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Robin has a secret.

TV Review: Making the Rounds at General Hospital — Some Summer Heat for Patrick and Robin

By far the most interesting storyline this week was also the one with the most sizzle. Robin and Patrick finally were able to follow through with what was interrupted twice last week.

Their Memorial Day hike and picnic was interrupted by a downpour and the couple took refuge in a cabin; once Robin was able to pick the locks that is. A roaring fire in a cozy cabin, two rain-drenched bodies, it was bound to happen, (and begin to happen for a second time) before the owners of the cabin showed up. Wouldn't you know it would be Jax with Carly in tow?

It's all pretty predictable from here, Carly antagonizes Robin; Robin yells at Carly. Carly says something mean; Robin threatens to expose big bad Carly for what she is. Only Jax is smart enough to think Robin is on to their paternity secret and warns his partner in bed and in crime to quit pushing Robin's buttons. Carly's not buying it.

It's a bit disappointing; the character of Carly had grown so much in recent weeks and wasn't acting nearly as shallow. This behavior seems like a major step back. If that's not enough, it's another example of the writers revisiting of old storylines. Yet again, Robin knows that Carly is lying about a baby's paternity. And once again, we're looking at one of those secrets…that really isn't much of a secret. It seems like everyone in Port Charles knows baby John is really Nikolas', well, except for Nikolas.

Between welcoming Sam into the family, tying up loose ends to his divorce, and trying to help out his brother Lucky and his family, Nikolas is starting to catch on, however. Jax's continuous change of heart about letting him visit the baby is making him suspicious. Tie that into the fact, as he pointed out to Jax, that Robin is unlikely to lie or make things up, and he is close to figuring it out.

Lucky took the prescription Maxie forged and had it filled for more painkillers, using those pills to get through an exam and get Dr. Drake's permission to return to work. Maxie had also lifted more of Dr. Lee's forms, so he could write himself more if needed, but they were soon discovered missing. She also tried a couple times during the week to steal pills for the police officer. Maxie – grieving for Jesse – and Lucky – upset about what he believes is an affair between Liz and Patrick – shared a kiss at Jesse's grave on Memorial Day.

Even though addiction to pain killers can be a serious issue, this storyline is really being handled quite poorly. Patrick refused to refill the prescription, but is not addressing why Lucky seems to be in so much pain. Lucky who has always had moral fiber as one of PCs finest is not only accepting and participating in the stealing of prescriptions, but turning a blind eye to under-aged Maxie being served at Jake's. To top it off they seem to be ripping apart Liz and Lucky only to pair him up with the much too young Maxie.

It almost seems like they don't know what to do with the young woman now that Jesse is gone. At one point they seemed to pushing toward a pairing with Nikolas and now Lucky. Both men are too old for the young hospital volunteer.

But the abovementioned couples aren't the only ones being reshuffled. Liz has been a comforting shoulder for Jason, who just pushed Sam away and Lulu and Diego are working together to try and push Dillion and Georgie even further apart. Lulu also got tangled up in Diego's most recent car theft.

Lulu being mischievous and manipulative I can deal with or even playing a little dirty to get what she wants (as in Dillon); she is a Spencer after all. Towards week's end, however, I was hoping Nikolas would get her shipped off to the prep school for the summer to keep from spiraling down the big bad path with Diego.

While we're talking about spiraling, Sonny's world continued to spin out of control as he slipped deeper into the hold of his bipolar condition. This week he threatened Alexis' life (which he later forgot), gave multiple incoherent directions to a very confused architect, thought it might be fun to bash Nikolas upside the head with a bottle of wine for talking to Emily (foiled by Max), decided to really go into business importing coffee, and when the show ended on Friday was digging up his backyard in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, Emily is sticking close and monitoring his behavior. Hopefully this week she convinces him to seek out help from Lainey.

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