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Zero Tolerance For Crimes Against Children

I am beginning to believe that the right, might well be, right. We are living in an age of moral depravity and if I have to draw the line in the sand and choose between some very basic liberal principles that I have clung to for my 35 plus years and the possibility of a more harsh, but secure future, then that is something I am willing to do.

The first problem I see is our judicial system. I have seen, read, heard and discussed this with various individuals from varying perspectives and the notion that we must protect the rights of the individual as some kind of demarcation of supreme democracy is ludicrous.

In a democracy, the good of the majority is vastly more important than the individual.

Therefore I proclaim that the ACLU be disbanded or in the very least, be reinvented to actually defend the civil liberties of those who are innocent.

I would rather see ten innocent men behind bars, than one piece of scum like this out in the general population.

Where was the protection for the little girl who was abducted, raped and murdered just feet from her home? She was nine, she was sweet, she was innocent, and there are thousands like her, bodies decomposing, parents ever-praying for their return. And lest we not forget the little sons and brothers who have befallen the same fate. Crimes against children need the most severe of punishment.

Who on earth can protest this type of legislation?

Instead of Congress debating the fate of one woman who has an army of people fighting for her right to live, where is the debate, the fight, the outcry for one little girl or boy, or the thousands like them who will disappear over the course of a lifetime.

I am willing to live with highly restrictive abortion rights. I am willing to live with less freedom. I will cheerfully supply my DNA for a national registry. I will pay more taxes. I will give whatever it takes to make sure that what happened to Jessica and all little children NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER happens again.

I will vote for the candidate who is committed to the following measures:

Anyone convicted of sex crimes against children be either given life without parole, the death penalty or after a mandated lengthy sentence have a chip implanted in their brains that tracks their global position and constantly monitors their activities. If they should violate their parole and “disappear” then parole is revoked and they serve a life sentence, or they can receive lethal injection should they wish.

These people have zero to offer and should be treated like criminals and tracked like dogs forever. Zero tolerance for crimes against children. Zero.

Any moral society should agree.

Anyone convicted of a violent rape should be given either a life sentence or the option of a lobotomy and castration should they wish to return into general population. Period, no discussion.

Premeditated murder of any kind, death sentence. Period, no discussion.

What point is there to argue the sanctity of life, if we are not capable or willing to protect it from those who wish to destroy it? I find it deeply hypocritical to argue for the individual rights granted under the law, when an innocent person’s life is not valued equally.

I have no issue with due process – everyone deserves their day in court. What I am proposing is those who have been convicted of heinous crimes be delivered swift, severe and lasting punishment for their crimes. It is right and it is moral.

I will vote for ANY Republican, Democrat, or Benevolent Dictator who is willing to commit these reasonable recommendations to law.

My vote will be waiting.

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