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Trump in good form

Trump Tweetstorm: A Daily Conversation – June 12, 2018

Welcome back to the Daily Trump Tweetstorm on Blogcritics.

For all his foibles, Sanford is an unfortunate casualty of the Republican party’s Trumpification Program. Fealty to “Der Leader” above all else. The dude who won? A nationalist, just like Drumpf. Sad.

So, this morning, Trump has already tweeted that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. Whoa! Did we just time jump? So, the nukes are gone, Kim is subdued like some weird Minotaur? Geez, with superpowers like that… Wonder what the Japanese and South Koreans think ’bout that? Probably not as happily as the Chinese and Russians, eh?

By “anyone” you mean yourself? You are a paper tiger at best, at worst a narcissistic threat to our country’s…everything. Compliments, fawning, sycophantic behavior around you and you just fold like an origami swan made of rice paper.

You talkin’ to me? How would Drumpf know De Niro’s IQ? Robert strikes me as an intelligent actor with a good sense of humor, who is disillusioned (like how many of the rest of us?) with the current U.S. Administration and the fawning Republican party drowning in the swamp gas created by Trump’s…. (well, you finish the metaphor!)

Started by Obama, continued despite your erratic behavior. Credit where credit is due, dude.

Wait! Is this a North Korean propaganda film? Holy, f-ing sh*t.


You do that. Have fun and leave the governing to those who know what the blazes they’re doing!

That’s a “30” for today!

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