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As 2017 has already been one marked by dissent and disagreement in many arenas, it’s more critical than ever to have a living space that’s an oasis from the world and a haven where you can unwind.

What’s Trending in Interior Design? Say Hello to 2017 with Green, Faux and Folding Features

At the end of each year when Pantone releases its color of the year for the coming annum, the tremors can be felt among interior designers. It was true again when the color influencer announced that color 15-0343 TPG “Greenery” was the to-die-for shade for 2017.

Here are seven other trends in interior design expected to rock this year.

Jewel tones
Green is the keystone for this design year, and it complements other jewel tones. Emerald blues, deep purples, and ruby reds are in the color palette presented by Amara Living. Look for richer tapestries to set the mood of your home. Adjust to the new reality that navy will replace black in many color schemes as a dramatic alternative that’s rich without being reductive to spaces in your home.

Mix-and-match patterns

New York Fashion Week in Fall heralds innovative clothing designs that are often catalysts for home design trends. This year, look for bold statement pieces that were once believed to be too “busy” to pull a room together. From quilts to funkier pillows, consider going beyond the obvious matchy-matchy and break new ground by pairing the unlikely for spectacular results.

Faux for the money

Faux isn’t just for fur anymore. In 2017, homeowners will increasingly look to alternatives to natural materials that look great but wear better and cost less than their counterparts. From ceiling beams to flooring, manufactured has become chic. Faux leather countertops are on the design roster of many this year along with realistic-looking plants and greenery made of durable materials.

DIY is dead

According to Elle Décor, DIY has gone the way of the dinosaur for now, and artisanal will be all the rage this year. Global trend ambassador Patti Carpenter says, “You’ll see craftsmanship and materials that require you to have a high level of skill to work with them emerge.” That means hand-blown vases and skilled woodworking taking design back to the gilded age of skilled craftsmanship.

Flexible design

The small-house movement has affected design sensibility and inspired an interest in flexible spaces and convertible features. From stoves that fold down to moving walls, modern home décor is getting deconstructive. Smaller urban living spaces are made more habitable by multi-use spaces and foldaway trends in furnishings and appliances. Living large in a smaller space is a worthy ambition.

Marriage of wood and metal

Winnipeg’s Lee Interiors predicts cerused wood will hit big in 2017. This “limed” wood technique from the 1500s shows off the grains in wood flooring and furnishings like no other finishing technique. This once high-end-only product is now affordable for every homeowner. Meanwhile, metals of brass, bronze, and copper will grow in popularity this year, and we’ll see more mixing of metals for high impact.

Smart home integration

Smart home tech is now more affordable and desirable, but added after-the-fact it can detract from the design. The latest interior design trends allow you to access and control all the smart home features you want – from lighting to heating to connectivity – without devices, cords, and charging stations littering your design. Built-in features will make the tech seamless in design yet accessible.

As 2017 has already been one marked by dissent and disagreement in many arenas, it’s more critical than ever to have a living space that’s an oasis from the world and a haven where you can unwind. In addition to these trends, look for rich textures, minimalist style that simplifies life, and open floor plans that imbue a sense of calm.

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