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Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Advanced Techniques is the perfect training program anyone who wants to perfect their Photoshop skills.

Video Training Review – Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Part III – Advanced Techniques With Deke McClelland From

If you have seen the Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-On-One book review that I did back a while ago, you will have some idea what all of this one-on-one stuff is all about. The Photoshop CS3 One-On-One training video's from are like the book on steroids. If you buy the DVD it contains over 30 hours of one-on-one training. Because it is available online in three parts, I am going to break my review into the three individual reviews that correspond with the online training system.

For Part III, Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Advanced Techniques contains 9.5 hours of video training covering nine lessons that will show you all of advanced techniques of Adobe Photoshop CS3 as taught by Deke McClelland; the award winning author and Photoshop Hall-of Famer. Exercise files accompany the tutorials on the DVD as well as with the premium subscription which will give you all you need to learn the fundamentals of Photoshop.

Lesson 19 "Layer Effects and Styles" (66 minutes) begins with comparing Effects vs. Styles and moves quickly to Layer Styles. You will work with Layer Express and learn to direct a glow, edit effects and see how to save a Layer Style.

Lesson 20 "Vector-Based Shapes" (62 minutes) introduces vectors and explains what the benefits of using Vector-based shapes are. Here you will draw a shape layer, draw and insert shape as well as work with compound shapes. You will combine vectors and layer masks and draw custom shapes.

Lesson 21 "Using Adjustment Layers" (61 minutes) here you will learn how to make adjustments to your photos without actually doing anything to the original layer. Here you will create the layer, mask, convert to monochrome, to duotone, as well as work with hue, saturation, and color adjustments.

Lesson 22 "Smart Objects" (67 minutes) explores the technology of Smart Objects and how you can use them to create non-destructive transformations of your images. Here you will work with vector illustrations, replacing pixels with vectors, rasterizing a Smart Object, and swapping one Smart Object for another.

Lesson 23 "Non-Destructive Smart Filters" (95 minutes) continues your education on Smart Objects by looking at how to use Smart Filters. You will learn how to work with filters within a stack, masking Smart Filters, swapping Gallery filters and exploring the difference between Smart Filters vs. Layer Effects.

Lesson 24 "Working with Camera Raw" (78 minutes) takes you through the use of the new Camera Raw 4 that was released with CS3. You will work with all phases of Camera Raw including importing, working with the exposure controls, white balance, the new Tone Curve adjustment sliders, the HSL controls, the non-destructive Retouch tool, as well as the Camera Raw Smart Objects.

Lesson 25 "Auto-Align, Auto-Blend, and Photomerge" (63 minutes) examines the improved Auto-Align command in CS3. Here you will load files into Stack Script, Auto-Align a panorama, use the Auto-Blend command and learn how to use the new Panorama Command.

Lesson 26 "Recording and Playing Actions" (38 minutes) show you how to use Actions to save time when working on repetitive tasks. You will step through all that you need to create, debug and save your Actions.

Lesson 27 "Printing and Packaging" (41 minutes) finishes up with exploring how to generate a quality image. Here you will go over output options, Color Management options, the printing of a contact sheet and packaging multiple images on a sheet.

It would be helpful if you have already worked through Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Part I – The Essentials and Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Part II – Beyond The Basics With Deke McClelland, but if you are an experienced user of Photoshop, Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Advanced Techniques will take you to the next level of understanding.  My reviews of  Part I  and Part II are available here on Blogcritics.

It is obvious that McClelland has been doing this for a while and is very comfortable with teaching Photoshop. His style is entertaining, natural, and never hurried. He takes you from one point to another keeping attuned to the task at hand, but never, never falling into staleness. He constantly shows you tips and tricks that make your use of Photoshop an easier and more enjoyable experience.

You can get Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Advanced Techniques two ways. One is as part of the DVD training package Photoshop CS3 One-On-One with Deke McClelland and the other is part of the online training experience at The DVD Training Package is $149 USD and contains all three complete training packages:

• Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials
• Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics
• Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: Advanced Techniques

The online training Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Advanced Techniques comes in three flavors. Monthly at $25 USD/month gets you all of the videos that are available online (approximately 21,811 videos on 318 topics at this time). Annually at $250 USD per year or Premium at $375 USD per year which get all the videos as well as all of the exercise files. Take note that the exercise files are not included with the monthly or annual subscriptions. They are included on the DVD and Premium subscriptions.

I can highly recommend Photoshop CS3 One-On-One: Advanced Techniques as the perfect training program for the individual student, as well as the college or vocational teacher looking to supplement their educational materials. It would be of tremendous benefit to the professional looking to upgrade their skills. You can also try out the first lesson for free at

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