Wednesday , May 22 2024

Why Scott Savol Sucks – In Simple Easy To Read Terms

I just can’t f*ucking believe that Scott “chip bigger than my ass” Savol is still allowed to exist on the AI dime. I mean really already, NEVER, EVER, has there been a bigger tool go so far on so little with such a horrible EVERYTHING.

Nadia may be a little to “eccentric” for America, what with her blinding beauty, je ne sais quoi, ecclectic taste, gorgeous style and incredible singing voice – but what does that make Scott? A little too “felonious,” “wide,” “pitchy,” “creepy,”
“falsely confident?” Honestly, the list is endlessly negative.

Worse of all, Ohio is being blamed for this massive failure (pun intended). Look I don’t want to go all fat joke on Scott’s enormous ghetto-panted ass, as we know, in the end the size is irrelevant. Think Ruben – not a small man, but a really cheerful, sweet, good-natured, kind and charismatic man.

Scott is the anti-Ruben, sucking all goodness, joy, charisma, and soul from any room he is exhausting of oxygen.

He is mean, grumpy, sullen, full of squinty, beady-eyed glares (apparently America likes beady eyes: President Bush) – but dammit, I don’t. I like my eyes big and full, heck even googly eyes are better than those damn beady eyes that they keep trying to behind queerly tinted glasses.

The most appalling part of the show last night was when Scott was declared safe and rather than a classy and quiet declaration of relief, Scott practically spikes a football in the face of America and his fellow contestants. It was a hideous display of what lies beneath his girth: hatefulness.

In the past, anyone declared safe would at least reserve some respect for the remaining person – he is such a worthless motherfucking pig (not a reference to size this time). NO class this guy, ZERO.

As the talented Nadia wept and composed herself, a backshot of Scott glaring confidently, no wait, defiantly, er make that smugly, was juxtaposed against the chivalry of Seacrest (he gave Nadia his tie to wipe her tears) and all the others giving her warm and sincere hugs.

I hate Scott – he reminds me of O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson – full of false bravado, arrogance, disdain and ultimately contempt for the opportunity given a low-life like himself.

And the most insulting part of this whole thing, is how far this neanderthal has been allowed to go with his unredemptive ass. Sure he won’t win, but every week he gets voted through, another more talented, less assholish person is forced to go home.

America, wake up and smell the domestic assault. Is this the kind of loser you want representing America?

Scott Sucks – now quit voting for him you cracker, wifebeater-tank-wearing, cheap-beer-drinking, trailer-park-living, rusted-bucket-driving, Wonderbread eating, paycheck-lottery-betting assplugs.

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