Tuesday , May 21 2024
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Verse Chorus Verse: Pulp – “Trees”

It's a sunny, cool, crisp fall day in Alabama, the morning after our first freeze of the season. Where our friends in the northeast have been peeping at leaves afire with the colors of fall for months, it's only now beginning to look like fall where I live.

The calendar says we're entering fall, and everywhere you look you can see the signs of it.  From the Northeast across the Midwest, you can see and feel the changes in the weather.  It's still insufferably hot in Alabama and football is a year-round topic of conversation in the South, but even here there are signs that seasons are about to change.

Pulp's "Trees" may not be the quintessential summer turns to fall song, but I love it all the same.  The synth string section sounds like spring, but Jarvis Cocker's wonderful lyrics and delivery are all fall. This song about a dying relationship using tree imagery is one more example of Cocker's clever wordplay. The chorus sounds like it's ready to soar but pulls back and settles into a sonic glide.

The trees, those useless trees, produce the air that I am breathing
Yeah the trees, those useless trees, they never said that you were leaving
Go tell it to the trees
Go tell it to the trees
Go tell it to the trees
Go tell it to the trees

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