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Kody and Christine take their children to Las Vegas. The investigation continues. Robyn will soon be pregnant!

TV Open Thread: Sister Wives – “Wife # 3 Hits Sin City”

Tonight’s episode and its theme, about a trip to Las Vegas, with Christine as the star of the show this time around, will probably take a back seat in the eyes and minds of viewers to the brand-new information that Robyn Brown is pregnant. Revealed in an exclusive in this week’s People Magazine, the dark-haired, attractive youngest wife, will have her child in “mid-October.” Kody, they say, was surprised and happy; the kids were too. No word on how the other wives felt—yet.



In this episode, Kody takes Christine and her children to Las Vegas to have some fun. “There are a lot of Christians in Las Vegas…” Kody says. It’s the off-season, so they get a break on the price of a very nice room.

Robyn, who stays behind with Meri, Janelle and the other children and takes them bowling, says, “When it’s just you and him and your kids, they get to see that marriage and (its) strength a lot more because they’re more connected when they’re separate from the rest of us.” To which Kody replies, “The important thing is that everyone gets nurtured.”

While in Vegas, Kody calls Meri, who tells him that she did not get a job she had hoped to get. She had been fired because of her polygamist lifestyle “about the time… we became public.” She says, “I was extremely shocked.” She hopes to work with at-risk youth.
“I worry now I’m a… public figure, it’s going to inhibit my chances… This is why polygamists hide who they are.”

On the last day of the vacation, Kody, Christine and children go on a boat ride, which they seem to enjoy. Afterwards, the two of them have dinner alone: “Very romantic.”

The trip helped them to get back together again. “You’ve got to invest in relationships. You’ve got to fill the bank account of love,” Kody says. And he alludes to the investigation, but there still is very little information about what the investigation is like and what it may do to their family.

At home again, the husband and his wives discuss whether their children get enough attention from Kody. “He uses his time differently,” they explain. “He doesn’t disappear into his man-cave.” They say they feel that the children get enough attention.
And they discuss the act of opening their multiple marriage to the public eye.

“I think we’ve changed all of society, on some levels,” Kody says. . Christine agrees. “Sometimes people come up and thank us, and say, Thank you for doing this.” Some come up and say, “They’d better leave you alone. You have the most wonderful family.”

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