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Whether we're talking about Max's puppy-dog like crush, Patrick's lustful desires, or Rick's embedded hate, it was all about Carly.

TV Review: Making the Rounds at General Hospital — It All Comes Down To Carly

Early in the week Tracy stumbled across Dillon and Lulu in the throws of passion on the floor of the boat house. Much to the embarrassed dismay of the two teens, she enlisted the help of a not-so-willing Robert Scorpio to hand out the “evils of teenage sex” speech. While Dillon told his mom he was still in love with Georgie, Lulu less than convincingly told Robert it was all about the hook up. Robert saw through the pretense and feared that his best friend’s daughter was on the road to being hurt.

In recent weeks they have pushed Lulu into the form of a mini-Carly, even having the teen now turn to her cousin for advice. The main difference between the two, and something the older pointed out, is when Carly starts a scheme she sticks with it even if she feels it may have not been the best choice. Lulu immediately felt guilty for lying to Dillon about seeing Georgie and Diego together. After her heart-to-heart with Carly, she tried to come clean with the boy – but he refused to believe she had lied to him.

Carly was also the topic of “boy’s night out” mid-week. Unlike when the girls do it, this time Jake’s patrons didn’t intend to spend the evening together, but ended up there from their separate needs for a drink. Whether we’re talking about Max’s puppy-dog like crush, Patrick’s lustful desires, or Ric’s embedded hate, it was all about Carly.

It was just odd, however, to have this set of guys spilling their hearts on the open bar. For some it made sense, Lucky and Nikolas are brothers but just a few scenes prior Patrick was threatening to expose Lucky’s drug addiction to his wife. Then try and work Ric and Max into the equation, and it all seems contrived and forced. All in all, the scenes were cute, but it did make me realize one thing seriously lacking in Port Charles is male camaraderie.

When she wasn’t offering sage advice to Lulu or staring in a slew of fantasies, Carly was caring for Sonny. She took the brunt of his attacks, talked him down, convinced Jason to come to his side, and helped protect him from the meddling of his brother. Along the way she admitted to Lainey that it would be very easy for her to fall back into her self-destructive enabling of Sonny. I think she protests too much and I don’t see any other ending on the other side of Sonny’s therapy but a reuniting of him and Carly.

Jason apologized for what he conceived as his part in causing this most recent breakdown. He even called his sister back to town and admitted he had no right to try and interfere in their relationship. Though Emily was glad to get her brother’s blessing, she holds a great amount of bitterness over the fact Jason and Carly helped Sonny cover up his illness instead of seeking help. It took a lot of persuading on Emily’s part, but she eventually convinced Sonny to start therapy with Dr. Winters.

Some of the week’s most intense and involved scenes this week were in this storyline with some outstanding acting coming from those portraying these characters. High on the list of favorites was Emily explaining that if Sonny sought help, he would be better prepared to help his children should they inherit the condition.

The scenes that seemed the most out of character was Patrick’s threat to tell Elizabeth about witnessing Lucky and Maxie on the docks. After lecture upon lecture to Robin to keep her nose out of other people’s business, and his cool and calculated way of staying unattached to others, it just didn’t quite ring true with me. Maxie’s continuing manipulation of Lucky, providing the pain killers and trying to lure him from his wife is a close second in the implausible line … or maybe it’s just one couple I can’t get into.

Next week on General Hospital:
Daddy Drake plays match maker with Patrick and Robin, Sam continues to manipulate Alexis and Ric, Sonny and Jason continue to heal.

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