Monday , April 22 2024
We couldn't wait for the new season of The Tudors to start, so we're showing it to you early!

Watch The Tudors Season 2 Premiere Now!

Ah, the British Royals.  How I love them.  I love their wit.  I love their wisdom.  I love their accents.  Mostly, I love their accents.  Seriously.  That posh, right proper way in which they speak really does it for me.  Not quite as much as the way Salma Hayek speaks, but close.

But, before I get too far afield, let me talk to you for a minute about Showtime.  How does Showtime connect with the British Royals?  Through The Tudors, of course!  Showtime airs The Tudors, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII (that's 8th, for those of you that don't know your Roman numerals).  You know, Henry VIII, like in that Herman's Hermits song (I got married to the widow next door / She's been married seven times before / And every one was an Henry (Henry) / She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)). 

Digressed again, didn't I?  Anyway, Showtime airs The Tudors and the big season 2 premiere is coming up on March 30 at 9pm.  That's right, it's still about two weeks away.

Well, we at Blogcritics Magazine couldn't stand for that.  We just couldn't.  We are far, far too anxious to see it to have to wait another two weeks. Furthermore, we imagine you are too.

So, we managed to work out a little deal, and it goes something like this:  I tell you that the new season of The Tudors starts March 30 at 9pm, and then I get to embed the following video into this article.  What video?  Why the entire season 2 premiere episode (save the naughty bits), of course. 

That's right, the whole premiere episode (save the naughty bits) of the new season of The Tudors is below, ready for your clicking, and all I had to do was tell you that the new season starts on Showtime, March 30, at 9pm.  So, watch it now, and don't forget to watch it again later.

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