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American Idol: Oh America, What Have You Done?

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I had to find out about the American Idol eliminations via Twitter last night, and the results made me face-palm.

Oh, America.

I still have not fully come to terms with the fact that more people voted for Tim Urban than Alex Lambert. Sure, Alex's hair is pretty distracting, but he was the best male vocalist this season. I think there was some complacency on the fans' part, where they thought Alex would be safe, because the judges like him and he sang well this week.

It's too early to be complacent. If you want the talented people to stay in the competition, that means you have to vote for them. Being complacent is what in the past sent Chris Daughtry, Michael Johns, and Carly Smithson home before their time.
Alex Lambert, after being eliminated from the Top 16.And you know an elimination like Alex's must be bad if Simon had his head in his hands, not wanting to deal with the inevitable conclusion for a contestant he has seemingly been rooting for through his weekly critiques.

Since Alex did not get the votes he needed, we have Aaron Kelly, whom fans are referring to as "Countryleta" (country David Archuleta). Yeah, as if. And we have the luckiest dude on the planet, Tim Urban. What really gets me about Tim being in the Top 12 is that he wasn't even supposed to be in the Top 24, but he got lucky when Idol decided to disqualify Chris Golighty.

I am not too upset about Lilly Scott's elimination. Lilly has a very interesting voice, much like season eight contestant Megan Joy. Megan didn't fare well in the Top 12 because she couldn't find songs within the themes that fit her voice. I think Lilly would have had that same problem and that would have led to her being eliminated early on. So, I am not really heartbroken over her elimination.

I am shocked that after her horrifying performance of Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" that Paige Miles was voted into the Top 12 over Katelyn Epperly. Katelyn was one of my picks to possibly leave this week, but I truly thought she was going to make it. But, good for Paige; I hope she gets her act together and shows us why Simon called her the best female vocalist in the competition during Top 24 week.

Todrick Hall was the other contestant eliminated this week, and I had a feeling that his time was running out. His elimination did not come as a huge shock to me.

There was a burst of sunlight that broke through the apparent dark cloud hovering over Idol last night, that being the return of season eight contestants Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre. The former contestants performed their piano duet, Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It." The song was originally meant to be performed at last season's Idol finale, but was cut for time.

I enjoy Idol bringing back former contestants from last season. It's a good reminder to the current contestants as to what level they should be performing at. And that it is possible to sing an entire song without major pitch problems.

We now have our Top 12 for season nine. Next week they will be performing the music of The Rolling Stones.

So, how do you feel about this week's results? Who are you going to root for in the Top 12? What do you think the contestants should sing next week?

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  • Alex fan

    Alex should have never been voted off, he had the best unique voice of all of them.

    Shows over already IMO

    The real winners haven’t won for years anyway, this year it’s just extra early. I hope ratings drop like a stone.

  • Another Alex fan

    I’m also giving up on Idol this season too. I’ve bought Alex’s three performances on iTunes and hope that he eventually puts out an album someday too. The rest of the finalists – zzzz.

  • I am not giving up on Idol quite yet. I think with Crystal, Siobhan and even Lee that maybe they can keep the season interesting.

    Don’t stop watching, yet! David Cook is performing on the results show this Wednesday!

  • Lesley

    I agree that Tim Urban should have gone home. In fact, he should not have been there in the first place. Hollywood is going to use him up and then throw him away.

  • I’m not crazy about Tim Urban and think he should have been eliminated this week. I also felt really sad about Alex, though he was far from my favorite. People, everybody has different favorites ~ and, by the way, it’s not “Rodrick” Hall, it’s “Todrick” ~ and I thought he was really good! Most of these guys are not used to performing on this stage, so give them so time ~ you may be surprised in the end! I also wish people would STOP comparing Aaron Kelly to David Archuleta (who is absolutely AMAZING)! The only similarity between the 2 is the age at which they each auditioned ~ that’s ALL! Aaron’s vocals nowhere compare with David’s! Please!

  • Alex was definitely my favorite male singer this season, I am definitely in favor of one of the girls winning, I think they are far more talented than the guys.

    I do not think Todrick was meant for this competition, he’ll do great on Broadway, which is where he started and he’ll probably be very successful. I don’t think Idol was the right path for him.

    And I agree, I don’t see the similarities between Aaron Kelly and David Archuleta at all other than their age bracket. David is definitely a far better singer and was far more a seasoned performer by the time he hit the Idol stage than Aaron is.

  • Linda

    Agree about Aaron Kelly. I feel bad for the kid because people all over the net have mentioned him being no where near as good as David. The only similarity is age on idol.

  • I am just surprised that they would even put Aaron through to the Top 24 when he forgot the lyrics to his song during the final round of Hollywood Week. They initially told the contestants that if they forgot their words, they were out.

  • Amy

    I haven’t been “truly” invested in Idol since Season 8, its best, imho. That said, it remains my guilty pleasure for the “love to hate” relationship so many of us share over it. I don’t have a strong pull for anyone this year, in terms of caring, but think Crystal is for real & will likely be in top two. Siobahon is an interesting dark horse,& a few others have some talent. Of the guys..Tim, sorry but, Bobby Sherman called and wants his wig back…its things like this that continue to make Idol both questionable and an enigma. Unless it’s the teen, heartthrob factor at play?
    “Mullet” as Ellen referred to Alex, grew on me..I didn’t even mind his “shy persona”…interesting voice too.
    Last, as an Archuleta fan, I have to laugh at the amount of journalistic space that’s been spent on comparing anyone and everyone to him, still. If anyone has any or all of similar qualities…age 16, cleancut, humble, sweet, have “any” voice at all etc etc…they’re suddenly the next David A.
    At the risk of being typed a blind Archuhaulic…most admirers know, there is no next David, but David himself. The “types” they want to try to market as such, are just that, types…David’s humility, quirky personality, pure likeable authenticity and stellar musical sensibility, are just David. Note to marketers: Those things happen…can’t be contrived.
    Idol…the enigma goes on…as usual, as we all lament, hit our heads over decisions..we’re gonna see what happens! Hope ole Alex resurfaces somewhere.

  • Violet

    Actually, Countryleta was something Jim Cantiello of MTV coined after Aaron’s audition, but after a couple of Aaron’s performances, Jim said he was dropping the name until Aaron impresses him again. I’m a huge Archuleta fan and so far my favorite male this year, despite his cockiness, is big Mike. It’s the voice and ability to connect with the listener, not the age or the size of the contestant.

  • rose

    Funny, isn’t it, that no one thinks Aaron Kelly is good but he’s still there and Alex is out? I would happily make a trade, but I’m thinking that in the end, probably Aaron will be the last male standing.

  • Brian

    Alex Lambert never deserved to be in the competition. He can’t sing, he looks like a dork, and if America gave a rats behind about him he would have been voted in. Too bad, he sucks. Deal with it.

  • Alex is an okay singer, but too young for Idol. Prefer Casey, Lee, Siobhan, Crystal, Lacey. Tim is also quite young, but his voice is solid.
    Wasn’t Chris Golightly the one whose dad decided he couldn’t play by the rules and said his son would be in the top 24 before they were officially announced?

  • Nancy: Chris has a prior contract to Idol that wound up violating the rules, and so he was DQ’d. I believe it was Michael Lynche’s dad who mentioned he was in the Top 24, so there was speculation for weeks about if he was going to be DQ’d or not. Apparently not.