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Zombies are fictional creatures representing reanimated corpses brought back to life by an outside force (voodoo magic, radiation, scientific experimentation, viral infection, etc.) whose sole purpose is to consume or infect the maximum amount of humans. People who are listless, inactive and apathetic but otherwise demonstrating obvious signs of life may also be called zombies metaphorically. Zombies may be viewed as a critique of the mindless masses prone to groupthink. Zombies are popular in modern culture, especially in horror. The migration of the zombie metaphor from Haitian voodoo beliefs into modern horror cinema is largely attributed to the political and social weight of George Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead. Modern interpretations of the genre take the form of philosophical films on the human condition such as 28 Days Later or commercial blockbusters such as Resident Evil: Afterlife or Zombieland. Zombies are a recurring subject of TV shows, comic books, pop songs and computer games, as well serious academic research. The concept of a possible zombie apocalypse is popular with zombie fans using zombie walks, survival games and guides for entertainment, social and political commentary or homage to their favorite works of art on zombies.

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