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Nothing like some good Hamas humor.

TV Review: The Daily Show – 3/29/06

The March 29 episode of The Daily Show had its moments.

The first funny item was about Baltimore radio host Les Kinsolving. “He found a way to get noticed without even actually asking a question,” Stewart said.

The footage from C-SPAN2 shows Kinsolving apparently picking his nose, looking at what he retrieved from the nose and then eating it. The audience groaned in disgust.

“In his defense,” Stewart said, “he’s a radio guy. On radio that would be much less disgusting.”

The second funny item was about the elections in Israel. Stewart noted that Israel had its lowest voter turnout in history… 63.2 percent.

“We should not be bringing democracy to the Middle East – they should be bringing it to us. We can’t even get that kind of turnout for American Idol,” Stewart said.

It was great to see Senior Jerusalem Bureau Chief Samantha Bee was back, after having a baby.

Bee reported on the election results, including a surprising news item.

“Once again the Nazi Party was completely shut out. A sad day in Israel… for the Nazi Party,” Bee said.

Then Stewart interviewed Jason Jones who, for this show, was serving as the
senior terrorism analyst.

Jones was to give the reaction from Hamas. Jones acted like he didn’t know what Israel was.

“Oh I see what you are doing. Hamas does not officially recognize Israel. We can go around this,” Stewart said.

Stewart: “You know that country that built that giant fence, occasionally sending a missile or two over into where the Palestinians are living. Who would Hamas say is doing that?”

Jones: “They are not sure, Jon. Some believe it is missile fairies.”

Stewart: “So there is no official Hamas response?”

Jones: “All I can tell you is this, Jon. If Israel were a country, which it is not, they would be furious at the results, which they are, even though there were no results because there was no election. Death to Israel, which does not exist.”

It’s this kind of biting humor that I love about this show.

The interview segment for this episode was with Queen Latifah, rapper and actress, promoting her new movie Ice Age 2. She was pretty funny.

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