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American Horror Story
American Horror Story recently posted this image on Twitter, announcing their new season starts September 12, 2018.

TV Review: ‘American Horror Story’ Binge-worthy Streaming

My family, like many others these days, has exchanged the cable company for streaming services like Netflix. The downside of streaming is having to wait until after the season has aired (for network or cable series), usually, around the same time as the new season is launched. That said, the advantage is in not having to wait week to week for new episodes. I can binge watch them all the same day, or whatever schedule I choose.  Most recently I have been watching the first six seasons of American Horror Story.

I’d heard of American Horror Story in the media, recalling something about murderous clowns.  Of course, that is a reference to seasons four, “Freak Show.” So far, there have been seven seasons of the FX series:

  1. Murder House (available on Netflix)
  2. Asylum (available on Netflix)
  3. Coven (available on Netflix)
  4. Freak Show (available on Netflix)
  5. Hotel (available on Netflix)
  6. Roanoke (available on Netflix)
  7. Cult (not yet available on Netflix)

American Horror Story is an anthology series; each season is a self-contained story, a concept I really like. Of the six seasons I’ve watched, there has only been one I didn’t enjoy–season six, “Roanoke.”

“Roanoke” was filmed it like a documentary, with people talking about their experiences and how they barely escaped with their lives from a haunted house, of sorts, in Roanoke, North Carolina. I say of “sorts” because the ghosts only emerge once a year to murder the occupants.

In my opinion, season one was by far the best so far. “Murder House” follows the lives of a family that moves into a big, old house. The father, a psychiatrist, sets up his practice in the house, and as he takes on clients, some turn out to be some of the many ghosts inhabiting the house. (Though at first, he doesn’t know this.)

Season two, “Asylum,” is set, as you may be able to guess, in an insane asylum and follows the story of a man accused of murder. Although there is a question as to whether he actually did it.  “Asylum” also features a character in the same asylum accused of cutting the ears off her baby sister.  Pay attention to her story as well, because her story will be a part of season four, “Freak Show.”  Which, is also fantastic season.

Season three, “Coven” is set in a witches’ coven, and season five, “Hotel,” is set in a hotel. “Hotel” returns the series to its ghostly roots. But viewers are often left guessing about which characters are ghosts and which are the living. This season will leave you on the edge of your seats.

This past week Fox announced that American Horror Story will return to FX for its eighth season (September 12).  No word yet, when season seven will début on Netflix. Attempts to ask FX and Netflix went unanswered.

Overall, I give the series four stars.  If season six had been better, I would have rated it higher, but as it stands, “four stars” is how I rate the show.  American Horror Story is well worth watching, and I encourage everyone to check it out today.

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