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Another great episode of Dexter with a twist at the end that will have you at the edge of your seat.

TV Recap: Dexter – “Finding Freebo”

This week's episode of Dexter, "Finding Freebo," further cements Dexter as one of the best shows on television. A warning before you read on: this is a detailed review of the second episode of season three of Dexter and it contains heavy spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The show kicks off shortly after last week's episode with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Rita (Julie Benz) at the doctor's office confirming her pregnancy. The look on Dexter's face is pure gold as he glances around the room at the other children. We start to hear his inner thoughts on the situation. It is not that he dislikes children — he loves Astor and Cody after all — it is that he is afraid of what HIS child will become.

click to view larger imageLeaving the situation for a short while, Dexter heads to work and notices that the entire team is focused on the Prado case. Angel (David Zayas) is determined to make his first case as Detective Sergeant a slam dunk. He is desperate for any leads and asks Dexter to look at the blood again. meanwhile Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is equally determined to solve her Jane Doe case; she also asks Dexter to help with advice. Dexter, of course, knows the girl is Freebo's girlfriend Teegan and he needs to keep this secret so he can find Freebo before the police do.

One of the things I love most about this series is the emotion and range we get from each of the actors as they adjust to the new scenarios. Michael C. Hall is again excellent as he reacts to each person who approaches him, the thumbs up to Angel, the offhand comment to Deb. The other cast is equally convincing, Angel in his near desperation and Deb with her bulldog attitude. Once again I am thoroughly impressed by the cast and their chemistry together.

click to view larger imageMiguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) is still very passionate about hunting down his brother's killer; he is continuing to push Lt. Maria Laguerta (Lauren Velez) to do whatever they have to in order to find him. He wants to be involved and use his position to push the case along. Jimmy Smits is a great addition to this cast; his passion in this role adds depth to the storyline and he is a treat to watch.

Meanwhile Deb is still being approached by Internal Affairs to keep tabs on the new detective Quinn (Desmond Harrington). She still refuses but the IA officer continues to push her buttons. These feelings come to bear as she continues to pursue leads approaching Quinn's informant Anton (David Ramsey) again. She is stressed and it shows as she falls apart a bit when she speaks to Anton; it is fairly obvious he is attracted to her. Anton mentions he will look into the Jane Doe and they leave it at that.

click to view larger imageDexter is starting to toy with the idea of having children, even thinking of some names (Teegan is NOT a good one, he decides). He runs into Prado and is invited to dinner as a thank you for his attention on the case. Dexter and Rita go to the dinner and have a surprisingly good time, Deb unloads to Prado's wife and Dexter has a heart to heart with Miguel — or rather Miguel relates some history to Dexter. Prado mentions they have a lead on the case in the form of a cell phone from Freebo's mother — if Freebo calls home they have him. Dexter realizes the clock is ticking and has to find Freebo as soon as possible.

Dexter manages to locate Teegan's dorm and discovers she has an apartment nearby by using some clever acting with the girls at the party he stumbles into. This is another indication of how much we are pulled into Dexter's world, his ease of changing himself to suit the situation, his focus on his prey and his ability to adapt. What I am loving so far this year is that despite all his skill, all his focus is nothing when it comes to dealing with Rita and the pregnancy issue.

Meanwhile Angel and Quinn discover a shocking turn of events when following a Freebo lead. One of Prado's prominent wins was a case against an accused killer named Chicky Hines. While arresting a junkie associated with Freebo he offers to turn in info that proves Chicky Hines is innocent. They reveal this info to Laguerta and she is distraught knowing that she has to tell Prado he has put the wrong man in jail, at a time when he can't handle complications in his career. When she does discuss it with him he is very upset and seems worried, but assures Laguerta that she has done the right thing and can always talk to him about anything.

Laguerta obviously has strong feelings for Prado and both actors handle the awkwardness of the situation very well. Laguerta has this shy, sideways way of looking at Prado and his potentially clueless reactions to her obvious feelings is very well done.

Dexter meets Angel and tells him they are pregnant. Angel is ecstatic as being a Dad is the one good thing in his life. Dexter thinks of what it would be like to be a father and can only think about the fact that the child could become a killer like him… and maybe harm the other people he loves.

click to view larger imageDeb finally succeeds in getting a solid lead from Anton. She finds a pimp who knew Teegan and he reveals that she was passed of to Freebo, of all people. Deb uses this info to get re-attached to the Freebo case. Quinn is not terribly happy that Deb is still using Anton and she starts to see the other side of him that IA may be looking for. Jennifer Carpenter has really stepped up in her portrayal of Deb and her volatile emotions that are her best asset and worst companion. I am interested in seeing how she develops over the year.

Dexter finds Teegan's apartment and stakes it out. He discovers that Freebo is actually living there! He is shocked because Freebo apparently killed Teegan — why would he go back to her place? Regardless he prepares the kill room and heads home to get ready for the kill. Rita surprises him as he is about to leave. Rita tells him she is keeping the baby and although she really wants him in the picture as the father she is leaving the choice to him; no matter what, she will respect what he decides.

click to view larger imageWith this huge decision looming, Dexter continues ahead with his hunt and captures Freebo. He proceeds to confront him and Freebo denies killing Teegan. Not believing him, Dexter finishes his task. Just then Prado finds the house as well, using the cell phone they acquired. Prado looks like he is there to kill Freebo, too. Dexter hears him and exits the kill room. He thinks fast on his feet and explains he found a lead and stumbled on Freebo, they struggled, and Dexter killed him.

Prado wants to see the body, but Dexter convinces him he needs plausible deniability and Prado realizes he is right and thanks Dexter for killing Freebo and protecting him. The scene ends with a glance at Prado's shirt and Freebo's bloodstain on it from his contact with Dexter. Where will this lead? Dexter has been caught (sort of) and by an Assistant District Attorney of all people; how will each of them handle this?

click to view larger imageI was thoroughly impressed by this episode. Although it was relatively short on action much was discussed and discovered. I was on the edge of my seat when watching Dexter and Prado discussing the killing in the rain; I had no idea what was going to happen from each moment to the next. Both actors bring so much to this show in their range and ability, it is a true treat to watch. Very excited to see next week's episode. If you don't have Showtime (or The Movie Network in Canada) this show is reason enough to subscribe.

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