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True Blood

True Blood is a dramatic series which airs Sunday nights at 9 PM on the premium cable channel HBO, and repeats throughout the week (check local listings). The show has drawn attention both on the blogosphere and elsewhere primarily because of two things: sex and vampires. True Blood features plenty of both.

Created by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under), True Blood is set in a Louisiana bayou town where the locals share space with a new breed of vampires, who, thanks to the development of a synthetic blood drink called True Blood have come out of the closet, and are attempting to integrate themselves into society. Well, most of them anyway, as there are still a few remaining bloodsuckers who are reluctant to give up their old ways.

More specifically, the show centers on the romantic relationship between Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepathic mortal, and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), a 170-year-old vampire. The sexual tension between these two (who reportedly developed a real life romance on the set), as well as other characters including a shape-shifting bar owner has given HBO some of its best ratings for an original series since The Sopranos.

True Blood has developed one of the strongest fan bases to be found anywhere on the blogosphere. You can watch episodes for free at Or catch up on the latest at

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