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Edward and Carly both have revenge on their mind.

TV Review: Making The Rounds At General Hospital – Sweet Revenge

Upon discovering someone had been in Sam’s room, Jason took his former girlfriend back to their apartment to keep her under his protective eye. Sam was almost able to use the situation to her advantage as she whittled away at his protective walls. Before she was able to completely break through, the news of Justus’ disappearance (and later death) came, reaffirming for the new mob boss everyone close to him was in danger.

You've got to give Sam props for persistence. She hasn’t easily given up the fight to keep her man, but I was a bit relieved to see her show up at the hospital late in the week looking for an application for employment and making the announcement to Liz she was giving up the good fight. The scenes had been getting repetitious and a bit boring.

I’m also disappointed by the way the writers seem to believe the women of Port Charles are nothing without their men. It would be nice to see Sam stand on her own two feet for a bit and give Jason a bit of time to work through his demons and issues. With any luck he’ll find his way back to her.

Different characters took the news of Justus' death in their own unique way. Lainey spent most of the week full of regrets and wondering what might have been. Jason added yet more guilt to his baggage, while Edward fell deep into a pool of grief. The Quartermaine patriarch lashed out at Sonny who was tinkering on the edge of the ultimate breakdown with ever-so-helpful shoves from his brother Ric.

Though Sonny didn’t totally believe Ric when he insisted he had nothing to do with purchasing Lily’s look-alike dress for Emily, which threw him into a rage, Ric was able to cover his tracks pretty well. And even though Max is wise to the game Ric is playing, he has been ineffective in calming the stormy seas. Ric continued to push the alcohol and keep the painful memories in the forefront of Sonny’s mind.

This story line continues to be intriguing to watch and in my mind one of the better medical cases they’ve done in a while – even if they seem to be rushing him through the emotional ups and downs. What remains to be seen is how true to life the writers will be when they get to the treatment phase of the story. I imagine we will not have long to wait as Sonny came to the realization late last week that “there is something wrong.”

Bobbi threw a surprise party for Nikolas, welcoming John to his rightful home. A pleasant surprise was to see Leslie Webber, grandmother to Nikolas, present. She tearfully saw a family resemblance to her institutionalized daughter. Luke even made a brief yet touching appearance.

Carly and Jax with Michael and Morgan accidentally and innocently stopped at Kelly’s for ice cream, unaware of the party. Michael asked to hold his cousin and a bitter Nikolas refused, sparking yet another fight between Carly, Nikolas, and Robin.

In the aftermath, Jax decided to leave town and go on a search-and-rescue for his brother with his mother. He told Carly that he hoped in time, with him out of the picture, Nikolas would soften and allow the kids to see their cousin, which would also grant Carly access to the baby. Try as she might to persuade him not to go, she even had dinner in the same restaurant with Robin without causing a stir. He left anyway, tearfully telling Carly, who he thought was sleeping, he loved her. She replied in kind to the empty room.

In the beginning this coupling was bringing out all the rarely shown strengths in Carly. Jax leaving is only putting her back into the tiresome place of whining about how she has been repeatedly wronged. While I will go as far as to grant Carly has had it tough, often it is a bed of her own making and she very rarely owns up to the part she plays. As with Sam it would nice to see Carly really try and make it on her own for a bit, but I have little to no doubt she will fall back on Sonny while she continues to seek her vengeance against Robin.

Next Week on General Hospital:

Sam is held captive by Manny, Sonny reaches a breaking point, and Patrick and Robin argue.

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