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Legendary producer of PBS signature series to lend her talents at HBO.

TV News: Susan Lacy To Leave PBS’s ‘American Masters’

Photo credit: Rahoul Ghose/PBS.

Susan Lacy, the creator of PBS’s acclaimed American Masters series, has signed a multi-year deal with HBO to produce and direct documentaries, according to HBO Documentary Films president Shelia Nevins.

“It’s exciting to have someone as talented as Susan Lacy bring fresh ideas to HBO,” said Nevins. “I’ve long admired her film portraits, which have been consistently stellar over the years. We look forward to great things from her.”

Lacy is a PBS veteran. In 1986 she launched American Masters at WNET. The series focused on telling the story of the American experience through the eye of artists, musicians, dancers and other influential individuals of the American art and culture scene.

According to a PBS interview, Lacey’s inspiration for the groundbreaking series was her academic and theater work. “I always felt that there should be a place on the schedule for a biography series, a cultural history series that would examine American culture through the lives, achievements and impact of the visionary people who helped shape it”

The series went on to win 14 Emmy awards in its 27-year history.

“Susan has left an indelible mark recording our nation’s collective history,” said Paula Kerger, president and CEO of PBS.

“It has been my honor to be part of the PBS and WNET family for so many years, and to have had the opportunity to amass a body of work which I hope demonstrates the depth of our unique cultural history and the value of quality documentaries in contributing to understanding our world,” commented Lacy.

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