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American Idol: How To Get Your Vote On

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Tonight, the competition to become the next American Idol is officially on as the Top 10 take the stage to perform “Music of the American Idols.”

AMERICAN IDOL: TOP TEN: Clockwise From Top Left: Lazaro Arbos, Amber Holcomb, Paul Jolley, Curtis Finch, Jr., Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Devin Velez, Burnell Taylor, Angie Miller and Candice Glover. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.To make sure that you play a pivotal role in having your favorite season 12 Idol contestant (Kree Harrison, FTW!) making it to the Top 9 all the way to the winner’s circle, you’re going to need to get your vote on. Check out four different ways to vote for your favorite Idol contestant below.

Vote by Phone

You can vote by phone, by calling Idol’s toll-free number, 1-866-436-57__ (the last two digits are given out during each contestant’s respective performance) as many times as you want during the two-hour voting block. And yes, I do know the number by heart. 

Vote via Text

If you are an AT&T subscriber, you can text the word “VOTE” to the given contestant’s four-digit number. You will receive confirmation that your vote was received only once. 

And just like voting by phone, you can text an unlimited amount of times during the two-hour voting period. 

Online Voting

During season 10, online voting was introduced to the world of Idol. All fans have to do is log into their Facebook account on AmericanIdol.com and select the contestant they wish to vote for. Plus, you can share which contestant you’re supporting on your Facebook wall. 

Unlike voting by phone and text, you can only vote up to 50 times online during the two-hour voting window. 

Vote via the American Idol App

Idol introduced a fourth way to vote this season with the recent release of the official American Idol app. The app contains a myriad of features, but most importantly, it allows you to vote 50 times via your Facebook account during the given two hours to vote.

The Idol app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play. 

Power Voting

If you vote online at AmericanIdol.com or via the Idol app, you have the ability to power vote. You have the option of placing all 50 of your votes on one contestant at one time or you can divvy them up between multiple contestants.  

There you have it, four different ways to vote this season. So tonight when you’re voting for Kree or, you know, the Idol contestant of your choosing to move on in the competition, you have a variety of voting platforms at your disposal.

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  • jazzimsj

    Curtis is always wonderful and fantaisa is my girl but tonight was not his best. He needed to be an octive higher. I still love him

  • mariah

    agile miller is the winnerr!!!!11!!!1111

  • jazzimsj

    Candice!!!!!!!WONDERFUL! !!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

  • BAM

    Candice Glover is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  • esmin

    Candice is a great she is winner

  • jazzimsj

    I love Lazero! But tonight he just needed a different song. But he’s great!

  • Nelson Irizarry

    Nicky got to go.

  • Debb baker

    GET RID of Nikki……keep everyone else

  • jazzimsj


  • Joann Gallagher

    I love Lazerol and think his voice is beautiful to the ear.And Candice did a dynamite performance this evening.

  • Jen

    Ryan needs to apologize to Candice’s dad for that inconsiderate, insensitive fat joke, I thought he was going to compliment the guy on overcoming his fear of flying and getting on the plane for the 1st time in his life to support his daughter, instead that jerk compared the man to a plane!!!, shut up Ryan if you all you have is destructive criticism

  • jazzimsj


  • missy

    Candice glover………is amazing. ….u got my vote… lets put south carolina on top:-)

  • jazzimsj

    Amber…..Amber!!!! Great job!!!!

  • marlene

    Janelle was great! You go girl!

  • pricehoffer

    this is a singing competition!!! enough said..

  • pricehoffer

    Niki, has to go…

  • sheila

    I love candy girrl’ you are a baad girl keep up the great work.

  • william i

    nicky is just great with her coments.she makes the show,great add on.

  • shellyd

    Candice was great.

  • lg

    American Idol would be so much more enjoyable without Nikki!!!

  • Frank

    Nikki has to go, big time racist! if their white it’s not right!

  • Tamijp

    THis is the year for an African American lady to win!!!!!!!!! Candice is the one!!!!!! You go guuuuurrrrrrlllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tamijp

    Nikki is Nikki. Let her b!!!!!!!!!!

  • kiya

    I love marria

  • sylvia r

    This is an awesome compatition! Hard to vote for just one! #lazaro #devin, awesome

  • cheryl

    i love candy she is the best

  • cheryl

    i love nickii, she is real

  • Dietaffair

    I love Nikki ….She makes me laugh!

  • maria

    omg…amber is the best has a beautiful voice

  • Jeanne Survillas

    They are all stars, and will go big places. However Kree has everything going for her, and I love Angie Miller too. Hard to pick between the two. Good Luck Gals.


  • Dietaffair

    Amber reminds me of The late Whitney. Very talented

  • pam


  • makiah

    I love lazero

  • makiah

    Niki does not have to go

  • Kiki

    Love u Kree. U are my American idol

  • Kiki

    Kree you are a natural performer who sings from the heart. Your amazing and have awesome talents. I pray for you….

  • Gabe

    Amber! The best! Complete!!

  • Candice is my favorite, i use the online voting via facebook.

  • Demon catcher

    What was the demon voice during candices song?

  • dick warden

    what happened to one vote per person this system is the most stupid you wonder wht they want to take idol off

  • shirley

    Kree did Celine dion justice

  • Big Mac

    Kree and Angie are the best.