Monday , November 22 2021
Has the other half-of Elliott Smith's final album found its way to the internet?

Unreleased Elliott Smith Tracks Surface on the ‘Net

Previously unreleased music by the late Elliott Smith has apparently leaked online as the two-year anniversary of Smith’s passing nears according to a story on

From a Basement of the Hill was released as a single-disc collection posthumously to mark the one-year anniversary of Smith’s death. Smith had said in numerous interviews he intended for Basement to be a 2-CD set but he died prior to the album’s completion.

Among the approximately 22 ‘leaked’ tracks are songs rumored to have been part of the sessions of Basement, although according to the NME story some songs may date back further.

Smith died in October of 2003 of stab wounds to the chest. It is widely reported Smith’s death was a suicide but the case remains open. Smith was nominated for an Oscar for his song “Miss Misery,” part of the Good Will Hunting film soundtrack.

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