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The Mets should get out there and do whatever it takes to bring back Pedro Martinez.

Vote for Pedro: Why The Mets Need Martinez Now

As the Mets dropped their fifth in a row yesterday, things are starting to look pretty grim for the team and their fans. In a press conference after yesterday's game, skipper Jerry Manuel said, "Things aren't as bad as they look." Well, Jerry, check your glasses, because your team has lost seven of the last ten games.

To make matters worse, John Maine has his own vision problems. He just couldn't find home plate on Saturday; his first 12 pitches were all out of the strike zone. Hey, Stevie Wonder could do better than that, John.

Now Jonathan Niese is hurt, Oliver Perez is banished to the bullpen, and the starting rotation is suddenly looking like it needs more than a boost; it should be sent to the ER.

This is why I am proposing that the Mets should get out there and do whatever it takes to bring back Pedro Martinez. Hey, I know some Mets fans might groan at the suggestion, but Pedro-II will not be a disaster. Look what he did for the Phillies in a limited capacity last year.

Besides, Pedro-I was not such a bad time. I went to Shea when he was starting a game, and I have to say there was a buzz in the stands unlike anything I've seen since. Johann Santana is a great pitcher, but he does not incite emotions the way good old Pedro did. Everyone had an opinion about the enigmatic pitcher, and the crowd would either applaud him or razz him, but it was never boring.

This is a sensible solution for the Mets, and they don't have much choice right now. They wouldn't have to give anything up for Pedro. A trade would cost them dearly, and they don't have much to offer other teams anyway except maybe Ike Davis, and he's not going anywhere.

Despite the problems he had when he was here, Pedro was 32-23 as a Met. I know Pedro brings a bit of the wild card to the clubhouse, but this team needs something to fire them up. Pedro's personality is sorely needed in the dugout, on the field and, yes, even as a means of grabbing away the headlines in town from the Yankees.

So I am casting my vote for Pedro. He could be just what the doctor ordered for a team that looks like the walking wounded right now. If they do bring him back, Citi Field will be a much brighter place, and perhaps the team can start winning some games again, and at least that will be an attempt to save what is otherwise looking like another lost season in Metsville.

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