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Is the truth the best thing for the child?

TV Review: Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Light of Truth

After weeks of needling by Carly, Robin could hold her tongue no longer and announced Nikolas was John's father at the baby's christening. Having already received the results to the paternity test which were altered by Carly, Nik was reluctant to believe it, and Carly had almost convinced everyone that Maxie had reason to have a false test (Her crush on the Cassadine prince). Under the intense stress, Jax caved and admitted Robin was right and the baby was not his.

When asked if Courtney knew the truth, Jax admitted he had told her after John was born, and the information was what she was trying to tell him on her death bed. Furious, Nikolas wanted to take John home immediately but Alexis convinced him it would be best to wait a couple days to prepare his home and provide a smooth transition for the child.

As predicted, Carly and Jax are already showing signs of disintegration. She lashed out at him asking why he caved so easily and gave up on all they had worked so hard to maintain. I had thought Nikolas might harbor resentment toward Robin for holding the secret close for so long, but he was nothing but grateful she finally came clean. He didn't offer Jax the same compassion however, and has vowed neither he nor Carly will be allowed any further contact with the child.

Before turning the child over on Friday's show, Carly promised John she would destroy Robin's life for tearing his world apart. I found the whole scene a bit disturbing. Going beyond the basic who was right and who was wrong issue, just the concept of pledging revenge to a sweet innocent child who is truly the victim in the scheme of the adults around him just seemed so out of whack and wrong. Thus far it seems Carly is the only one who feels she was the one wronged by Robin, even Jason said she only had herself to blame for getting into the same predicament again.

Of course, Jason had other things on his mind, sinking deeper into the dark underworld he stole from Sonny. Sam continued to lie, saying she felt as though she was being threatened in hopes he would take her back in. She found out from Patrick Alexis had obtained a court order to stop her surgery and Jason had gone behind her back to get the doctor to perform it, she put two and two together and filled in the blanks – she had also convinced Jason it was better for Sam if he walked away.

Angry at Alexis she moved out of her house and into Kelly's. She continued to plead her case to Jason, but her cries fell on deaf ears. That is until Manny came from the shadows, broke into her room at Kelly's, unpacked her clothes and put them away for her. Am I the only one who finds that more than just a little odd? Of course it isn't breaking news that Manny is just as much about mind games as the physical violence.

Manny was busy as a bee this week. While confronting Lorenzo he stole his bracelet, I'm sure to be used for no good at a later date. He also set a trap for Jason, using a meeting with Lorenzo as bait. Jason believed the call to come from a representative of Lorenzo, and sent Justus, who paid with his life under his unlucky curse of the number 29.

It's pretty evident Manny's true target is Jason and I imagine he will also use Sam as bait to get to the new mob boss. Watching his plans unfold in the coming weeks should be interesting if not creepy.

Almost as creepy are Ric's attempts to drive Sonny over the edge. He consulted with Lainey feigning his own bipolar disorder. Taking advice on how to not aggravate the condition he was faking, he used the information to push Sonny further and further over the edge. Factor in his own paranoid thoughts that Nikolas will now need a mother for his son, and Emily is the likely one to fill the empty hole, it shouldn't be much longer before he totally melts down.

Dillon threw a graduation party for Georgie. Apparently Lulu graduated as well, even though just a few weeks ago she told Nikolas she would have to take classes all summer before she would have enough credits. At Georgie's party she confided in Dillon that she had kept the graduation secret because for all the family who loved her and would be there, it would pain her too much when her father didn't show up.

Robert surprised Georgie and Robin when he not only went to the ceremony but came to the family party at Kelly's afterward. Robin was further impressed when her father stepped in and danced with Lulu when his brother, Mac, danced with his step-daughter. Is this a small step toward reconciliation between Robert and Robin? We shall see.

Together Luke and Robert also caught Lulu in the act and recovered the stolen money from the casino. Instead of anger, Luke showed a sense of pride that his daughter had nearly pulled off her very first scam. While I can appreciate the "light and fun" nature of the scenes, I would hope if Lulu is on a bad and bumpy road, that Luke doesn't turn a totally blind eye to it.

Next week on General Hospital:
Edward grieves for Justus, Ric continues to push Sonny toward a breakdown, and Luke warns Lulu about Helena.

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