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TV Review: Making the Rounds at General Hospital – 3/13/06

For Friday being the usual cliff-hanger day, the past show and the resolution on Monday wasn’t much to write home about. Storylines both days centered on Emily and Sonny, Dillon and Georgie, the Alexis and Sam adoption plot, and Skye and Lorenzo.

Emily and Sonny – Am I the only one who is totally bored by this whole Spanish run-away vacation thing? It was set up as a chance for the couple to be romantic and not be forced to hide their relationship from everyone who is against them at home. All that has actually happened is Sonny continually brooding and pouting and Emily constantly reassuring him. She doesn’t care if he’s a no good lousy mob boss who can’t control his temper and lets his ex-wife and kids run his life, she loves him anyway. On Friday, she packed her bags to leave because he wouldn’t open up to her, today he conceded and explained how (basically) he is just a mean moody man . . . all is forgiven.

Yawn!! I’m bored!

On Friday Dillon and Georgie were told by Tracy that they had to move out of the Quatermaine estate. She claimed to be doing it for the young couple’s own good. In a scene set for pure comic relief, Luke and Tracy spin tales of what it would have been like had they met and wed as young lovers . . . but of course they didn’t. Even though these two displayed actual emotion for each other during the monkey virus epidemic, they are back to exchanging bitter yet playful jabs.

Tracy, however, is set on destroying her son’s new marriage, which she only agreed to because Dillion was not expected to survive the virus. Luke continues to remind Tracy that she promised God she would be a kinder person if He let her son survive, and Tracy’s continued attempts to break up the marriage is the kindest thing she can do.

Pure comic relief is what Tracy and Luke offer, and it works. Their exchanges are fun and Tracy being conniving and evil is what has made the character last for years. She’s been one I’ve loved to hate for as long as I can remember. Though with this particular evil plan, she has enough of a valid point that it’s hard to totally hate her. Her son is too young to be married, as is Georgie. Yes, it’s wrong for her to try and destroy it, but I can identify with this mother’s concern. So, for the time being, she gets only partial scorn from me.

Whether it is Tracy’s scheming or the arrival of Diego, my prediction is this couple won’t even last the summer. Unless a pairing comes across as a “super couple”, they never do last long, and Georgie and Dillon just don’t have that kind of chemistry. It should be interesting to watch it all unravel though.

The Sam and Alexis story continues as well. The preview to Friday’s show was misleading . . . I reported last time that they showed Sam and Alexis on opposite sides of the same door, that didn’t come to be. Instead, Sam was on the porch of a woman who gave birth at the same clinic on the same day, but she had delivered a boy. She remembered a woman who gave birth to a girl, and the private school uniform she had been wearing when she arrived at the clinic. Sam and Jason went off to the school, still looking for a name. Sam and Jason search through an old yearbook at the school and come up with the name that Jason recognizes as Alexis’ (before she changed it).

In the meantime, Alexis continued to mourn the child she believes was hit by a car and died at the age of three. She retold the tale to Ric about how she wanted to keep her baby, but feared Mikos too much to speak her mind. I find Alexis to be completely sympathetic and I feel bad for all the character has been through.

Monday: Jason told Sam that Alexis has a way of blaming everyone else for her wrongs. He discouraged Sam from divulging the truth for fear Alexis would try and forge a relationship only for her benefit. While his evaluation may have been accurate of Alexis in the past (he cited incidents that happened before I started watching in December), I think he’s off the mark now. The way I see it, Alexis is a victim of her own guilt to the point that she’s nearly drowning in it. She’s acknowledged her mistakes to Ric, but can’t seem to pull herself up from the depths of the despair she’s wallowing in. I think her guilt will only worsen when she learns the truth. While I’m getting tired of Sam’s whining, it should be interesting to watch the story progress.

After a long and telling conversation with Lorenzo on Friday about her medical condition, Skye finally consulted a doctor about her pregnancy. She learned that what other doctors had told her in the past is no longer true. As long as she stays stress-free and in good health she should be able to carry the baby to term. Lorenzo was thrilled.

I like Skye, and I’d like to see good things happen for her, unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to be with Lorenzo. When she learns (and we all know she will) that he switched her chart with Lulu’s during the epidemic, almost costing the young girl her life, I don’t think she will be able to forgive him. Of course, Diego’s return will most likely play havoc on this relationship as well. Lorenzo’s son secured his early parole by ratting out a fellow inmate. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out bad things are about to happen to Diego.

What to look forward to this week: Noah’s health continues to deteriorate, Sam tries to get closer to Nicholas to get the scoop on Alexis, and the new relationship Carly and Jax are forming has its ups and downs.

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