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V has always been an uneven show, but the finale was great, so renew it!

TV Review: V – “Mother’s Day”

What an exciting finale ABC’s V delivered! While the show is frequently uneven, and suffers from major plot holes, more so than almost any other show on television, when things work, they really work. The second season finale, entitled “Mother’s Day”, has few problems. In fact, it is probably one of the strongest episodes to date. Considering the steadily increasing quality, I am really holding out hope for season three, as the series may hit its stride given one more chance. Plus, with a cliffhanger like this, we just need to see more!

The culmination for control of the V race came to a head. Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) lures Anna (Morena Baccarin) into a trap, intending to kill her. Anna sees what her daughter is about to do in a conveniently located reflective surface, and fakes emotion convincingly enough to stop Lisa. I can see why Lisa gives her mother the benefit of the doubt. Lisa has developed emotions, and so would want to think the best of her mother, no matter what past experience has taught her. Despite Erica’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) anger at her, I think Lisa is justified in her actions.

Sadly, that justification comes with steep consequences. Anna kills her mother, Diana (Jane Badler), whose friends have helped her escape, then installs Lisa in Diana’s former dungeon. Anna’s backup queen egg hatches, and Anna has her new daughter made to look exactly like Lisa and given her memories. Lisa 2.0 mates with, and kills, Tyler (Logan Huffman), whom Lisa is in love with, while Lisa watches helplessly on a video screen.

This series has proved to me that Vandervoort’s bad run on Smallville was either a fluke, or she has improved greatly in her acting ability. This episode gave her an even bigger chance to shine, as we got to see her as the Lisa we’ve grown to love AND a ruthless, cold blooded killer more chilling than even Anna. If for no other reason, V needs a third season pick up so we can watch Vandervoort work her magic in the duel role. From what we’ve seen so far, she is good, like Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries level good.

The really scary thing about this episode is that Anna finds the true nature of her evil. Up until now, Anna has fought against human emotions, even as they threaten to overwhelm her. The human skin the Vs cover themselves with somehow plays on them, making them more susceptible to feelings. When Anna fights against those emotions, it weakens her. Now that Anna discovers emotions can be used as a weapon, which she wields extremely effectively, she is more dangerous than easily imagined. This is the real consequence of Lisa’s failure.

Also scary? Anna now has a way to bliss mankind, effectively making us her slaves. Little Amy (multiple actresses, as she is rapidly growing), a human / V hybrid, is able to easily deliver bliss to humans, and she loves Anna. While I have viewed Amy mostly as a distraction, and have not at all liked the affect she has had on her father, Ryan (Morris Chestnut), clearly she is something more. Should the series be renewed, I would expect an adult actress to be cast to play a fully grown Amy, and stop the rotation of children. Anna and Amy together may just be unstoppable.

Of course, humanity does have hope, however slim. Erica Evans began the series with a small cell of people she just met. Earlier this year, she found out how vast a net the Fifth Column casts, before taking over the group. Now, in the finale, she (and we) learn of Project Aries, (led by Marc Singer, like Jane Badler, a cast member in the original V) an international group determined to take out the V. It’s interesting, because Erica thought she was fighting alone, and keeps finding larger and larger circles of people who already have the same goal. My question now is, given the scope of anti-V organizations, why didn’t they do something before now? Why has Erica been the only one to really strike a blow against the Vs?

As mentioned above, the body count last night was very high. We lost Tyler, who was mostly an annoying distraction to his mother. We lost Ryan, who has become annoying while being distracted by his daughter. It was only slightly surprising that Dianna died, because Anna had to overcome her somehow, and what transpired is far more exciting than Anna hiding and plotting quietly to take out Diana as she rules in peace, as next season could have been. As such, I don’t see any really big losses to the cast, other than possibly Diana, but for the reasons above, I’m OK with it. If anything, the writers did a good job pruning. Time to bring in some fresh blood.

Thankfully, Chad (Scott Wolf), who used to be annoying, but it just getting started in his usefulness, is merely captured by the Vs, not killed, though why not, I can’t imagine. Unless Anna just plans on blissing him and doesn’t want to bring in a new reporter to train all over again. I would also like to know where Hobbes (Charles Mesure) has gone, but I am hoping that his character will return to his roots, freed of the burden of Erica. I like the two of them together, but she did tame the beast, so to speak.

Which just leaves Jack (Jack Gretsch). I really saw a love triangle developing between Erica, Hobbes, and Jack, now that Jack has lost his priesthood collar. It is incredibly ironic how Jack talks of looking to the sky, meaning god, for answers, and that’s how Erica finds him at the end of the episode. Only instead of looking at god, he’s being blissed by Amy.

V is on the bubble, but I urge you to write and e-mail ABC asking for its renewal. There is also a facebook site set up for just such a purpose.

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