Wednesday , April 24 2024
One more version for fans to buy.

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Coming to Blu-ray & DVD On November 3rd

You thought you were smart to wait for the director's cut of Watchmen to be released before buying a copy, right? Maybe.

On November 3rd, Warner Home Video will be releasing the "Ultimate Cut" of the film, which blends the direct-to-DVD Tales from the Black Freighter into Zack Snyder's director's cut of the original theatrical release. Only 70,000 copies will be available, making the release all that more special for completists and Watchmen fanatics.

In addition to the full story spliced together, the release will include all of the extra features from the previous two releases (theatrical and director's cut), bringing the package to a total of either four Blu-ray discs or five standard DVD discs.

Fans of the original graphic novel were initially concerned with the completeness of the edited theatrical release. However, as one such fan wrote, "The film worked for me at 163 minutes and I will be curious to see the extended version…."

There are others, though, who were not as pleased with the original cut of the film: "…the multi-layered, multi-faceted tale that those familiar with the source material know and love just isn't there. Much of this has to do with what was left out (though understandably so with time constraints), including the highly important sub-story, 'Tales of the Black Freighter.'" Whether or not fans will finally be satisfied with the "Ultimate Cut" remains to be seen.

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