Wednesday , April 17 2024
Nothing says sweet lovin' like a mouthful of tasty waffles...

VCV Matthew Stubbs – “Waffles”

When some people think Valentine's Day, they think about roses and chocolate.  They think about passion, romance, and lust.  They think about companionship.  Others, when they think about Valentine's Day, they think of loneliness, despair, misery, contempt, and sadness.  There's a third camp (mostly made up of the second camp) that think of Valentine's Day as a contrived holiday and a conspiracy of the greeting card and candy industry.  Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day or are completely indifferent to it, I think we can all agree nothing says love and Valentine's Day like waffles. 

Okay, I have no topical tie in.  I like waffles and sometimes at three in the morning I even crave them.  Love?  Not really.  I do, however, love this song "Waffles" from Matthew Stubbs' upcoming Blue Bella release and I've been dying to talk about the record but I hate talking about music and telling everyone how great it is and then telling them they have to wait a month to find out for themselves.  Medford & Main won't be available until March 16, but… Stubbs is already out playing shows and previewing songs from the new record for fans.  Through the magic of the YouTube, I can share a little of what I've been listening to for a couple weeks now.

This is one of my favorite cuts from the upcoming album and this terrific performance at Tupelo Music Hall in Londonberry captures much of the essence of its studio incarnation.  There's something infectious in the groove and texture of the song.  When I think of "soul" music, I tend to think of a music with gritty hyper-intense emotion, which is not at all what "Waffles" is about.  I guess that means my definition is at least in part faulty.  

What we hear are sounds of soul but the overall feel is relaxed and comfortable. How many guitar-based instrumentals have you heard without a solo?   It's efficient.  No note is wasted and there is no exaggeration.  It's bite sized and it's tasty.

Now I'm craving waffles!


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