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Lauded as a 2015 finalist in crafts by Martha Stewart, the Really Big Coloring Posters by Pirasta are a genuine treat for all ages.

Toy Review: Really Big Coloring Posters from Pirasta

What’s better than doing something fun while improving your mental state? Pretty much nothing. Recently coloring books became an activity recommended to adults for relieving stress and anxiety, but what if you could find a product that could give that benefit to more than one person at a time? The Really Big Coloring Poster from Pirasta has you covered.

Pirasta NYC

Measuring 63″ by 36,” these posters are almost overwhelming with their level of detail and breadth. When I first received them to review, I just stared at it unrolled on my kitchen floor and thought, “This is going to be fun, but take a long time.” Of course, that’s a good thing.

The thickness of the paper is key to what kind of markers you can use and how bold the colors will pop off the picture. I can gladly say the posters are thick and sturdy enough to take reasonable usage of colored Sharpie markers and anything of that level without bleeding through to the surface underneath.

I began this review talking about the mental benefits for adults coloring in these posters, but no means do I mean to leave out children, which it is actually geared towards. This is a great gift for the child who loves to draw in and outside the lines. Let them run hog wild on these giant pictures styled playfully around common childhood interests, like pictures titled Food Fight or Funny Farm.

Giant Coloring Poster

Each poster runs $32 plus $8.95 flat rate shipping, which may sound pricey at first blush, but if you break it down per hour of fun and activity, it’s pennies and worth every one. They also sell coloring sheets in books of 20, measuring 14” by 10″ for each page. These can be displayed by themselves or fit together into a 70″ by 40″ giant poster. The books sell for $20.

Lauded as a 2015 finalist in crafts by Martha Stewart, the Really Big Coloring Posters by Pirasta are a genuine treat for all ages.

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