Sunday , March 3 2024
Wednesday night television is like a fish biscuit.

TV’s Weekly Wednesday Fish Biscuit

What is it about fish biscuits that I just love? You think I’m joking, but I’m not. Jack was there in that cage yesterday and I longed to see a fish biscuit. I couldn’t fathom why they kept bringing him sandwiches when fish biscuits should’ve been plentiful. How will Jack ever work out the wondrous mystery of the fish biscuit machine if The Others keep feeding him? Give a man a sandwich you feed him for a day, teach a man how to get fish biscuits, you feed him for life.

For the last two weeks, my Wednesday nights have been as wonderful as fish biscuits.

Not because there is a plethora of original programming aired that I watch. I don’t watch that American Idol show. I just can’t. Every season I try, but I can’t. So, in terms of original programming there’s very little there that I’m interested in, pretty much right now it’s just Lost on Wednesdays.

Why then, is it wonderful? 

Easy, because I get to catch up on great programming I didn’t get to watch earlier in the week (seriously, do we need so many hours of great stuff on Sunday and Monday nights?). This go around it was a little Jack Bauer and a little Bill Adama in addition to Dr. Jack. It was a solid three hours of drama.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

Jack Bauer. I enjoy the show, I do, but I just don’t buy the Jack’s father thing. I just don’t. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t ring true. It’s still enjoyable as heck, but the way it’s all playing out I have serious doubts that Rocket Romano and James Cromwell were behind last year’s nefariousness with the intention that they were Jack’s immediate family. Nope. Doesn’t work. 

BSG? Love it. I’ve liked Edward James Olmos ever since he was Jaime Escalante (it was only later I realized that Jaime Escalante is also the guy from Blade Runner). So, an Old Man-centric episode is right up my alley. Add in a little side-plot with The Chief and I’m happy. Frankly, I’m tired of the Starbuck and Lee nonsense, so to see them put it by the wayside for a week really did make me quite happy. 

That then was the slightly stale part of last night’s fish biscuit, let’s move on to the stinky part…

I’m a fan of Lost, I am. I really enjoy the show more often than not. Sure, in the fall I was getting a little tired of Sawyer/Kate/Jack week after week after week. But, then came the fall finally and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Last week’s episode may have been the best episode of Lost ever. Then there was huge, mammoth, ridiculous disappointment this week. No one except the most ardent, hardcore, minutiae loving fan of the show really needs a backstory on how Jack got his tats. Combine that with the fact that Jack and Kate and Sawyer aren’t together any more means that we don’t need the whole episode to focus on them. You want to do a Jack backstory, do a Jack backstory, but give us a little Hurley or Locke or Desmond or Charlie or someone else besides Kate and Sawyer. Or maybe make it a little bit of everyone. I beg you. 

So, much like a fish biscuit my viewing last night was a little stale, a little stinky, left a not so great taste in my mouth, but I’m absolutely going back for more next week. But, I ask you all to remember this: tempting as it may be, man does not live by fish biscuit alone.

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