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Turn Your iPhone into a Bugging Device

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There is no need for expensive surveillance equipment in the smartphone era. Your iPhone can be used quite effectively to eavesdrop on a room, even where you’re not physically present. Preparation, execution and retrieval of the recorded sounds are convenient and fairly simple, making the phone an ideal tool for surveillance.iphone-spying-300x300

Giving iPhone a helping hand

The first thing step in turning your iPhone into an audio bug is to install a monitoring app with a “surroundings recording” feature. A large variety of monitoring apps is available. Just select an app that suits your requirements best and, most important, is compatible with the version of iOS running on your phone. StealthGenie, Mobistealth, and mSpy are effective surveillance solutions with extremely helpful support teams.

Setting up the call recording app

Once you have selected and downloaded the app, setting it up involves specifying the source phone number from which you will be sending the secret SMS to trigger the sound recording feature, and how long the phone should keep its mic open.

Making the phone invisible

Once the app is set up, make sure to switch off vibration alerts and reduce the screen’s brightness to ensure that the phone doesn’t attract attention if a call or message comes in.

Taking care of contingencies

An iPhone’s battery leaves much to be desired when it comes to longevity, especially when the mic is in use. So make sure to place the phone where you can connect it to a power supply. Of course, make sure to conceal the phone and any connecting wires.

Activating sound recording

When you’re ready to record, just send the secret SMS from the source number you specified while setting up the surveillance app. The recording will continue for the specified duration. The sounds won’t be stored on the device itself, but on an online server.

Accessing the recorded data

Log in to the monitoring app’s online control panel, navigate to the sound files, and download them to your phone or PC to listen.

CAUTION: While it’s quite simple to use an iPhone as an audio bug, keep in mind that spying using any instrument may be illegal – and dangerous. Make sure your activities are legal before eavesdropping in this way.

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