Monday , March 4 2024
Michael Ausiello and friends launch new TV-centric website.

TVLine Launches!

What were you doing last night? Personally, I was watching the final five episodes of Caprica on SyFy. My family and friends would have berated me for that, as they were all tuned into the Ohio State Buckeyes playing in the Sugar Bowl. But Michael Ausiello and his friends were getting ready to launch a very important web site. It what may be the highest-profile TV-only websites out there, TVLine launched last night at midnight.

As a fan of Ausiello for awhile, I missed his work dearly these past few weeks since he left Entertainment Weekly and began his new project. Now that wait it over, and he’s back with a few friends. Fellow EW alum and reality-TV expert Michael Slezak is on board as a senior editor, as well as TV Guide‘s Matt Mitovich and E! Online‘s Megan Masters. With a team carrying that much gravitas, how could it not be good?

As far as design, I was worried there would be too many things pulling in different directions, but I was wrong. The look is sleek and user-friendly. Abstracts of all of the site’s articles are featured in a nice, easy one column, and you can click to read more. Subheadings, such as “Glee” and “Casting Scoops” break things down a little more. You can also search for exactly what you’re looking for. There is already a facebook account and a mobile version of the site for your smart phone.

Content-wise, it’s rich. Old content for the editors’ previous sites is included, so you don’t have to start fresh today. In the first few hours of the site, plenty of new stuff was posted, too. Ask Ausiello, a fan favorite, is back, and there is scoop on Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, The Good Wife, Fringe, and more! For anyone interested in TV, this could easily be your be-all, end-all stop.

Well, except for reading my columns, of course! Please continue reading my columns. As much as I love Ausiello and crew, I hope they won’t put me out of business.

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