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Season Two of Sister Wives: let's talk about it! What do you think of the Browns-- and what will happen to them this year on Sister Wives II?

TV Open Thread: Sister Wives – “Browns Out of Hiding!”

In the opening episode of Sister Wives, Utah polygamist Kody Brown, 40, and his four wives: Meri, 40; Janelle, 41; Christine, 38; and new bride Robyn, 32 prepare to go to New York City to be on the Today Show and to reveal their plural marriage to the world.

At the same time, the children begin a new phase of life by going to public school, mostly for the first time, and find a welcome there that gives the parents hope. Later, Kody and the kids go “ice blocking,” sliding down grassy hills on blocks of ice.

The family speaks eagerly of the new standards of tolerance and acceptance that public schools now teach; they look forward to a time when plural marriage will be accepted. The Browns hope that when people see how nice and “normal” they really are, they and their lifestyle will be accepted.

Though fearful about coming out of the closet, the family takes the plunge of doing interviews in New York: they discover the excitement and the oddity of sudden fame. On TV, verbal, outgoing Kody suddenly becomes shy and tongue-tied. He likens telling the truth about their polygamy to jumping out of a plane without knowing if the chute will open.

Despite their optimism, danger looms over the family. The police have been investigating them, and Kody may soon be charged with bigamy.

Will Meri, Janelle, Christine, Kody and Robyn find that the monogamous world outside their closed, protected circle is far less tolerant than they had dreamed? What will happen to them if Kody goes to jail? Will the women lose their children? What will happen this season on Sister Wives?

Will Kody be sorry he decided to “stand up and be different?” What do other viewers think?

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