Friday , February 23 2024
This would be Mia Hamm's last significant competition and what a way to go out.

U.S Wins Gold in Women’s Soccer Final

In an exciting DOUBLE overtime finish, the U.S. Women’s Soccer team beats a tough and determined Brazil team to win their second gold in eight years. This would be Mia Hamm’s last significant competition and what a way to go out.

Gold eluded the U.S. Women’s Soccer team in the 2000 Olympics as they lost in another exciting match to the Norwegian team. (Also an exciting game that I had the honor of attending!)

Women’s soccer has truly risen the ranks of professional sports in the U.S., a country where most sports are dominated by men. Thanks in no small part to Mia Hamm and the success of our Olympic team.

Congratulations to Mia and the entire 2004 U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. Way to win one for the country!!!

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