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A Musical Ode To Spain, The World Cup, Mel Gibson, and Lindsay Lohan

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Verse Chorus Verse goes Law & Order today, ripping our songs of the day from the headlines.  Actually this is Law & Order 2.0 because I've taken these not from headlines but from Twitter trending topics (you can follow me on Twitter if you want to know what I'm tweeting about).  Here are a few musical dedications to the topics on your mind…

Spain Wins The World Cup

The Ramones – "I Don't Care" – Anthology:  It's nothing personal, Spain.  I wouldn't have cared if any of 31 countries had won the World Cup.  I'd have been modestly interested in an improbable (okay let's face it, impossible) U.S. win.  I know, I know, soccer is the beautiful game and the world's past time.  I'm not anti-soccer.  I don't hate soccer.  I just, well, as the song says don't care.  I don't mind the highlights on my TV.  I don't mind the coverage… until sports columnists and talking heads start with the angle there's something wrong with me and/or Americans in general for not sharing the world's interest.  Lady GaGa is selling millions upon millions of records.  Sometimes the world is wrong.  God bless them for it.  Congratulations, Spain.  Enjoy your hard-earned victory.  I just don't care.

Mel Gibson

Mudhoney – "You Stupid Asshole" – march to fuzz:  I was shocked and offended by Mel Gibson's tirade when he was arrested for drunk driving a couple years ago, a tirade that included some despicable anti-Semitic sentiments.  I was troubled but willing to accept that maybe, just maybe, it was the booze talking.  Some people felt the booze lowered his inhibition and revealed his true feelings.  If alcohol is really a truth elixir, I think we're all in a lot of trouble.  I wasn't of a mind to give him a pass but I was keeping an open mind.  Until… The latest snapshot into the mind of Gibson has pushed me over the edge.  We've all had bad breakups and I'm sure we'd all be embarrassed if someone had audio tape of things we said at those moments.  It's not that I feel qualified to sit in judgment of him but what he said to his estranged partner was hateful, vile, and cruel.  If all he loses is what's left of his career, he's getting off easy. 

Lindsay Lohan

Johnny Young – "Prison Bound" – The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions:  So let me get this straight: Lindsay Lohan is going to do time for being a vapid, drunken, useless whore but Roman Polanski is going to continue skating on child rape charges.  To quote Randal from Clerks II: "Oh what the fuck happened to this world?"  I know, I know.  I'm mixing my metaphors.  I'm just trying to reconcile the news from last Friday about Lohan's jail sentence scheduled to begin July 20 and the news of the morning that Switzerland's government has decided against extraditing Polanski to the U.S. to answer for his crime.  I don't understand it and I've decided I'm glad I don't.  I prefer living in a world where something like this seems outrageous and preposterous.  Oh- and Johnny Young plays some killer mandolin on this track.

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  • And sometimes separating the art from the artist is easier to do than others, Bicho. Sometimes it’s just not easy.

    I disagree in part, Jordan. Yes, gender causes some of the coverage to be different but men who have had repeated substance-abuse violations but never seem to have been brought to account in court have been criticized and called unflattering names and there has been a sense of circus when that day finally came.

  • Jordan Richardson

    If Lohan was a guy, nobody would give a shit about her habits or her lifestyle. She’s a decent actress, but it’s just pure classic sexism that keeps her locked up as a “whore” while Gibson can beat the shit out of others and we all worry about his rep. Sad.

  • almost always gotta separate the art from the artist.

  • I’d call those revered musicians whores, too, El Bicho, just not vapid and useless.

    You have a point on sparing Gibson other than calling his comments repugnant but declaring Lohan a useless, vapid whore. I will amend my statements and say that Gibson is an unhinged lunatic with some serious rage problems and from the sounds of it viollent tendencies who needs serious help and it bums me out because I’ve enjoyed his work in the past and these episodes make that really difficult.

  • I am confused you don’t want to judge Mel Gibson but Lindsay’s a whore? Seems to be a bit of a disconnect especially considering I would wager she’s hasn’t slept with as many people as some of the musicians you revere.

  • the question is….will this hurt his career in the future. i freakin’ hope so!

  • You know, I’m not going to judge him or his soul or ascribe my religious leanings but I’ll admit it’s tough to reconcile some of his recent behaviors with the beliefs he claims. Regardless of one’s religious ideology or lack thereof, we all have moments we’d be ashamed to have broadcast to the world but what he said was pretty damn repugnant.

  • re: mel gibson. i must have missed class at catholic school the day they taught some of the stuff he, uh…”espouses”.

  • Thanks, Dawn. I think you’ve got the beat on the celebrity scene covered but it was a hell of a lot of fun to dabble today.

  • Sometimes all you can do is just roll your eyes and say WTF? Nice round up Josh, no one does it quite like you do!