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Two couples break up as a new family gets to know each other.

TV Review: Making The Rounds At General Hospital — Breaking Up Is Not So Hard To Do

Dillon returned from the Maarkam Islands just in time to take his young bride to her Senior Prom. Imagine his surprise when he found her already there with Diego, sharing a dance…and a kiss.

In the aftermath, the couple came to realize that “everyone was right” and they were too young to be married. What began in February sweeps with the couple’s wedding because Dillion was dying from the “monkey virus” is being annulled during the end of May sweeps.

The demise of the relationship was not a big surprise. It was a pretty safe bet back in February that the marriage between the high school senior and the college freshman would fail. The tools they used to bring it down were just as predictable, money problems and jealousies; Dillion over Diego and Georgie over Lulu. I predict Lulu and Diego will continue to cause problems for the young couple who have decided to get an annulment so they can continue to date.

Almost as predictable was Jason leaving Sam. Finally understanding that he was being hypocritical in handing out advice he wasn’t willing to take and realizing it was the only way to keep her safe, he told Sam they could be no more. The news thrilled Alexis almost as much as it devastated her daughter. Alexis used the time to try and bind her family, telling her younger daughter, Kristina, that Sam was her sister. While Sam enjoyed the bonding with Alexis and her family, she also strived to win back Jason, even seeking help from Emily and Carly.

This storyline is unfolding nicely. Both Alexis and Sam are eager to pursue the mother/daughter relationship. Sam is being cautious, and Alexis is so desperate for what she wants that she is pressing (maybe) a bit too hard. Both are staying true to character and the complication of Jason is only going to add fuel to the fire and keep the progression a slow one.

As Emily tried to talk to her brother about Sam, shots were fired into the apartment. The shots were meant for Jason but nearly hit Emily. The incident strengthened Jason’s conviction to keep Sam at bay and rattled his sister. When Sonny heard about what happened, he went after what he believed to be the source, Escobar, breaking a wine bottle over the man’s head in his restaurant. Jason arrived just in time to save Sonny and later, in a heart-to-heart, Jason admitted he was overwhelmed and in a place he never wanted to be.

Even though Sonny claims to be happy with the way things worked out, it is obvious he is not. His bipolar disorder continues unchecked and he is spiraling downward, clinging to Emily who is powerless until he agrees to seek help.

It would seem this is where the drama is going to come from in the wake of the romantic storylines that are unfolding around it, and so far so good. The tension is high and both Sonny and Jason are in places they don’t want to be. Both are struggling to get a handle on their new existence. While it would be easy for Jason to turn everything back over to Sonny and say, “I was wrong,” I suspect a lot more time is going to have to pass before that will be possible – if ever.

Tension was also building with Patrick and Robin as twice this past week they tried to steal away and hit the sheets. The first time, Patrick was called away to the hospital, and the second time, they were interrupted by Robert who had dropped by Patrick’s to discuss the good doctor’s intentions with his daughter.

Robert Scorpio is back in Port Charles and trying to work his way back into the lives of his daughter and brother. He is being met with resistance at every step. Though Robin’s walls are slowly coming down, I suspect it will be a while before Mac welcomes his brother home with open arms. His current employment seems to be as a thorn in Luke’s side. Robert’s employer? Edward Quartermaine. Am I the only one who thinks if the Robert Scorpio of old were Police Commissioner again, it would take about five minutes to put an end to the mob wars, or the mobs themselves for that matter?

Next week on General Hospital: Jason is at war with the Escobar family, Carly is at war with Robin, and Helena Cassadine returns.

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