. Lisa was incredibly kind and generous in her responses (and quick).

    I’ve been really fortunate that FOX has been so forthcoming. Perhaps an interview with Jennifer Morrison at another time would be great. Probably not this month, but later in the year. Thanks for the suggestion, Victoria!

  • Victoria

    Do you realize that episode 7 will probably be the last time we see Jennifer Morrison having more than a couple of scenes every other episode for a very, very long time?

  • iamdaffodils

    Excellent interview Barbara. I love Lisa Edelstein and Cuddy. She is such a wonderful actress, and from everything I’ve read an amazing person. You asked great questions as always. Thank you!


  • Bertha S.

    Ugh!!!! Lisa E. just increased my Cuddy and Huddy hate. And maybe LE should watch the show sometime because some of the stuff she says is OUTRIGHT wrong. Oh well. I ONLY watch for the Wilson and House/Wilson so I’ll be TiV’ng past all the hysterical Cuddy/Huddy.

  • Houseguest

    LOVED the interview, Barbara! You asked the right questions covering both House and Cuddy’s characters, separately and together. Lisa E seemed very in tune with your questions, and generous in her responses. I’m glad for you, too, that you were able to do this, and am keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to interview Robert & Hugh in the (hopefully near) future…

    Thanks to both you and Lisa E for this wonderful interview!

  • Orange450


    Great questions and great answers. I especially loved this:

    “I think he has a deep trust in her, something a person like that has a hard time finding elsewhere. He constantly pokes and prods at the boundaries but he appreciates the tenacity of his true friends.”

    Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

    Was it Half-Wit where we get to see Cuddy’s living room, with a Jerusalem pottery plate and a small Chanukiyah on one of her bookshelves? I loved that touch of authenticity 🙂

  • sdemar

    Barbara, that was excellent. I loved every bit of it. What a delight Lisa is and I can imagine if you two met face to face, you would be sitting there chatting and laughing for hours.

    Great questions and wonderful answers by Lisa E. I loved her line about House loving her body and she said that’s weird because it’s my body. I also like that her and Hugh pretty much view their relationship the same way but she doesn’t ask too much so she can keep it mysterious like his character.

    You can tell she is having fun.

    I just finished watching “Joy” twice and then I just read this. It made for a perfect evening and truly I got my Huddy fix tonight.

  • Sue

    I had seen Lisa in shows before House, and she was always “that girl” I had seen in small parts on different shows. I never saw her in a continuing role, and certainly not in a drama like House. Her role is particularly complicated because she has to play off a character who can be snarky, flirty, sarcastic, serious, humorous, and many other personatlity traits maybe all in one scene. She has to be authoritative yet tolerant, snarky and serious, sometimes all within a scene. She handles House brilliantly in every scene. Cuddy is a departure from Lisa’s bubbly personality. She is perfectly cast in this role. Her chemistry with Hugh is magnificient.

  • Mary Dagmar

    Barbara, what a wonderful interview. Although an exchange of emails, it seemed like overhearing intelligent and well informed friends passionately discussing a matter of intense and mutual interest. When an interviewee is able to trust her interviewer everything flows and is utterly fascinating. Excellent. Congratulations.

  • ahmetgoz

    that was great…

  • Vanessa

    This was a great interview. It is rare for a interviewee to be so responsive with their answers. But I do feel Lisa E has taken a little more liberty than what is deserved when she describes the relationship between House/Cuddy. Lisa states that Hugh and her are on the same page, but all it seems to me is that there is a lot of brother/sister bantering rather than any real and true chemistry between their characters.
    Sorry Lisa……

  • JL

    What a terrific surprise! Thankyou so very much for this interview, Barbara! It answers lots of questions. And gives me lots more to wonder about.

    One might assume that actors simply show up and perform the script they’re given. I’m very interested in the amount that Lisa seems to contribute to her character, her history and possible future direction (and I suppose I could potentially say the same about Hugh).

    In your recent interview with the writers of ‘Birthmarks’, they commented that all the writers argue about the relationships between the different characters. Coupled with Lisa’s comments, I wonder how anyone works out where the show is going…

    (I, for one, appreciate where it’s going. And I hope that, despite people’s strong opinions in this area, that they will continue to demonstrate the intelligence and respect for others that I appreciate so much in this blog.)

    Thanks again, Barbara! Looking forward to your reviews of this episode…

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    last night was one of the best episodes ever and that kiss….boy will there be repercussions. Cuddy never looked more beautiful than she did with those huge eyes full of tears. She was great and House was suddenly vulnerable. Superior episode. And I LOVED the anhedonia diagnosis. Excellent. What fun.

  • sf

    Lisa Edelstein combines intelligence and experience with a trusting candor that can’t help but charm. She doesn’t scuffle over territory or erect defenses. She consistently shows us what grace under pressure looks like without losing her spontaneity.

    I recognize her ‘heart metaphor’ as a kind of acting shorthand to describe part of her role in the series. House M.D. most often emphasizes a brand of ethics mixed with logic over pure emotion. Therefore, her metaphor isn’t appropriating a large role for herself, rather the opposite.

  • Mew

    From a french fan : Thank you very much, that was one of the greatest interviews I’ve ever read !!

  • blacktop

    What an excellent interview, Barbara! A perfect pairing of interviewer and subject. You posed precisely the questions I would have asked, and it was great to have Lisa E. answer in such generous detail. I particularly loved her response to the question about how the baby-quest story line will play out as I am delighted to hear that we will get more from that emotional rollercoaster of a plot.

    The chemistry between Lisa E. and Hugh Laurie is sparkling and fresh. It delights me to know that they have talked over how House feels about Cuddy, but not too much so as to preserve the mystery and intensity of the relationship. Theirs is a partnership made in heaven and we are so lucky to get to see it on our screens.

  • Holly

    While I’m not nominally a “Huddy” fan, I did thoroughly enjoy this interview. Lisa was warm and forthcoming, and Barbara, I’ve always liked your “House” stuff! Kudos to you and Lisa, and of course, “House.”

  • Julane

    Love the interview and the episode–that kiss took my breath away! I love both of these characters and the actors who play them. But I have to say I don’t agree that Cuddy is House’s heart–I think she is his superego, i.e., she’s the grown-up part of his brain. That’s saying a lot, because the guy is a walking id–and it illuminates this idea that he needs Cuddy to be like a parent to him. If she weren’t around, he couldn’t push the envelope all the time, because he counts on her to rein him in when needed.

    The idea that they are also romantically involved expands the complexity geometrically–that’s why it’s so fascinating. (That and their palpable chemistry.)

  • Claire

    Barbara, you asked such good questions. You asked her to talk about things we all want to know, but kept it within the realm of some dignity! That is not easy as goofy as some of us get about House! (Hey, I’m talking about myself!)

    Thanks so much!

  • Barbara Barnett

    You are all incredibly kind! Thanks so much. I wanted to strike a balance as an interviewer, asking about the character, but avoiding talking about her (CUddy) as if she was a real person. Ask fan questions without seeming too fangirl-ish. She was gracious to answer in such detail (I asked a lot of questions!). Will try to post my review of the episode sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned!

    I loved the episode. And that kiss????? Yowza. And “Itch” seems just as intense and fun and fab in the previews. great season, huh?

  • Tracy

    Nice interview, but I feel sometimes Lisa E. puts too much of what she hopes House and Cuddy’s relationship will become, rather than what it really is. I agree with a few others who say that Lisa’s metaphor of Cuddy being House’s heart to be quite wrong and inaccurate. And I didn’t really feel the kiss last night, it seemed way too forced and extremely awkward between the two of them. I’m just not buying their relationship on this level, as a friendship yes, very believable. As a love interest, absolutely not.

  • Having finally watched “Joy,” I have to say that Lisa Edelstein *may* overstate the case for Cuddy, especially this season, but she did a fantastic job on this episode, and it made me realize how much more of Cuddy we used to see, back when there were three fewer major cast members.

  • Grace

    I have to agree with several posters. I don’t think that Cuddy is House’s heart. I thought Lisa did a great job in JOY and thought that they made House too much of an ass****.
    I’m still digesting the kiss. Not sure what to think of it yet.
    I sure hope Cuddy does NOT start going out with Wilson! (previews)
    Thank you to Barbara and Lisa!

  • Barbara Barnett

    I think maybe what LE said about being House’s “heart” may refer to the emotion that House keeps very far buried. Can she bring any of that to the surface? I think she does, and has. He has let down his emotional guard with her and lets her see –even despite his best efforts, and never voluntarily–what he feels (that scene in Cane and Able in his office, scenes in “Who’s Your DAddy,” “Human Error,” “Games” to name a few.)

  • Veresna Ussep

    I think we often see Wilson being House’s conscience (particularly “Insensitive” comes to mind, wherein he prods him regarding whether he wants/needs a nerve biopsy on his CIPA patient for any other reason than hoping it might help him in his own quest to be pain-free). I think Cuddy is his heart as in her prodding him to sometimes admit to the emotions he is burying and to try and persuade him to reveal those feelings to others (as in her admonition to “TELL Wilson” in ‘Dying Changes Everything’). I kind of see Wilson as being that little angel on his shoulder telling him to do the right thing when the devil within House doesn’t want to do it. And Cuddy is the little voice in his head urging him to follow his heart rather than his brain in some cases, where he is so afraid of being hurt that her prefers to appear completely uninvolved rather than allowing his true feeling to show.

    Barbara–review of “Joy” soon, pretty please?


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    That was a great interview and I now can appreciate Cuddy’s character even more. The questions were excellent. I really enjoyed this piece. Thank you!

  • Isa

    Anna i think you are wrong about Cuddy not being House’s Heart… we all agree that Wilson is his conscience, he always knows what House is thinking.
    But regarding that House never shows his fellings, the only person who really knows how he fells is Cuddy, she can see through his heart…
    Wilson deals with him… but Cuddy is the only one that undestands him.

  • Eve K

    Thanks for the interview with Edelstein. I suspect that some of the cast and crew of the show may read your blog regulary, and I understand why. This blog is positive and intelligent, unlike most of the trash online.

    I read an interesting comment about House being very hyperactive in this episode without really knowing why. Anyway, he decides to torture Cuddy with all kinds of pranks to get her to reconcider having a baby.

    And I loved this sentence: “That’s the House we know and for some inexplicable reason love.”

    The interpretation of the kiss was that it was some sort of deflection because he wanted to avoid dealing with the reason for his hyperactive behavior, and that was a desperate way to distract Cuddy not to go there.

    Not very romantic, but then again House is not (and should not be) a romantic character. I think he might want to mirror some “normal” human feelings, but its not natural to him. So a relationship between him and Cuddy can never be one that is based on the same emotions. Its doomed. (I think she knows that, but she kisses back anyway, trying to forget about it just for a little while)

    Well, he tried to deflect, but it was just to go from the frying pan to the fire. She wont let him get away that easy.

  • Barbara Barnett

    Again, thanks for your lovely and kind comments about the blog (and me) and for your insightful commentary about the show.

    Veresna–review of “Joy” is forthcoming later today. Promise! Some personal issue have intervened (ah, real life!) and it’s been really insane at my work (and I bet all of you guys thought this was my job!). But things are calmer today, and I’ve actually had the time to watch the episode a second time (I never write before watching straight through twice) and take some notes.

    So, I will reserve all of my comments on the kiss, on House and why he was acting as he was–and on the episode itself for my article on “Joy” later today.

    Eve K–I wouldn’t flatter myself to think that many people over at House read my ramblings (but it’s a nice thought. Thank you.) I hadn’t noticed House more hyperactive than usual in “Joy,” but I’ll keep that in mind as I finish thinking through my thoughts on the episode.

    I do think that House has the capacity to be romantic. He certainly was with Stacy–sappily so. And his romanticism bit him rather badly after they had sex; he was quite sure that now that they were reunited, she would leave Mark and have a life with him. He was stung and very hurt when Stacy dismissed his feelings as merely sexual, assuming that this was simply “an affair.” Even after Wilson had told her that he had fallen apart after she left. House has feelings; but I think they overwhelm him often, so he suppresses them. But they do surface, and I live for those rare moments.

    But I am curious about the idea of his pushing of Cuddy as a deflection, so that she wouldn’t delve into his behavior. I’d not heard that interpretation, and I’m curious about your thoughts on that, and what you mean by it. I totally agree with you that a House/Cuddy pairing is doomed before it starts,but I also think that the kiss was a spontaneous reaction to both of their emotions (coming from different angles)getting the better of them.

  • Eve K

    Well, I think that the look on House face just before the kiss was just a terrified one. I think that he has feelings – a lot of them! But they are not romantic in a traditional way. And they are often selfish. And he knows that, and he knows that he is likely to end up hurting people (Stacy) and make them feel all alone, when they are together with him.
    Thats why he chooses prostitutes.

    But he is also like a child and someetimes act without thinking about the consequeses. Avoiding to talk about his feeling with a kiss? How stupid is that? But it makes sense in Houses head.

    I dont think he understand his own emotions. And that scares him. Literally. He dont know what he is feeling. Like a blind person where everyone else can see. But I think he hides it, deflect, and this time, with a kiss. A normal romantic thing to do, that everyone can understand. Not a damaged selfish strange creature, that is doomed to lonlieness and maybe unable to even think of a different life.

  • Barbara Barnett

    Eve K–I agree with you that House is confused by his emotions. He tries hard to pretend not to have them at all, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite. He doesn’t know how to deal with something that he cannot understand. That kiss was a wonderful and honest moment for both characters, but especially House. More on that in my episode review, which should (hopefully) be up by morning.

  • Email interviews could be handled by any cast member. They answer at leisure, and don’t take time away from filming.
    Lucas needs to do background on Chase. THAT would be fun to see!

  • Barbara Barnett

    NancyGail–You’re quite right, but they’re under no obligation to do them, nor to answer in any detail so many questions. i did another interview not long ago (also by email), and the person (not a cast member) responded selectively and tersely to my questions.

    Phone interviews can be short or lengthy–10 minutes or an hour, and are also at the convenience of the interviewee. The advantage is you can ask followups and let the conversation meander a bit in other directions, which is fun in that it can take the interviewer down unimagined lines of discourse.

    In any event, I’m always appreciative of the time taken by any interview subject. After all, I’m not Ausiello! 😉

  • unknown

    i think house is sexy as hell

  • bloopy

    i love dr.cuddy this interview is definitely great its a teaser!

  • Laura

    This was really interesting. Especially in how it fleshed out the past relationship between the two characters. I’m glad they’ve made Cuddy more than just the “No you don’t” boss, which would be terribly one-note. There’s so many more possibilities with the character. One of the reasons I like the show is because you really don’t know what may end up happening. The end of “Joy” was a surprise (despite the teaser scenes at the end of the previous episode) yet it made a lot of sense too. Plus it opens up challenges to both House and Cuddy that will help make the show even more fun and interesting as the season progresses. Great interview!

  • 14ulysse

    I had never read this! It’s a wonderful interview.
    it would be interesting to get her opinion on the events of season 7.

    thank you for obtaining this for us! (even if I’m 2 years late reading it)

  • No problem. I’ve been trying to get a new interview with her. Still working on it!

  • Tessa

    Amazing interview. Lisa makes me love Cuddy even more (if possible). I hope you get to interview her again because you really know how to make the right questions.