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What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

TV Review: Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Web of Lies

What began as a sham of marriage and a form of blackmail has somehow become a couple who genuinely care deeply for each other, but both are too proud or shy to be the first to admit it. Though at times they have been given touching moments, they are most often used as comic relief.

In the ongoing saga that is Tracy and Luke, she continued to needle her husband, putting a lien against the Haunted Star's profits until he had paid back the money he had siphoned. It was the perfect setup for the antics that followed.

Luke hired Coleman to rob The Haunted Star so he could get his hands on some of the money his not-so-loving wife had put a hold on. Coleman, in turn, hired Diego to help with the scheme. During the heist, the bad men were masked but Lulu noticed Diego's flashy watch and set in motion a scheme of her own. She caught up with Diego before he could report back to Coleman, taking the money minus Diego and Coleman's cut. More on this unlikely duo later, I was far more interested in the scenes these set up.

Robert quickly put one and one together and rightly assumed Luke was behind the hold up, the big red flag came when he stopped Scorpio from overpowering two of the three armed suspects. Personally, seeing Robert foil the crime in progress would have been a huge step toward bringing this character back to his original glory. Robert observed the police investigation after the crime and began spouting claims that his brother Mac was doing nothing about organized crime in PC — though I’m not sure what it was about three men in ski masks made him complain about organized crime.

I had hopes that an assertion I made here last week would come to be. I would absolutely love to see Scorpio back as Police Commissioner, but only if they move beyond the comic relief role the writers seem set in keeping him in.

Tracy overheard Luke admit to Robert he had been behind the robbery and I look for the three of them to join forces to get the money back. We can only hope and pray they give the story some meat instead of continuing with Tracy, Luke, and Robert who resemble the Three Stooges.

Lulu and Diego are getting more and more intertwined as they work together to push Georgie and Dillon toward break up what with stealing cars, and now the Haunted Star heist. Diego is sinking deeper and deeper into the organized crime underworld and I just hope Lulu doesn't get hurt in the crossfire.

Dr. Lee caught Robin and Patrick indulging in another supply room rendezvous early last week, making the topic of Ladies' Night (part two) "exactly how does one do it on a laundry cart?" The usually reserved Robin opened up and spilled the hot details about her studly doctor; of course, young Drake was listening in the wings, having arrived to pick her up. In one of those rare flashes of pure class, Patrick simply escorted Robin from the bar.

Personally, I love these Ladies' Night segments. Admittedly, the target audience for the show is women, and it's fun to see these professionals letting their hair down, hitting the tequila, and dishing about the men and problems in their lives. I hope they continue to let the girls get together at Jake's every so often.

Robin continued to let Carly get under her skin, threatening several times when goaded to expose her big bad secret. Unaffected, Carly continued to do the equivalent of stabbing Robin with a long pointy stick everyy chance she could get. I'm not so sure why she is so confident and secure. Even though she effectively intercepted a suspicious Nikolas' paternity test, her chastising of Robin at baby John's christening is going to be the end of her playing house with Jax and the baby. The show ended Friday with Robin turning to Nikolas saying, "I have something to tell you."

When the secret is divulged, it is bound to shake up many characters. Unfortunately, I predict that without the baby, Jax and Carly will dissolve rather quickly. Patrick has repeatedly warned Robin she should just ignore "her secret" if it doesn't involve her and I suspect he will believe she was in the wrong. I'm not sure how grateful Nikolas will be either. Yes, she comes clean but only after weeks of keeping it to herself. When Robin explains she, like Nikolas and Jax, will fear what Helena could do, it might be enough for the Cassadine Prince to forgive her, but I don't know.

In the beginning, I liked the Carly/Jax pairing. With the addition of Courtney's baby there was growth and dimension to the characters. Carly wasn't being so petty and Sonny-obsessed and we were seeing a warm daddy side of Jax. In recent weeks, when the focus switched to keeping the secret, she regressed to the lying and manipulation she is famous for. It would be nice when the paternity issue is resolved if they would lean on each other to get them through the loss, but I believe the couple will implode…and Carly will go running back to Sonny.

Sonny continued to spin out of control this week. A concerned Emily invited Lainey over for lunch and then conveniently got called away so the psychiatrist could evaluate him. Though the former mob boss started out by making it clear he didn't appreciate her giving Emily the pamphlets, he then turned on the charm. In the end, the doctor told her friend not to worry. It was qualified with "lunch is no substitute for a complete medical evaluation." It was only minutes after the doctor's departure that the mood swings returned and Sonny was calling Emily "Lily" (his dead wife).

The story is building and Sonny is headed for a major breakdown, the beginnings of which may have been set in motion Friday. When Ric brought up the prospect of stealing the business back from Jason, Sonny flew into a rage and attacked his brother. It can't be much longer before Emily convinces him to seek medical attention.

Sam continued to scheme and plot to get Jason back, going as far as calling him and saying that someone had tried to break into Alexis' house. Jason remained firm in his decision that being without Sam is the only way he can keep her safe. What neither one knows is Manny is really lurking in the shadows watching Sam's every move. I imagine this week he will step it up and try to finish what he failed to do before.

Both the police and Jason are aware that Sam and Durant were shot with the same gun. I wonder how many other on Manny's hit list will be attacked before they link said gun to Manny.

This coming week on General Hospital
Jax comes clean with Nikolas, Ric studies up on bipolar disorder, and Manny strikes again.

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