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Watch with us! Sister Wives on TLC: 9/8 Central on Sunday-- then be a reviewer yourself: TV Open Thread!

TV Open Thread: Sister Wives – “The Price of Polygamy”

Don’t miss your chance to rant and howl about this Sunday’s NEW episode of TLC’s Sister Wives: “The Price of Polygamy!”

Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 9/8 Central. Join us on Blogcritics in our new feature, TV Open Thread. We’ll have a new episode to love, hate, and, as they say, snark about till the cows come home, if they ever do!


I’ll be posting much earlier this time than last week. I’ll send in a short summary/commentary about 10:30–11:00 EST. Many thanks to Barbara Barnett, who oversees TV Open Thread and has quite a lot of responsibility to make sure we writers get intelligible copy on the page.

I’ll see if I can either dodge or catch the metaphorical rotten vegetables that quite a few people seem to wish to throw at the Browns. Yet, also, many viewers have kind words for the family. Many of you appear to understand and relate to the Browns, or at least to some aspect of their lives, if not necessarily the polygamist part. I would like to know what more men think of Sister Wives. You can tell us!

This week’s episode focuses on the difficulty of feeding such a large family (!!) and how the “sisters” make ends meet.

In this week’s episode “The Price of Polygamy,” Kody and Janelle plan a private camping trip. Kody decides they need new sleeping bags triggering an uncomfortable discussion about family finances. With a family of 21, the Browns open up about their financial insecurities. The wives share their grocery shopping strategies with a glimpse into the food storage room.

I find it fascinating that this is such a popular show in America at this moment, when it seems as though traditional and conventional ways of life are on the upswing. Not that I think this is necessarily the only, or even the best way to live, but it does help with sharing the chores. And there’s a warm caring among the women, at least in this family, that’s very appealing to many.

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