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An airport is a land-based installation who’s primary function is to facilitate the take-off and landing of aircraft of all varieties such as aeroplanes, helicopters and blimps, via surfaces such as runways and helipads. Additional facilities include aircraft maintenance hangars, air traffic control towers, emergency services, terminal buildings, shopping and customs.

Airports are divided into categories; private, commercial and military (typically called an airbase). Synonyms for airport include aerodrome, airfield, airstrip, heliport, seaplane base and STOLport.

Commercial airports may be used for domestic flights or for domestic and international flights.
Busy central hubs for international travel, airports are the focus of constant attention in blogs. Terrorism and security measures (especially in the wake of the September 11th attacks against the United States), air crew strikes and environmental concerns over runway expansions and air traffic are all topics of discussion amongst bloggers.

Blogs focusing exclusively on airports include discussion of airport operations and FAA regulations such as Airport Chronicles, travel guides to airports like Stuck at the Airport; life as an air traffic controller; airport blogs like the Springfield airport blog and even the official Transport Security Administration blog.

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