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The troublesome and brief history of iOS 8 shows that early adoption isn't always the best idea, especially if you rely heavily on your mobile device for everyday tasks.

Why You Need to Watch Out for iOS 8 Updates

ios 8 features updates iphone ipadUsers of iPhones and iPads have been in for a bumpy ride since the release of iOS 8 and its subsequent updates. This new mobile operating system was launched nearly two months ago, but users have stumbled across numerous bugs that have since been patched and re-patched by Apple. Some users are learning that early adoption might not be the wisest decision. For now, iOS users should proceed with caution before updating to the latest version. Here’s a recap of the bumpy road iOS 8 users have faced, and why these issues could become hurdles for consumer and business users.

Connectivity Obstacles

Early versions of iOS 8 included bugs that prevented users from connecting through a variety of protocols, including Bluetooth, cellular service, and Wi-Fi. This caused understandable headaches for many users, since our iOS devices rely on these wireless connections to operate. Apple quickly released iOS 8.0.2 a day after 8.0.1 in an attempt to address these connectivity complaints. However, users reported that this upgrade made certain types of connectivity issues worse. Apple then released iOS 8.1, which seems to have resolved many Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection issues.

Delayed Health Kit

One of the most noticeable snafus associated with the launch of iOS 8 was the significant delay of HealthKit apps in the App Store. While the Health app was loaded for consumers to explore starting on day one, developers were unable to make their HealthKit-compatible apps available for download until iOS 8.0.1 was released. This means that there was about a week when users couldn’t take advantage of their Health apps, since they weren’t able to get content that supported these new features. This was a major frustration for both consumers and app developers, since Health and HealthKit-enabled apps were some of the most anticipated aspects of iOS 8.

If you have updated your Apple mobile device to a version higher than iOS 8.0, then you’re able to take full advantage of HealthKit-compatible apps. This means that third-party apps can track certain types of health data and share it to your Health app. These metrics include your movement, weight, calories, heart rate, and other fitness metrics used by apps with HealthKit. Apple’s App Store now has a featured section called “Apps for Health” which highlights compatible and popular third-party apps, including Nike+ Running, UP for Jawbone, Strava Running and Cycling, and Pocket Yoga.

Accessibility Glitches

If you rely extensively on accessibility features or carefully review Apple’s iOS update details, then you probably noticed several bugs that were addressed in iOS 8.1. Versions prior to iOS 8.1 suffered from a non-functional Guided Access feature. This feature allows you to limit iOS usage to a single app and certain features. For example, you can restrict and iPhone so that a user may view only a single educational app and press specific buttons. Users must know a four-digit password to exit Guided Access.

Other glitches prevented VoiceOver from sounding when users connected mobile devices to third-party keyboards. This could be extremely problematic for users with visual impairments, who might use Braille keyboards in conjunction with VoiceOver cues to navigate on their mobile devices. Finally, the iOS 8.1 update addressed previous issues regarding the audio quality between current generation iPhones and hearing aids.

The troublesome and brief history of iOS 8 shows that early adoption isn’t always the best idea, especially if you rely heavily on your mobile device for everyday tasks. Before you update to the latest version, it’s important to do a little research and make sure it’s actually stable and compatible with the apps you need before your proceed with the update.

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