Tuesday , May 24 2022

Weep Howard Weep

Howard Stern whined and felt sorry for himself on his radio show Friday. He lamented that his show was over:

    Shock jock and self-proclaimed “King of All Media” Howard Stern believes his reign on the radio is coming to an end. “The show is over,” he announced Friday morning on his nationally syndicated radio program. “It’s over.”

    It’s not – at least not yet. But Stern predicted that a Federal Communications Communication crackdown on indecency on the airwaves will force his salacious show off the dial.

    “I’m guessing that sometime next week will be my last show on this station,” said Stern, adding that he expected the FCC (news – web sites) to hit him with a whopping indecency fine. “There’s a cultural war going on. The religious right is winning. We’re losing.”

    A telephone call to Infinity Broadcasting, which syndicates Stern’s show, was not returned Saturday to discuss Stern’s comments.

    On Friday, Stern devoted the first 2 1/2 hours of his show to his anticipated demise, a change of pace from the usual fare of naked women and toilet humor.

    ….”This time they have to fire me,” Stern said. “I’m through. I’m a dead man walking.” [AP]

Boo hoo, Howard. No one forced you to turn your show into and endless stream of T&A, penis jokes, and Great Moments in Deviancy – that was your idea. And no one told you had to keep pushing the barriers; if you keep pushing, eventually you’ll fall through.

As I’ve said before, I detest Howard’s show, but I can at least agree that he has talent, is intelligent, and even occasionally has something to say. That is not the case with the cesspool of shock jocks who have followed in his excremental wake, turning morning drive radio into a mine field of endless, mindless offense. If Howard falls, the entire tone of commercial radio can’t help but change for the good – maybe they’ll even play a song once in a while.

Edgy, provocative: fine. Endless, childish, petulant stupid drivel: good fucking riddance.

But where will all these assholes go to “express themselves”? Where will the audience go for its fix of logorrheic excrescence? That’s what God made satellite radio and the Internet for: through either venue – neither patrolled by the FCC – the shock jocks can do anything they want to themselves and their listeners and no one will bother them in the least. Enjoy yourselves.

And this has nothing to do with the religious right, Howard, this has to do with a general public pushed and pushed and pushed until Janet Jackson humped the camel, I mean delivered the breast that broke the camel’s back. It was inevitable, and you’ve had WAAAAAAYYYYYY too long a run as it is. Take satellite, a pay cut, and be happy about it.

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