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Glee delivered an average episode, with fantastic Santana, Mercedes, Rachel, and Lauren moments, but also a Bieber misstep.

TV Review: Glee Doesn’t Need a “Comeback”

FOX’s Glee presented “Comeback” last night, an average episode with average musical numbers. There were some great moments and some fun one-liners, but the overall feeling was that it did not stand out in this season as particularly good or particularly bad. There’s nothing wrong with that; every episode cannot be spectacular. This one had enough great moments to keep me happy for another week, and really, that’s all anyone can ask for.

Probably the story most people will remember was that Sue (Jane Lynch) was very depressed from losing her budget and attention to Will (Matthew Morrison) and the New Directions. So much so, that she made a couple of attempts at Sue-icide. Hehe. Never would I have thought that harming oneself could be funny. It only was, though, because Sue was never actually serious about doing it. It was all part of her plot to appear sad enough that Emma (Jayma Mays) would convince Will to let her sit in with the glee club so she could destroy them from within.

What Sue had planned may have worked last season, but certainly not this one. Her attempt to destroy the awesome new friendship between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) fell apart as soon as they launched into their diva-tastic rendition of Rent‘s “Take Me or Leave Me”. The scene proved that the affection between the pair has become rock solid, a welcome addition to the chemical makeup of the show. Poor Sue.

Then Will gave her the knockout punch by taking her to sing with a bunch of cancer-stricken children. Not even Sue could resist a few tears as they all engaged in an acoustic rendition of “This Little Light of Mine”. Clearly, the scene was about the emotion rather than the song. It was not included in this week’s single releases on iTunes. But that’s how it should be. This was not a shining performance from Will, but a casual group, feel-good experience.

The fact that Sue thought her scheme had any chance of working at all shows you just how off of her game she was. I was beginning to get worried that Sue was too far gone for a quick comeback, and the glee clubbers need their villain! That was changed with the twist as the end of the episode. Sue has become director of the rival glee club, Aural Intensity. She certainly has the aptitude to run a glee club, as she proved with the wonderful “Sing” this week. This opens the door for whole new Sue plots, and while it seems certain that the New Directions will prevail, it doesn’t get any better than some fierce sing-offs! I can’t wait!

The other person trying to make a comeback was Rachel, though I’m not sure what she needs to come back from. It’s not like her stock has been particularly low. The club has gained some (minor) popularity points recently, and she has made some fast friendships, rather than continuing to be a stuck up loner. But for some reason, Rachel decided that her next triumph needed to be in fashion. Big mistake. I could have told her that would never work, though she was successful in pushing Brittany (Heather Morris) into the national spotlight instead.

Rachel needs to stick to her strengths. I was incredibly intrigued by the character’s idea to do original music for their upcoming competition. Glee has had many great performances, but all of their stuff so far is cover or mash-up. I am a bit hesitant, because whatever new music Glee produces has got to be awesome. It can’t be mediocre, or it just kills the show and their credibility. Here’s hoping some very talented song writers are willing to help the series out. This could be a spectacular triumph or failure. I’m rooting for the former. And Rachel is the character best able to usher in this new experiment.

In other Rachel news, Finn (Cory Monteith) was the one who suggested she write the new songs herself after the club shot her idea down. Their moment in the hallway was sweet. Just when I thought things were over between the two of them, they go ahead and toss in an exchange like that. Will there be more Rachel and Finn romance up ahead? My guess is, yes. But not before she makes a pit stop with a gay boy next week. (Darn spoiler-y previews!)

Finn was freed up to make his not-really-a-move on Rachel because of the crash and burn he scored with Quinn (Dianna Agron). I have to say, I did not see this coming. I figured Finn and Quinn were going to fool around behind Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) back for at least a few weeks. That Quinn would get over Finn so fast and try to go back to Sam proves just how fickle she is. We saw it last season when she waffled between Finn and Puck (Mark Salling). I thought she was better than that now, but I guess not.

Sam, on the other hand, had a great week of story, despite the Bieber mess. I confess, I am a Bieber-hater. I don’t get his talent, I think he’s a cocky little smart mouth who doesn’t seem like he deserves anything he has gotten. Harsh words, perhaps, but I see zero appeal in him. I know I’m not his target audience, but how can anyone possibly be? Seriously? Are teenage girls that gullible? That being said, Sam was much less annoying than the Bieb with his peformance of “Baby”, which was almost enjoyable. High praise indeed for a Bieber song.

The Bieber train derailed further as Puck, Artie (Kevin McHale), Mike (Harry Shrum Jr.), and eventually even Finn joined Sam with the Bieber look and hair. By the time that the second Bieber number, “Somebody to Love”, rolled around, I was past my tolerance limit and just could not enjoy it very much.

Back to Sam, though. Despite Quinn returning to him for all the wrong reasons (a.k.a. Bieber), I am glad he went with Santana (Naya Rivera) instead. Sure, she did say he was ‘dumber than a bag of wet hair’, which isn’t exactly the basis for a solid relationship, but she accepts him for who he is. Sam didn’t have to change to attract her attention. Somehow the Bieber thing did help Santana along, but she was already gravitating towards him before the whole unfortunate incident. I think Santana has the capability to lighten Sam up, and hopefully he will be a good influence on her, too.

Lastly, if you are not on the Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) train yet, what in the world are you waiting for? Although her plot was limited to a few more scenes with Puck as their attraction grew, she did make her solo singing debut on the show last night. Performing “I Know What Boys Like”, she paraded around, rubbing Artie’s face in her boobs and tossing the skinnier girls around like rag dolls. What attitude! I wish she was my best friend!

Who’s ready for the next episode of Glee? I know I am! Watch it Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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