Monday , December 4 2023

When Bloggers Attack or The Mob Mentality of the Blogosphere

Humans are noble creatures, or at least they can be. We have been given intellect above all other species, the opportunity to do good or evil, to pursue art and creativity, or to delve into our own deviancy.

So why is it that we act like ravenous wolves attacking at the slightest hint of weakness as though we were rabid berserkers? The hypocrisy I see in certain individuals who would cling to their so called “journalistic integrity” and condemn bullying in all its forms elsewhere, are more than willing to viciously pick away at fellow human beings for their perceived failings and fauxpaus.

I could list one example or a dozen where I have seen fellow bloggers, sub-celebrities, actual celebrities and just plain media folks attacked by the blogosphere like a bunch of piranhas. One lone blogger draws blood, and then you see this virtual “sniffing” in the air – like an electrical pulse was discharged and suddenly a swarm of angry bees has been let loose on said “pariah” and they are picked clean until nothing but crumbling bones is left.

Maybe this is human nature, Darwinism at work – or – maybe this is a human failing that should be rooted out and treated with contempt. I don’t see my local newspaper, regional newspaper, national newspaper seek people out with a bloodlust of cruelty and lack of complete journalistic unprofessionalism as I have seen bloggers. It’s sickening really.

I am not even saying that their intended “target/victim,” isn’t deserving, many times they are. The person has perhaps lied, misled, acted impulsively, used poor judgment, behaved moronically, whatever. No doubt, some crime has been committed – but do we as aspiring journalists (and that’s what I consider myself, not sure about other bloggers) have some sense of internal honor and code of ethics to adhere to? Shouldn’t we at least do our bidding and uncover a story without intentionally or unintentionally destroying a person’s life.

More often than not, these crimes are of a political nature – not once have I come across one of these targets who has actually raped, murdered, or committed a crime against humanity. They have merely done something stupid – and haven’t we all done something stupid? I’ll admit it – I have.

I have my own theory about this behavior – and it is mostly limited to blogs and bloggers: inferiority complex.

Some bloggers are so resentful of the success of their big media counterparts that they lose sight of the actual craft of journalism and writing and give in to their most debased desire of destroying their subject, as opposed to enlightening the public into the “story” at hand.

I don’t think those who engage in this type of blogging, writing/expose will ever rise beyond the trenches. The public will ultimately only be able to equate them to the seedy, tawdry substance of tabloid rags and the ramblings of an unstable person, no matter how reliable or important the story is.

So, how do you want to be perceived?

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