Wednesday , April 24 2024
Sarah McLachlan can do the impossible...

Verse Chorus Verse: Sarah McLachlan – “Good Enough”

Sarah McLachlan is an amazing creature, unique in her ability to do the impossible.  Take "Good Enough" from Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.  Have you ever heard the word "bullshit" sound gorgeous in your entire life?  It wouldn't have occurred to me it was even possible until I heard Sarah Mc do it, and with ease.

I'm an admitted Sarah Mc apologist and I can listen to her sing damn near anything.  If asked to name a favorite song, I don't know that "Good Enough" would be my answer.  It would enter my mind, but I'd probably pick a different one even though it might be the best song on her best record.

The lyrics are uncomfortably honest, but her delivery is impeccable and gives us shelter from the storm at the center of the song.  There is emotional turmoil and physical turmoil and a voice calling out in the distance, offering what might be refuge and hope.  Just as "bullshit" sounding beautiful seems counter-intuitive, it might seem a mistake to craft such a lush sound for such ugliness but McLachlan makes it work.  Rather than emphasizing the violence, the hopelessness becomes the central point and the effect is devastating.

It demands repeated listens not only because it's impossibly beautiful and tender but because of its almost circular construction.  Waves of beauty and emotion continue to reverberate and wash over you long after the song ends, leading you back to the beginning in seamless fashion.  It's a brilliant arrangement, flawlessly executed and fully realized.

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